Senior Director, Child Sponsorship Marketing and Engagement

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.

*Preferred position location: United Kingdom. Other position locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in Canada, United States, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central and South America where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


As the Senior Director for Child Sponsorship Marketing and Engagement you will have a significant impact leading the global strategy for World Vision’s Child Sponsorship market-facing fundraising and experience ministry. Valued at over $1bn annual revenue through annual pledges from 2.5m sponsors of 3.5m registered children across 27 fundraising offices, World Vision’s sponsorship program is the world’s largest.

As part of the Global Marketing & Communications Team, you will provide leadership and be accountable for the Our Promise Partnership-wide Strategic Initiative to Revitalise Child Sponsorship through stabilizing funding and returning to growth.

To do this, you will continually innovate, digitally transform and consistently improve World Vision’s Child Sponsorship market positioning, value proposition and promise to sponsors, as well as the complete sponsor experience. The position requires strategic leadership of Partnership-wide change with and through partners, entities and stakeholders across World Vision globally and you will lead a a global team to envision, ideate, concept develop, test, evaluate, plan, deploy, and ensure scaled adoption of new marketing and experience strategies.

With your proven success in leading innovative strategies and your heart to empower vulnerable children and their communities to break free from poverty, you can truly be a change-maker in the world each and every day!

World Vision is the largest child-focused private charity in the world. Together with our supporters, we’ve impacted the lives of over 200 million vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty.

Through World Vision every 60 seconds…a family gets water…a hungry child is fed…a family receives the tools to overcome poverty.


Partnership-level Strategic Leadership:

  • Provide Partnership-wide leadership for the WVI Our Promise Strategic Initiative – Revitalising Child Sponsorship.

  • Lead ongoing development of the strategic initiative framework and plans for the multi-year partnership turnaround plan to stabilise child sponsorship revenue with impact measurement indicators. Ensure interdependencies are clearly articulated and change processes are in alignment with overall partnership strategy.

  • Lead multi-year child sponsorship marketing and engagement strategy and plans and global change processes covering SOs and GC functions leading to achievement of child sponsorship vision and partnership mandate for revitalization of child sponsorship. Ensure field office multi-year planning and budgeting guidelines represent strategic shifts and priorities.

  • Provide partnership-wide leadership to the selection, business case proposal, effective management and impact delivery of a portfolio of investment projects that contribute to the required measurable impact to turnaround child sponsorship.

  • Provide leadership and oversight to Partnership-wide reporting and communications strategy on the Strategic Initiative, including to executive sponsors, the Strategy Realization Office, Strategy Realisation Steering Committee, WVI Board, the Resource Development Leadership Council, Support Office Marketing teams and other groups as needed.

  • Provide leadership oversight for bilateral / multi-lateral innovation development and testing plans across the whole strategy, including orchestrating cross-functional input, and ensuring alignment with broader strategic direction.

  • Lead and contribute to the framing and positioning of the uniqueness of WVs Child Sponsorship approach to the market based upon our programming and field approach. Ensure the integrity of our sponsor promise is maintained throughout our marketing, the experience and how the programme is implemented in the field

  • Lead (in collaboration with SRO) change efforts supporting SOs to apply global child sponsorship marketing and engagement strategy and planning guidance to SO strategy and multi-year planning and budgeting processes.

Leadership of Child Sponsorship Acquisition Strategy:

  • Provide leadership for a global view of multi-office research insights and segments to determine the needs and drivers of future target audience prospects to design for.

  • Provide global leadership to continually evolve WV Child Sponsorship’s ‘common as possible’ in-market positioning territory, value proposition, sponsor promise and experience based on research and insights, towards an assured ownable market territory that delivers differentiation, relevance and appeal. Ensure their integrity through reflective representation of field operating model and programming approach to drive impact.

  • Partner with peers in the Global Marketing & Communications Team to ensure that the Child Sponsorship marketing offer and invitations/ derivatives to drive appeal are part of a portfolio of offers approach, effectively positioned and priced to meet determined needs of specific segments of our target audiences across the globe.

  • Partner with peers, Fundraising Offices and Global Finance to ensure that global RoI metrics are commonly used for acquisition investment decisions and reported against for office comparison and investment optimization.

  • Partner with Global Impact to ensure global Child Sponsorship impact claims are developed, and continuously enhanced to drive appeal in the market.

  • Partner with Global Communications to ensure that an external content strategy to support our positioning, proposition and experience is relevant and appealing.

  • Lead the ongoing optimization of Partnership-wide acquisition marketing funnel capabilities and performance measurement transparency to drive acquisition improvement, especially channel diversification, digital marketing and lead generation/cultivation.

  • Lead/partner on digital, church, events, F2F, DRTV and other acquisition channel growth strategies to drive acquisition.

  • Partner with peers to provide clear business capability requirements for future marketing technology and shared service needs including the use of the WV mobile app to provide an engaging and shareable experience.

Leadership of Child Sponsorship Retention Strategy:

  • Provide leadership for a global view of multi-office research and data insights to determine the needs and drivers of current sponsors to design for.

