Sponsorship Data Management Specialist

Quezon City
International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.


Job Title: Sponsorship Data Management Specialist

Position Purpose:

  • Provides expertise and direction in ensuring integrity of and updated registered children (RC) information/data.

  • Ensures functionality of all sponsorship databases (Quezon City and AP Local SSUI) through regular monitoring and technical coordination with internal (e.g. ICT) and external (e.g. GCIT and Region) stakeholders.

  • Collaborates with Global Center, Region and Support Offices in terms of sponsorship data reconciliation and other sponsorship database services.

  • Analyses sponsorship data report generated in SSUI for Operations Programming purposes.

  • Demonstrates Christ-centered lifestyle to team mates, Program partner leaders and staff that model high standard of personal integrity/maturity, demonstrates servant hood and ensures Christ-centered commitments is foundational to every sponsorship process.

Major Responsibilities:

Child Database and System Management

  • Manages the implementation of the required sponsorship database version (SSUI) including horizon mobile in all area offices in collaboration with GCIT, Horizon Administrator both in the region and WVDF.

  • Administers basic to complicated technical application and troubleshooting.

  • Regularly keep track of System/Application updates and upgrade the system accordingly.

  • Monitors the security and risk management with regard to child information and sponsorship systems (hardware and software) including availability and implementation of the disaster management plan at the area offices.

  • Ensures implementation of all sponsorship systems and software’s support auditors by providing audit information during Area Program audits.

  • Facilitates sponsorship administration through reconciliation of information on the status of Registered Children (RC) with the decentralized (ADP) databases and various support offices. This also includes management of discrepancies.

  • Manages the security of the sponsorship databases.

  • Manages and monitors systems processes on sponsorship RC record management -Growth, replacement, child record drops and death notification.

  • Manages custody of sponsorship records of registered children in Phasing out APs and other confidential records in coordination with IT Support at NO level.

  • Manages data entry of GN notifications in GN Database and Horizon SSUI.

  • Coordinates with SOs and APs for GN related matters.

  • Facilitates GN monitoring and reconciliation between NO and SO in coordination with finance.

  • Manage the Child’s Data Quality (DQ) Review process in close coordination with GC and AP.

  • Ensuresimplementation of project closure business processes for closing APs in coordination with local horizon admin, GC and in accordance with the SO requirements/guidelines.

Sponsorship Technical Business Management

  • Ensures closure or resolution of all database issues/concerns in coordination with Local and Regional Horizon Administrator and Global Center Support Staff.

  • Builds the technical capacity of CDAs in the effective management of databases, horizon mobile and new innovations related to database.

  • Provides coaching and mentoring to Child Data Analyst ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of sponsorship databases at the decentralized locations.

  • Creates/revises technical business processes and ensures its proper implementation.

  • Orient new staff on managing SSUI and Horizon Mobile, as well as other SSUI and Horizon Mobile tools and guideline.

  • Conducts regular virtual meeting with CDAs in coordination with Sponsorship Quality Specialist (SQS)

Sponsorship and Monitoring

  • Generates and analyses and establishes trends based on Sponsorship Single User Interface (SSUI) reports and submit to Sponsorship Manager as basis for analysis and recommendation for Operations programming purposes.

  • Prepares and submit monthly, semi- annual and annual database management report to sponsorship manager. (RC Level, RFL, RC Death, Incident report and others)

  • Generates and store child’s list twice a year (mid and end of the Fiscal year).

  • Develops/enhances/implements tools for sponsorship data analysis as necessary for APs, and Operations, likewise output for Regional and Global use.

  • Facilitates Sponsorship Service Operations Indicators particularly GN analysis, on time reporting and monitor/follow-up/support area offices on concerns for improvement

  • Developssponsorship data report template/s as necessary for Operations and Partnership near area.

Performs other tasks as maybe relevant to the implementation of programs in her/his assigned areas.

  • Participates in organizational related activities

  • Prepare and submits monthly and other required reports to immediate supervisor

  • Participates in all team or organizational activities like meeting, consultations, planning, evaluation, spiritual nurture among others.

  • Prepares and submits Performance Agreements and Staff Learning and Development Plan and Performance Reviews to Sponsorship Manager

  • Seeks support from Sponsorship Manager for coaching and mentoring.

  • Supports emergency response, as necessary.


  • With bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Management Course or equivalent substantial experience in using, managing systems and databases or IT and sponsorship operations and services.

  • At least 2 years of experience working with children and communities, staff training and coaching.

  • At least 2- 3 years of experience in computer related work or IT and in analyzing data. Preferably has a deep experience on sponsorship database management, sponsorship operations and business processes. Has experience in managing projects and people. Strength in data/systems management and basic troubleshooting.

  • Computer literacy; Strong computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Strong problem solving, interpersonal, communication and people management skills (including facilitation)

  • Demonstrated knowledge of development theory, transformational development, area based development models, approached and issues.

  • Excellent communications skills (written and verbal)

  • Knowledge on child sponsorship, rights and responsibilities of children and community development.