Fundraising Advisor

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
1-2 Years

*Position location: United Kingdom or within 3 hours of timezone, where WV is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


In June 2017, the CEOs and senior leaders of 6 child-focused agencies (Child Fund, Plan International, Save the Children, SOS Children’s Villages, Terre des Hommes and World Vision) met in Bellagio/Northern Italy. They decided to join forces to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for Children with at least one or two joint initiatives. They committed to put aside their egos and logos and in the spirit of collaboration focus on the areas where only together they can achieve significant improvements in the lives of children.

The two initiatives agreed upon are:

Hosted in World Vision International as one of the 6 Joining Forces for Child Rights Now and Ending Violence against Children agencies, the post will provide coordination support to the Fundraising Taskforce of the Joining Forces project, and to the Joining Forces Project Manager, forming part of a Secretariat for a rapidly evolving multi-agency project.

The Joining Forces Funding Advisor role is critical in taking forward the work of the Joining Forces Initiative by developing and implementing a fundraising strategy.



In collaboration with the Fundraising Task Force develop and implement a fundraising strategy, which will include:

  • Market analysis and intelligence gathering on target donors (institutional/government agencies and foundations)

  • Profiles of potential donors through leveraging existing knowledge of Joining Forces members.

  • A donor specific fundraising approach with a priority list of potential donors.

  • Mapping and identification of new fora/events where Joining Forces members can present to currently untapped donors/philanthropic institutions.

  • Identifying and overseeing the development of fundraising collateral materials (documents and media to be used by JF members in promoting and JF and its offer).

  • Develop an engagement plan across JF members, to create a shared strategic alignment across agencies towards key prospects and existing donor accounts.

  • Support member agencies as needed to explore other potential fundraising streams e.g. digital campaigning, high net worth individual, impact investors, etc. and evaluate for their potential.

Develop a strong fundraising message/value proposition.

Support the development of a global proposal and country-specific proposals for pitching to donors.

Working through Joining Forces members, identify, approaching, cultivating, and soliciting donors, issuing event invitations, pitching Joining Forces programs, and acquiring funds.

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Support Joining Forces focus countries to understand their funding landscape, develop country-specific JF program and fundraising concepts, and help them to secure funding for JF programming, including through in-country visits where required.

  • Support the Chair to facilitate the Joining Forces Fundraising Taskforce, including ensuring agendas, minutes are documented and actioned. Participate in the Joining Forces Steering Team as needed.

  • Creating strong working relationships with Joining Forces members’ fundraisers, e.g.

  • Working effectively within JF members’ account management frameworks.

  • Sharing and coordinating donor prioritization.

  • Where appropriate, jointly approaching donors.


  • Responsible for ensuring compliance with the core Joining Forces identity and decisions/agreements by all those involved with the project, maintaining consistency and thoroughness of application.

  • Ensure that all legal reporting requirements are satisfied.

  • Ensure that any new donor related compliance requirements are reviewed and approved by relevant Joining Forces members’ legal teams/compliance experts.

  • Ensures that World Vision’s global policies for Safeguarding Children and Young People and Gender Equality and Inclusion are fully embedded in accordance with the principles and requirements of the policy including relevant Implementation Standards and Guidelines as applicable to their area of responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring staff and associates are aware of and understand their responsibilities under these policies and World Vision’s Code of Conduct (CoC), their relevance to their area of work, and that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures

Events Management:

  • Organise key fundraising events jointly with the Joining Forces Secretariat, identifying events for JF CEOs to attend, and attendance at possible fundraising events where CEO/JF presence may be fruitful.

  • Evaluate the success of fundraising events.


  • Minimum 5 years professional experience in fundraising and business development, proposal development.

  • Demonstrated fundraising & business development expertise with foundations and/or institutional donors.

  • Demonstrated experience in successful proposal development/coordination at scale (eg >EUR1m).

  • Experience of developing a business case to funders around investing in a specific issue.

  • Strategic thinking and conceptual strength.

  • Creativity and passion, confident storytelling ability.

  • Excellent communication, engagement and influencing skills, able to bring together a wide range of stakeholders and create buy-in to shared objectives.

  • Strong proposal writing skills.

  • Experience in developing, and reporting on budgets.

  • Diplomatic, team player who knows how to lead and inspire those they work with.

  • Appreciate when discretion, diplomacy and confidentiality is needed and how to deal effectively with senior management and governance system as well as with staff at all levels of the 6 agencies.

  • Results orientated and ensure systematic follow up for tasks.

  • Attention to detail and accuracy in communications in a sensitive multi-agency project.

  • Calm and effective under pressure.

  • Striving for high performance: driving for quality outputs and decisions from key stakeholders.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, providing innovative solutions.

  • Interested in and committed to the work of Joining Forces project.

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.

  • Fluency in English.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Knowledge/experience of programs focused on children’s rights and/or ending violence against children.

  • Experience of working with child focused agencies.

  • Working fluency in Spanish or French languages.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel up to 10% of the time.