  • Provide global leadership to continually evolve and innovate WV Child Sponsorship’s ‘common as possible’ sponsor experience based on research and sponsor behaviour insights, meeting sponsors where they’re at - towards realising the globally defined ideal sponsor experience.

  • Provide global leadership to the ongoing disruption and consistent improvement of the onboarding journey, child record drop and programme completion experiences inspiring loyalty, minimising cancellation.

  • Partner with WVIT, Global Impact & Global Field Operations to co-lead the end-to-end digital transformation of the sponsor, child and community experience value chain ensuring integrity and coherency between them, leveraging rich media, GIS, mobile and data.

  • Create and inspire an environment for core child sponsorship experience innovation to occur within sponsor-child connections, impact communications and data, enabling technology and engaging platforms, through clearly communicated vision, strategic framework, and decision-based gated innovation process.

  • Provide global leadership to the centralized production of sponsor engagement features and data quality validation, using global automated business service providers, enabling personalized sponsor experiences.

  • Provide business leadership to develop and manage the child sponsorship marketing business systems capability roadmap with clear business requirements for capability developments, enhancements and support fixes.

  • Provide leadership to the development and continual enhancement of sponsorship standards – both market and field facing (in support).

  • Provide leadership on Child Sponsorship marketing and experience data governance policies and standards including definitions, quality, privacy and use of child and sponsor data. Provide leadership to ongoing data quality assurance processes including data remediation.

Team Leadership:

  • Provide direct leadership to the WVI Sponsorship Marketing and Engagement team, ensuring they are suitably resourced and equipped to lead and deliver strategic goals, objectives and programme plans and outputs, while continuing to develop pursuing their own development objectives.

  • Create a WVI team culture of ‘daily adding value’ to Fundraising office colleagues (our clients) - envisioning, facilitating, directing, producing as required.

  • Provide portfolio leadership to all team programmes of work, regularly balancing priorities with strategic goals and objectives and available budget/ resources. Provide leadership oversight to portfolio risk assessment and interdependencies.

  • Provide indirect leadership and inspiration to all child sponsorship market facing staff (acquisition & retention) across the Partnership, encouraging global alignment, common direction and collaboration.

Forum Engagement, Support and Networking:

  • Engage as required with the WVI Board and Strategy Realization Steering Committee, to update on progress, present challenges to solve, opportunities to invest into.

  • Engage regularly as a core member of the Global Marketing & Communications Leadership Team, and the Resource Development Leadership Council (CMOs from largest fundraising offices) discerning priority programmes of work to grow Partnership fundraising.

  • Engage regularly as a core Initiative Leader in the Strategy Realization Office forums.

  • Co-lead the Child Sponsorship Leadership Team bringing both marketing and field functions together on mutually accountable objectives.

  • Engage as a core member of the Child Sponsorship Leadership Partners forum advising and determining partnership-level changes in child sponsorship.

  • Participate in internal and external networks/committees as a contributor, learner, and / or collaborator in order to assure strong linkages with interdependent initiatives.

  • Support/represent the Partnership Leader as required.

  • Engage as required in International Fundraising Leadership events/working groups to represent WV Child Sponsorship.

Policies and Standards:

  • Lead the development and continual updating of standards and guidelines related to Child Sponsorship Marketing and Engagement. Support the updating of partnership child sponsorship policy.

  • Lead engagement and contribution to partnership ministry policies, standards and guidelines related to child sponsorship marketing and engagement.

  • Lead the process of definition and development of child sponsorship marketing and engagement metrics and their mainstreaming integrated with ongoing partnership processes such as child sponsorship revenue, sponsorship revenue yield to field ministry, and cost of sponsorship.

  • Lead partnership level monitoring and intervention protocols for risks / crisis management and quality assurance aspects of child sponsorship marketing and engagement.


  • Degree in Marketing or similar academic or professional qualification.

  • At least five years’ experience of leading a large global team.

  • Experience in a strategic leadership role with accountability for Child Sponsorship marketing and operation functions and/or significant subscription-based programme in other international organisations.

  • Master influencer - effectively listen and communicate with many different functions, cultures and levels in the organisation (orally and in writing). Fluency in English.

  • Broad knowledge of child sponsorship marketing and sponsor engagement.

  • Demonstrable capacity to create vision, framework of change, and implementation plan. Accompanied with consistently accurate and insightful data to support strategic direction and process management.

  • Strength in building effective work relationships with both local and dispersed colleagues, and to manage and lead horizontally across the organisation.

  • A broad understanding of non profit operations and commitment to World Vision´s objectives, ethos, core ministries, Mission Statement and Core Values.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Team leader – passion for people and knows how to achieve results through people.

  • Strong analytical, organisational, problem solving, collaborative, facilitation and time management skills.

  • Dependable – achieves deadlines, with high standards.

  • Resilient – this is one of the most demanding, and uplifting, roles at World Vision. Excellent self-management, and tenacity to achieve Our Promise goals.

  • Flexible and willing to travel per World Vision policy.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time.