Resource Acquisition Management Division Manager

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
2+ Years


To provide leadership in the development, implementation and coordination of holistic, innovative and progressive Resource Acquisition

Management strategies in alignment to the 3-year Strategy and objectives of WVFT with the end in view of establishing WVFT as the NGO of choice for individuals, organizations, churches, and corporate giving to deepen its impact for the well being of children and initiate support for local & international programs.


1. Strategic Management

- Facilitate the strategic planning process for Marketing team

- Facilitate the budgeting process for the reporting team and the entire Marketing team

- Forecast growth and initiate thinking within the teams to plan for activities to achieve short term and long term goals

- Strategically align Marketing activities in conjunction with the goals and objectives of the organisation

- Play active role with the leadership team to plan, implement and control marketing activities

2. Marketing and Fundraising Management

- Evaluate and guide the teams to achieve ministry goals and objectives.

- Ensure all marketing activities are implemented as per plans and internal and external stakeholders needs and requirements are fulfilled.

- Consistently coach and improve staff capacity plus facilitate them to achieve targets.

- Explore and introduce new Revenues for income growth and target expansion.

- Help and facilitate innovation and change for and with the team.

3. Manage, supervise, coordinate, and execute business plan to fulfill strategic goals

- Track results and measure performance

- Regularly review standard working process to meet SLA of the team and meet donor demand

- Explore new solutions to best serve CRM work, data management, and administration process

4. Partnerships with Churches and Faith Based Organizations

- Build up and strengthen relationships with church partners at NO level for prayer network towards holistic children well-being and local church in WV programme.

- Challenge and arrange for church vision trips or church initiatives on holistic church ministry and spiritual nurture of children at WV Programme.

- Collaborate with churches and faith based organizations for the well-being of children.

5. Coaching for Performance

- Mentor the team to excel in performance consistently

- Align team goals with Vision/Mission and strategic directives

- Encourage staff and have in place appropriate systems and support to increase commitment and performance

- Understand strength and weakness of staff and facilitate change within the parameters and guidelines of the organization.


1. Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Marketing Communications, Management, or Business Administration with Master degree is preferred

2. Possess at least 7 years experiences in marketing management, fundraising, or marketing communications area or tasks related to these.

3. At least 5 years in a top management position with over 10-15 supporters

4. Experience working with NGO is preferred