Digital Marketing & Innovation Division Manager

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
2+ Years


This role will manage and lead the Digital Marketing and Innovation (DMI) division within the Resource Development Office. The position will lead the development and implementation of a DMI strategy in alignment with the Resource Development Strategy and drive and support more effective use of data and digital capability to improve resource acquisition. This role will champion and facilitate growth in mindsets and skills to innovate and embrace digital technology for more effective resource development performance and outcomes.


1. Digital Marketing, Fundraising & Innovation (DMI) strategy

Lead and manage the DMI division and facilitate design and implementation of a DMI strategy to support WVFT Resource Development strategy: This will involve:

- Defining business opportunities for growth based on market analysis, digital channel analysis, and donor insights

- Aligning with and applying global & regional strategies and platforms

- Ensure the effective staffing, resourcing and performance of the DMI department

2. Data management & analysis

Facilitate design and implement infrastructure, processes and tools, and professional development that enable:

- collection and analysis analysis of data and provide insights to help teams make informed decisions and plans

- provision of clear and actional insights, and relevant reports based on donor insights, competitive innovation activities to support RD function planning and performance

3. Digital products & services

Provide expertise and support to improve existing and new product design and management across RD through enhanced digital capability:

- Challenge teams on current approaches, help them identify improvements, innovations and new segments for growth

- Manage & support design of new products, aunches & digital campaigns working closely with all relevant divisions

- Ensure evaluation of digtial marketing activities and learning informs future activities

4. Digital capability

Ensure the department provides tailored 'technical digital' competency development support for individuals and teams based on idendtified needs and contribute to wider digital capability building:

- working closely with IT and other RD departments

- targeted training, mentoring and coaching

- training and access to learning resources

- seeking and sharing ideas, research and learning across the region with colleagues in similar roles

5. Individual and team management and development

Model mindsets and behaviours that enable individuals and teams to continously learn, develop, live-out WVFT core values and perform effectively:

- ongoing individual performance and development planning, facilitation and review

- team building and development: personal, professional

- identifying and nurturing talent and potential successors

- providing or ensuring access to relevant staff care supportKNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES

1. Bachelors degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Management or other related courses

2. +5 years (or equivalent) experience in Marketing Innovation Projects and Business Development

3. Demonstrated success in roles involving planning and implementing marketing research, design and/or use of digital marketing and analysis tools and complex data management and analytics

4. Proven track record in concept writing and testing methodology

5. Managing innovation projects with a successful track record of bringing in a high % of projects at above target profitability.

6. Demonstrated ability to facilitate idea generation and turning ideas into design, action and final products

7. Sucessful record in facilitating change in mindsets and developing skills of others to embrace digtial technology

8. Leading and developing others