Strategic Management Director

International Role - Yes
2+ Years


As a member of SLT, this role will provide leadership for effective and efficient country strategy cycle processes and outputs to ensure the country strategy is aligned with Partnership strategy, the WVFT Board provides input and the strategy is successfully executed throughout the organisation, with risks appropriately mitigated and managed, all in accordance with Thai law and WVI policies and guidance.

This role will provide leadership for annual business planning, ensure Governance effectiveness, the development of organisational knowledge management systems and the strengthening of organization advocacy & public affairs capability in alignment with country strategy priorities.


1. Strategy and annual planning

- Lead the full strategy cycle to develop country strategy that ensures the achievement of strategic objectives.

- Facilitate Board input and decision-making in providing strategic direction to WVFT strategy

- Lead strategy cascading process so it's incorporated into all relevant plans and staff understand and commit to its implementation

- Lead and facilitate annual business planning and review processes

- Lead design & implementation of organisation calendar

2. Accountability & Quality Assurance:

- Provide leadership for monitoring, anaylsis and reporting on implementation of Strategy and annual plans, organization risk treatment plan and adherance to security standards and Thai law

- Provide input and facilitate leader and Board discussions and decisions on strategy execution and relevant organisation plans and update changes as required

- Establish and maintain an organization knowledge management system

3. Strategic partnering and advocacy

- Ensure relationships with strategic partners are built and maintained

- Ensure design and implementation of an Advocacy and Public Affairs plan

- Network with other Strategic Management Offices and relevant roles across the region and globally to seek and share learning

5. Governance and Legal

- Ensure the effectiveness and legality of governance practices and processes, and facilitate Board membership, orientation, meetings and development, all in accordance with relevant policies and guidance.

- Ensure the ND is provided with accurate advice and support on relevant legal issues and risks are mitigated and managed

6. Strategy Management Office capability & performa

Provide direction and support for direct reports/teams to ensure focus on strategic priorities, model mindsets & behaviours that enable staff to live-out WVFT core values, learn and perform:

- ongoing performance and devlopment planning and conversations

- lead team personal and professional development

- identify and nurture talent and potential successors

- ensure access to staff care as needed

- ensure appropriate staff levels & skills mix


1. Preferably Master Degree in Strategy Management, Law, Economics, Social Studies, Engineering or other relevant subject.

2. 3-5 years leadership position experience in relief/development/local community and/ or Corporate Planning and Project Management with a thorough understanding of all areas of Strategy and Planing and Project Management practices

3. Min. 3 years experience in project design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and report writing.

4. Experience in facilitating strategic planning processes, or at least significant experience of supporting such processes

5. Experience in Board engagement and support

6. Proven track record of effective contribution in the senior leadership group and working collaboratively on shared objectives

7. Demonstrated success in leading and developing teams and individuals

8. Engagement in public affairs and high-level advocacy, with proven ability to build and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders