People & Culture Director

International Role - Yes
2+ Years


To provide strategic leadership for people management and organisation development to maximise human resources and optimize organisational wellbeing and performance for successful implementation of WVFT's national strategy. Reporting to the National Director, and leading the P&C Division, this role will drive and facilitate efforts to build and strengthen systems, processes, mindsets and skills that result in effective and sustainable P&C practices and groorganisational culture of accountability, agility, continuous improvement and collaboration. The P&C Director will ensure alignment with WV Partnership polices and initiatives, and build strong relationships and collaborate with internal WV and external partners to enhance shared impact.


1.Strategy, leadership and accountability: Ensure that:

- P&C strategy enables successful execution of the national office strategy

- National Director and SLT benefit from strategic P&C guidance and input on people and organisation planning and implementation

- People risk management mechanisms are put in place and continuously improved

- P&C effectively engages with the WVFT Board (full Board and sub-committees)

- SLT collaboration and performance is supported

2. P&C capability and performance- Ensure that:

- P&C annual business and risk management plans and budget are developed

- P&C systems, processes and services are effective, efficient and continuously improved

- P&C team capacity and staff mindsets and skill-sets are developed

- P&C data is generated, analysed and used to inform planning and decision-making

- P&C staff grow, feel cared for and can live out WVFT's core values

3. Leader and manager capability: Ensure that:

- Effective and sustainable leader and manager development solutions are established, including for emerging leaders of the future

- Talent management mindsets, skills, systems and practices are built

- WVFT contributes to regional and global talent management systems

- Senior leadership team is developed

4. Organisation development and change: Ensure that:

- SLT are guided and supported in leading effective organisation redesigns and in driving continuous business process improvement

- Effective change management principles and practices are applied in organisation development initiatives and activities

- High-quality solutions are designed and implemented which drive and support staff engagement, wellbeing and opportunities to grow/live-out WVFT's core values and core competencies

5. Stakeholder engagement - Ensure that:

- WVFT P&C seeks out, builds strong relationships with and engages in mutual learning opportunities with other WV offices and external partners

- WVFT P&C actively engages and collaborates with WV Regional and GC P&C

- Strategic relationships/networks with relevant national and international agencies are built and WVFT keeps abreast of local external environment and emerging trends and issues which may impact on organisation and people planning