Sponsorship Transformation and Child Protection Lead

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
2+ Years

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate within Southern Africa where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The purpose of the Sponsorship Transformation and Child Protection Regional lead role is to provide strategic leadership in sponsorship transformation and quality child protection. It is also the objective of this role to provide leadership in child sponsorship and enhances child sponsorship operations, which includes increasing effectiveness, simplicity and relevance of child sponsorship operations. This role has the responsibility of leading initiatives that transform sponsorship for the next generation and working with Field Offices to develop evidence-based practices that leverage sponsorship as a developmental asset enabling the sustained well-being of children.

It is also the objective of this role to grow the scope and quality of child protection efforts in all WV SAR operation areas. This role will serve as a business partner to field offices and provide technical leadership in child protection ensuring quality implementation of the WVI child protection minimum requirements in all programs with child sponsorship leading to reduced child protection and safeguarding organisation risks. It is also the role of this position to lead meaningful child protection and safeguarding integration across all work in the region, especially related to field offices positioning with donors and external partners for improved grants acquisition, growing high quality acquisitions, improved retention of new and existing sponsors and programmatic impact, resulted from child protection sensitive programming.

This role will also provide guidance and leadership on Sponsorship transformation and quality child protection programming to all Southern African context including fragile, grant funded and transitioning economies, by supporting Field Offices towards increasing impact in the field and reducing child protection organizational risks.

The sponsorship transformation and child protection lead will provide overall technical leadership, guidance in the implementation, coordination, monitoring, reporting evaluation and learning of Child protection and transformative sponsorship. This position will also co-lead with the Regional MEAL and impact team the WV’s evidence building efforts ensuring relevant data generated by WV programs is analyzed and used effectively at all levels to demonstrate WV impact in Child protection and how sponsorship programming is transforming the lives of children and communities.


Transformative Sponsorship

Provide leadership that transforms sponsorship and enhances sponsorship operations.

Strategic Leadership and Integration of Sponsorship:

  • Ensure integration of sponsorship in relevant NO strategies, Technical Programmes (TPs) and National Community Engagement & Sponsorship Plans (CESP) according to their context and priorities.

Sponsorship Operations Performance:

  • Assure accountability to sponsorship minimum programming standards and service operations KPI´s performance in alignment with Partnership policies and standards, through coaching and management interventions based on exception reporting and audit findings. Support and monitor corrective actions.

Risk Management and Mitigation:

  • Provide technical leadership for developing and monitoring on-going risk management processes assuring accountability, transparency and integrity to children, programme communities and sponsors.

Sponsorship Ministry Capacity Building:

  • Provide guidance to FOs to implement the Sponsorship capacity building framework and plans; and other Global capacity building initiatives, developed as a result of capacity needs assessment.

RC Portfolio Management:

  • Provide support and manage risks related to SO funding transitions, while ensuring regional Sponsorship funding picture is clear for leadership’s informed decision making.

Child Protection

Grow the scope and quality of child protection and safeguarding efforts in all WV SAR operation areas.

Child Protection Technical Programming:

  • Provide technical guidance in child protection ensuring quality design and implementation of the WVI child protection core project models and supporting approaches in all WV programming contexts in alignment with strategy.

  • Influence decision makers and technical specialists across the region, for continuous Child Protection Programme Quality and quality improvement using programme data.

Strategic Leadership and Mainstreaming of Child Protection:

  • Ensure strategic integration and or mainstreaming of child protection and participation (with consideration of gender dynamics) in all FO strategies, Technical Programmes (TPs) and National Community Engagement & Sponsorship Plans (CESP) according to their context and priorities.

Child Protection Minimum Requirements (CPMR):

  • Provide guidance and leadership in ensuring all programs with Child Sponsorship programs implement the CPMR ensuring Registered Children are included in the CMPR interventions.

  • Contribution to resource acquisition and retention: contribute to the regional resource development efforts and retention of new and existing sponsors and programmatic impact, with the focus on child protection sensitive programming.

Support Safeguarding strengthening efforts on child protection incidences:

  • Support the regional Safeguarding Advisor by ensuring all Safeguarding incidents are addressed with consideration of a long-term strategic framework.

Continuous Capacity Building:

  • Ensure national and field offices’ capacity in child protection and safeguarding is continuously improving to meet and exceed organizations minimum expectations and quality standards.

Data Analytics, Knowledge Management, learning, Research and Impact

Provide guidance in monitoring, reporting, evaluation and learning of Child protection and transformative sponsorship.

Provide Sponsorship Analytical Information and Reports:

  • Working with the SAR business analyst to ensure relevant data generated by WV programs is analyzed and used effectively at all levels to demonstrate WV impact of Child protection and how sponsorship programming is transforming the lives of children and communities.

Innovation and Learning:

  • Generate regional level periodic reports on sponsorship and RC wellbeing and engage national offices and regional leadership accordingly. Facilitate and/or participate in learning events. Document lessons learned and generate stories of impact.

Evidence-Based Practices:

  • Lead the sponsorship and Child Protection related learnings and best practices generation, establishing systems and processes for sponsorship and CP knowledge management and sharing across the Region. Develop research agendas for inclusion in grants to enhance evidence of impact.

Knowledge Management:

  • Establish a regular cycle of documenting Child Protection and Sponsorship Transformation project success and impact to improve programme implementation, re-design, strategy revision, policy advocacy, and external publications

External Engagement and Cross Function Networking

  • Represents the Region in relevant partnership forum, networks and working groups.

  • Position WV as an organisation of excellence in Child Protection including representation of WV at key regional CP&P forums, to advance the protection of vulnerable boys and girls.

  • Develop strategic partnerships that enhance WV SAR’s position Child Protection and child participation programming, influence decision-makers, and increase income. Identifying best practices and lessons learned from programming evidence to inform policy advocacy at regional level, external facing publications, and research.

  • Foster on-going engagement between Sponsorship, technical units and Global Child Protection/TSO teams, Safeguarding units to share and respond to critical issues that affect sponsorship performance, safeguarding and child protection.


  • The incumbent will bring to this role a combination of Child Sponsorship and Child Protection, Program Quality and Impact reporting experience.

  • Master's degree preferred, in Child Protection, Social Work, Operations Management, Business/ Public administration, international development, Child Development or related field.

  • Broad and deep experience in Child Sponsorship, DME, Field Operations, Child Protection, Communications and cross-functional senior management experiences within WV.

  • Strong understanding of global strategies and frameworks to end violence against children.

  • Knowledge on legal international conventions related to child protection.

  • Good technical/ impact report writing skills.

  • Strong inter-personal communication and collaboration skills.

  • Strong negotiation, networking, liaison, and donor engagement skills.

  • Comfort and confidence working in a diverse and inclusive team environment.

  • Compassion and commitment to ending violence against the world’s most vulnerable children.

  • Demonstrated proficiency using Excel, Microsoft Suite of products, databases and statistical packages.

  • Consistently demonstrates high-level influence and strategic engagement skills and tactical savvy in delivery of technical assistance.

  • Ability to think broadly and look at the macro, strategic issues to inform strategy choices and management process.

  • 5+ years working on holistic, Christian development.

  • 5 years’ experience in project management of WV or similar NGO Operations/ child sponsorship and child protection.

  • 5 years’ experience in detailed business and data analysis.

  • Practical field experience Child Sponsorship and Child Protection.

  • Demonstrated ability to report, present, communicate and influence, written and verbal in modern standard, grammatically correct English.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel regionally (SAR) and internationally up to 40% of the time.