Summer 2019 World Vision Internships (Federal Way, WA)

Federal Way
International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
Less Than 1 Year


You are able to indicate interest in up to 3 total internship positions (regardless of location) —please list in order of preference at the top of your resume or cover letter. Therefore, only submit one application even if you are interested in multiple locations and positions.

*Not all positions listed are guaranteed to be filled.

SUMMER 2019 WORLD VISION INTERNSHIPS (Federal Way, Washington)

World Vision Internships provide a three-month opportunity for exceptional students and recent graduates ready to explore a career in the international relief and development sector. We are committed to providing interns with a meaningful learning experience where you are able to learn, grow and connect alongside other emerging professionals who are passionate about our mission.

Learn: Take on challenging and meaningful work assignments while developing your technical skills and gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Grow: Deepen your understanding of the sector, develop your leadership potential and grow your Christian faith during weekly professional development seminars and workshops.

Connect: Form connections with a diverse nationwide intern cohort and build your professional network at one of the largest international relief, development and advocacy organisations in the world.


Dates: May 13 – August 9

Stipend: All US-based interns are paid a monthly stipend of $250

Hours: Full-time and part-time opportunities are available (24-40 hours/week)

Location: Below are listings below for Federal Way, Washington


  • All candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age

  • Able to commit to a minimum of 24 hours per week

  • Eligible to work in the United States (US Citizen/resident or F1-student visa)

  • Current student or recent graduate from an undergraduate/graduate programme (within 2 years)

  • Adhere to the Christian Statement of Faith required by all World Vision International employees

Marketing and Communications Intern, Digital Properties Team

Eligible Candidates: Current undergraduate, recent graduate, graduate student or completed graduate program.

Appropriate Fields of Study/Majors: Marketing, Graphic Design, Communications, English.

World Vision International’s Digital Properties Team manages external audience channels, such as and our social media accounts. Our goal is to create a focused, purposeful, and engaging connection between online audiences and World Vision’s work across the globe.

Depending on skills and qualifications, this internship will help shape, in particular, with fresh content development and website management. This can include writing, design, and working with our offices to increase our quality of content on the website.

The intern’s responsibilities will include (skill dependent):

  • Website management; including account management, personnel training, and existing content review.

  • Copywriting for blogs, sector work and various campaigns.

  • Graphic design work for website graphics, infographics and images. Adobe Creative Suite experience desired.

  • Website best practice training guide development.

  • Learn how to use Shorthand software to create content and image rich storytelling.

  • Ability to be creative and have fun!

Marketing and Communications Systems Intern, Content Team

Eligible Candidates: Current undergraduate, recent graduate, graduate student.

Appropriate Fields of Study/Majors: Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Media, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Computer Science/Technology (Database Optimization, Search Engine, and Metadata Tagging).

*This position can be located in either Monrovia, California or Federal Way, Washington

World Vision's Content Team is responsible for the storage of over 300,000 valuable digital assets. These assets are the photos, videos and stories that fuel marketing, advocacy and communications across the global World Vision Partnership.

The intern’s responsibilities will include:

  • Project research and analysis of content use and patterns.

  • Apply industry best-practices to our library metadata and tagging practices.

  • Assist with improving the Digital Asset Management system to better meet user needs.

  • Develop training materials for new technologies/systems.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Intern

Eligible Candidates: Recent graduate, graduate student.

Appropriate Fields of Study/Majors: International Development, Social Sciences, Human Rights, Politics, International Relations.

The Safeguarding and Child Protection Sector works to ensure that offices across World Vision are doing best-in-class programming to keep children and communities safe. World Vision uses a systems approach to strengthen local and national child protection systems in contextually-appropriate ways so that governments, civil society, faith-based actors, community stakeholders and children are empowered, coordinated and working together to create a protective environment that cares for and supports all children, especially the most vulnerable.

The intern’s responsibilities will include:

  • Apply learnings about safeguarding by drafting guidance notes and memos that explain specific aspects of our work, for sharing across World Vision.

  • Create materials with both Safeguarding and Child Protection teams that simplify complex processes for non-native English speakers.

  • Support research projects (conduct research, help draft results).

  • Create infographics that illustrate aspects of our work.

  • Provide feedback on guidance notes to make them clearer and more concise.

  • Improve existing materials and training by making them more user friendly and international in nature.

  • Support analytics from multi-office questionnaires.

Storytelling and Content Intern

Eligible Candidates: Current undergraduate, recent graduate, graduate student.

Appropriate Fields of Study/Majors: Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Media, Editorial Work, Photography, Videography.

*This position can be located in either Monrovia, California or Federal Way, Washington

World Vision's Content and Storytelling team is responsible for a digital library with thousands of stories with more than 300,000 images and videos. Presently, our team is undertaking an editorial review of these assets to refine the quality of the library and to highlight the best content.

The intern’s responsibilities will include:

  • Search through the library and highlight content for use by our staff in future campaigns.

  • Curate content refining the quality of content offered in our systems

  • Apply appropriate tags that match the subject of the content

Sustainable Health Communications Intern

Eligible Candidates: Graduate student or completed graduate programme.

Appropriate Fields of Study/Majors: Public Health, Communications, International Development.

The Sustainable Health team develops strategy and supports programme quality improvement for World Vision's core sectors of health, nutrition, and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene). We focus on promoting child well-being, especially for the youngest and most vulnerable, through targeted health and nutrition programmes, and by providing clean water and enabling health sanitation and hygiene behaviours. An intern with the knowledge management and capabilities section of the Sustainable Health department will support efforts for ongoing learning and capability growth for World Vision's field-based sector teams.

The intern’s responsibilities will include:

  • Support two major projects for the Sustainable Health team:

  • Support the continuity and quality of staff onboarding by developing drip orientation courses for health, nutrition and WASH staff.

  • Promote the external profile of World Vision's health, nutrition and WASH work by developing excellent web content for

  • Support the capture and dissemination of knowledge and learning among World Vision's internal health & nutrition, and WASH communities, primarily through content development and revision on our intranet, called wvcentral.

Video Editing/Film Intern

Eligible Candidates: Recent college graduate, graduate student or completed graduate programme.

Appropriate Field of Study/Majors: Communications, Film/Videography, Journalism, Media, Graphic Design.

*This position can be located in either Monrovia, California or Federal Way, Washington

World Vision constantly gathers high definition, top-quality video footage featuring our work in the field. The intern will be responsible for reviewing footage from prior trips and editing together thematic b-roll collections and will upload these files to our global library (i.e.: “smiling children from Uganda,” or “Cambodia health clinic”). By editing the raw footage into short, excellent b-roll clips, the footage will be easier to use and will be more accessible in the global library. The intern will allow our teams to make better use of existing footage, avoid duplicate trips to the field, and will assist our advocacy and fundraising efforts.

The intern’s responsibilities will include:

  • Review archived footage from previous projects and extract key clips that can be used in other projects.

  • Streamline the archive by creating thematic b-roll clips that will be used in future projects.

  • Export final projects into web-resolution files.

  • Uploading files created to the Global Digital Asset Management library for use by staff worldwide.