Advisor, Disaster Preparedness and Standards

International Role - Yes
2+ Years

*Preferred position location: United Kingdom. Other locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in a jurisdiction (US state or country) where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


The Advisor, Disaster Preparedness and Standards has been established in recognition of the increasing frequency and intensity of disasters and the ensuring need to anticipate, plan for and reduce disaster risk in order to more effectively protect persons and communities. This role will also promote the WV way through overseeing the continuous improvement and promotion of the Disaster Management Standards and Emergency Management System.

This position will contribute to WV’s disaster preparedness and response ministry through the following key responsibilities: Response portfolio oversight coordination, strengthening field-level preparedness and anticipatory action, coordinate the roll-out and continuous improvements of WV’s key preparedness and response standards (DMS and EMS), preparedness roadmap development and realisation and deploy to humanitarian operations.

In addition, this position will have significant field-facing components to conduct capacity building efforts with regional and field office staff to ensure success.


Response Portfolio Oversight Coordination:

Response Dashboard (ReD) Roll-out and Ongoing Implementation.

  • Provide technical support to responses already using the ReD, as well as capacity building for new responses that will be implementing ReD.

  • Lead continuous improvement process for ReD, ensuring that response, RHEAD and SME feedback is incorporated into any changes to the system.

  • Adjust appropriate outcomes to meet strategic deliverables.

  • Collaborate with GC-DM digital team to ensure the effectiveness of the platform.

  • Provide DM leaders and other users with timely updates and reports as required.

Response Portfolio Tracking:

  • Maintain the response portfolio tracking tool, ensuring that it is up-to-date, accessible to key users and informing GC-DM portfolio oversight efforts.

Ensure all information in the response portfolio review meetings is accurate and reliable for high level decision making.

Strengthening Field-Level Preparedness and Anticipatory Action (P&AA):

  • Best Practice in FO Preparedness and Anticipatory Action.

  • Recommend to Director in developing a system for prioritizing high disaster-risk FOs for support and engagement.

  • Collaborate with high-performing FOs to identify and recommend best practice in P&AA that can be used to support lower-performing FOs.

Disaster Management Scorecard Utilisation:

  • Support RO-HEA teams in ensuring the uptake of the scorecards.

  • Collaborate with the RO-HEA teams to identify potential improvements to the scorecards and take measures necessary to implement them.

  • Collaborate with the GC-DM digital team to improve the effectiveness of the scorecard platform.

Field Office and Partner Preparedness Process Improvements:

  • Collaborate with RO-HEA teams to improve the current Disaster Preparedness Plan template and business practice to a more agile process

  • Support FO efforts to improve the current Disaster Preparedness Plan template and business practice to a more agile process.

Roll-out and Continuous Improvement of Preparedness and Operational Standards:

Disaster Management Standards (DMS).

  • Provide capacity building on the updated DMS to key audiences.

  • Ensure that on-line and PDF versions of the DMS are up-to-date, free of errors and readily available to users.

  • Collaborate with PFR Director to update components of the DMS that have been identified for future improvement or elaboration.

  • Emergency Management System (EMS)

  • In collaboration with the PRF Director and functional SME leads, coordinate an update to the EMS content.

Coordinate roll-out and related capacity building for EMS within Regional and Field offices.

Preparedness Roadmap Development and Realisation:

  • Support the PFR director in the development of the Preparedness Roadmap.

  • Support the realization of the roadmap goals and objectives – both through ongoing work and new initiatives.

Knowledge Management

  • Maintain the Preparedness, DMS and EMS sections of DMKP, ensuring content is up-to-date and accessible Ensure that PFR section of GC-DM’s wvcentral section is up-to-date.

Deploy to Humanitarian Operations:

  • Deploy as needed to large-scale response operations, focused on positions that fit with skill set.


  • 2-3 Years field work experience in humanitarian assistance and/or disaster risk reduction.

  • Project and initiative management experience.

  • Ability to communicate well in a variety of settings (including in remote teams) and to function in a diverse and globally dispersed teams.

  • Undergraduate degree in related field and 2-3 years overall experience in humanitarian assistance and/or disaster risk reduction.

  • Strong understanding of humanitarian response operations, disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction activities.

  • Understanding of the international humanitarian system, principles and key standards (Sphere, CHS).

  • Demonstrated expertise in developing and utilizing information and knowledge management platforms.

  • Strong skills in negotiation, coordination, project management, communication, and reporting.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

  • Excellent writing and training skills.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • 30% Travel and ability to deploy internationally to insecure environments or disaster sites, possibly on a short notice.