Deputy Food Assistance Manager - West Nile, Uganda

West Nile

Position: Deputy Food Assistance Manager

Report to: Team Leader Food & Cash Assistance Project

Location: West Nile, Uganda

Purpose of the position:

To provide technical and direct management oversight of the food assistance program at the region/settlement level with a view to ensure quality food programming, systems and procedures and accountability within the framework of World Vision and donor (WFP) standards and guidelines. Collaborate and coordinate with the rest of WV Uganda ministry departments, partners, donors and government in the design and implementation of food assistance programs including early warning disaster preparedness, mitigation and actual response. The Deptuy FAM is the goal owner of food assistance at the regional level and in charge of the day-to-day operations and administrative issues in the region.

Major Responsibilities:

Food Assistance Programming

  • Provide management supervision and oversight for the food assistance program at region level.

  • Manage and track food assistance programming budget and assets at the region level.

  • Work hand in hand with other WV Uganda departments to ensure proper integration of the food assistance programming with the greater WV Ministry.

  • Collaborate and coordinate with other WV Uganda ministry departments and regional technical staff in areas of food programming research, impact learning, innovative programming and partnerships as well as the dissemination of major food programming issues, new ideas and trends, advocacy and the optimization of food programming for both relief and development need in the country.

  • Develop monitoring plan for all food assistance and complementary activities (Livelihood, Gender & Protection, Nutrition) in the region and ensures that regular and rigorous monitoring takes place during implementation. Track major trends and finding and take action to ensure projects objectives are accomplished

  • Participate in the recruitment of staffs that have the required knowledge, skill and abilities in order to meet WV food assistance programming standards.

  • Participate in project proposal design, budget development and drafting/review of agreements.

Supervision of field operation

  • Provide technical oversight through periodic visits to monitor and review all aspects of the food programming and systems as well as to provide appropriate feedback and recommendation to the Food Assistance Officer, Gender & protection officer, Nutrition Officer, Livelihood Officer, Grant accountant.

  • Conduct un-scheduled and scheduled field visit to observe distribution and check compliance with set standards. 30% time allocated for field visit per month.

  • Conduct on spot training to correct any anomalies detected.

  • Integration of other sectors in food programming i.e. MEAL, Gender, Protection & Livelihood, Nutrition.

Project Reporting

  • Ensure timely and accurate reports including CSRs, RSRs, LSRs, narrative etc, which reflect the true picture of the food assistance projects in the region, are prepared and submitted to Senior FAIRO and Food Assistance Manager as per agreed timelines.

  • Ensure all reports to donor (Weekly, monthly, quarterly and EoP) are submitted in time

  • Ensure FAIRO generates accurate CTS reports (CSR, RSR, LSR, Donor Receipt tally, Distribution Summary, RTS Summary, Ration reasonability test) as per the agreed timeline.

  • Consolidate and review monthly and quarterly narrative reports as per the agreed scheduled with SOs and Donor.

  • Ensure that WFP invoices are accurate, submitted on time and any issues arising and addressed in a timely manner.

  • Support finance team in follow-up of reimbursement for invoices submitted.

  • Ensure that commodity and cash CSS are submitted, cleared and posted in the DGDB as per WV timelines.

Staff management

  • Develop and implement a staff capacity building plan on areas of commodity management, food distribution, and nutrition and hygiene sensitization in order to meet established standards through on the job training, workshops, conferences and any other appropriate methods.

  • Identify other training needs during appraisal process and liaise with Senior Management and People & Culture to develop strategies for capacity building.

  • Develop and maintain an updated succession plan for the team that can be utilized whenever opportunities arise.

  • Implement staff performance management strategy.

  • Develop a leave management plan and oversee its implementation to ensure staff exercise life work balance.

  • Ensure volunteers, security guards, police and community structure payments are processed on time and payments made in a timely manner.

  • Cultivate a culture of high performance as per WV core competencies spectrum.

Coordination and networking

  • Organize staff meeting to discuss project implementation as well as challenges, success and solution.

  • In charge of all technical sectors that support food programming i.e. MEAL, Gender, Protection, Nutrition, Finance & Livelihood, Nutrition & partnering.

  • Organize and document monthly management meetings

  • Coordinate technical units to ensure WV is represented in all sector working group actively.

  • Participate in Partner coordination meetings with donor and other stakeholders. (UNHCR, OPM, WFP and other Partners.

  • Consolidate feedback and action points from different sector working group meetings for WV management response and action.

  • Organize quarterly performance meeting with the co-applicant to identify gaps and compliance,

  • Incharge of co-applicant management processes.

  • Contribute in the development, review and implementation of agreements with partners.

Administration & budget management

  • Overall Supervision of logistics/Project fleet ensuring times maintenance and service in coordination with support services department.

  • Review and approve finance fleet reports to ensure costs are properly apportioned

  • Maintain asset register and inventory management for the project.

  • Develop and oversee the implementation of the project procurement plan.

  • In charge of the budget, planning, monitoring, review to ensure project is delivered on time and on budget in consultation with the Team Leader Food & Cash assistance.

  • Conduct monthly finance review meetings to ensure project costs are accurate and acceptable.

  • Approval of expenditure within WVU Levels of Authority.

  • Ensure all compliance issues are addressed with acceptable timeframes (1 month).

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Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or development.

  2. 3-5 years past experience, preferable with a busy NGO or UN agency, in food commodities handling tracking and accounting.

  3. Prior experience with WV CTS system and or UN Data management system is an added advantage.

  4. Knowledge of WV, WFP and USAID regulations pertaining to relief food commodities tracking accounting and reporting.

  5. This position requires a person who is self starter, who can accomplish the task with minimal or no supervision. He/she should be able to manage a team of staff as well as cooperate with other units. He/she must be keen on details and well organized individual

  6. Good understanding of writing project proposals, budget management and finance.

  7. Good understanding of Humanitarian principles, monitoring & evaluation child protection mainstreaming in food assistance.

  8. Computer literate

  9. Perform other duties as required

  10. People management

  11. Negotiation and influence.

  12. Partnership management.

How to apply:

Please submit your application and complete Curriculum Vitae, to Website:

Address your application to the People & Culture Specialist, Recruitment, World Vision Uganda

Deadline for receiving applications is 19th January, 2020. (Qualified natives of West Nile region are particularly encouraged to apply)