Design and Production Officer

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.


The primary function of the Design and Production Assistant role is to support the WVI Nepal Innovation Lab in 3D design + printing and product development + testing.


Product Development

+ Design, develop and document products identified during partner meetings and as per the Lab’s requirements, using digital manufacturing.

+ Research, develop and document products that can be made out of waste/recycled plastic. These should be products supplementary to the ones being used in the humanitarian/ development sector.

+ Research, develop and document processes and equipment necessary to convert waste plastic into plastic wool.

+ Study and document the physical, chemical as well as strength properties and derive use cases for the products developed as per the Lab’s requirements.

+ Work with recycled plastic to produce 3D printing filament.

+ Represent the NLab whenever called upon and participate in relevant events, conferences and exhibitions, as directed by the Lead Manager as per the need.

Monitoring, learning and evaluation

+ Support market and value chain analysis for the feasibility study on Nepal’s waste management and plastics sector being conducted by WVIN.

+ Research and document products being manufactured using recycled and waste plastic by actors involved in waste management and plastics recycling in Nepal.

+ Document product design and development with photo/video.

+ Gather user feedback from relevant stakeholders for products developed and make necessary adjustments to the original designs in accordance.

+ Contribute monthly reports and share progress, results, best practice and learnings to internal and external stakeholders.

Education and Experience Required:

+ Bachelor's degree in pure sciences or engineering or IT or in relevant discipline

+ Sound knowledge and experience in operating and maintaining 3D printers.

+ Sound knowledge of CAD tools for product design.

+ Proven track record of electronic circuit design and programming.

+ Should be able to understand and derive physical, chemical and strength properties of materials.

+ Previous experience in product design and development.

+ Experience in using 3D product design software.

+ Experience and expertise in using waste plastic to create value-added products, waste management strategies, recycling, and related sustainability topics.

+ Proven track record of managing activities, resources, equipment and information to ensure excellence in operations in complex project environments.

+ Strong creative capacity across communications and problem-solving, and the ability to challenge the status quo through creative and design processes.

+ Ability to facilitate connection and collaboration amongst groups of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.

Work Environment:

Travel % - 30% (Mostly with Kathmandu and the neighbouring districts of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur)