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Grant Acquisition & Mgmt. New Business Development Director

Job Description

*Preferred location: Washington, D.C.; Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate within a jurisdiction (country or U.S. state) where WVI is registered to operate.


GAM New Business Development Director is a core member of the Grant Acquisition and Management (GAM) team and the broader Global Resource Development (GRD) Team, providing the critical senior leadership and coordination for two of the strategic objectives of the Ministry Funding Imperative of WV’s partnership strategy: 1) Piloting and Scaling New Grant Funding Mechanisms; and 2) Leveraging WV’sources of revenue for greater impact (sponsorship, PNS, GIK, grants).

The New Business Development Director will be responsible for leading the development and roll out of new business strategies and approaches necessary to test and expand new funding mechanisms (contracts, trust funds, public-private partnerships, cash programme). This entails working with grants and marketing teams of support offices, field and regional offices, and GC teams across WVI to provide strategic direction, oversight and coordination in the testing and implementation of new funding mechanisms to increase WV’s impact and income. New Business Development Director also holds responsibility for leading a partnership wide strategy for the planning, roll-out and coordination of business activities aiming to leverage WV’s current income sources for grant match (sponsorship, PNS, grants, GIK) to achieve greater impact and sustainability.

Time allocation: 40% Resource acquisition global partnership with public sector new funding mechanisms in the aid market targeting influence, income and impact; 40% Internal coordination and mobilization of fundraising, programme and finance teams for leveraging resources for grant match targeting internal efficiencies and impact; 15% Impact and Effectiveness targeting learning and expansion of new funding approaches and leverage of funding sources; and 5% The position holder will implement other related tasks as requested by the Global Lead Grants Acquisition and Management.

The position holder should have versatile expertise leveraging know-how of diverse funding mechanisms of public and multilateral donors. This requires a combination of business expertise along with passion for business solutions for sustainable funding development. A successful NBD also need to have:

  • Expertise in new business development focusing on new markets and new solutions;

  • Global experience influencing / brokering / managing multi-stakeholder partnerships;

  • Ability to network with peer organizations and establish strong collaborative partnerships;

  • Ability to lead brokering activities with or managing public and multilateral funding with high level donor representatives of institutional donors;

  • Good understanding of WV’s federated network with roles and interactions of various entities, sectors, programing models, and private fundraising strategies;

  • Vision for systemic approaches to enhance end to end leveraging externally with multiple partners and internally.

The scope of influence of this position includes support offices grants and marketing stakeholders, regional resource development unit directors, and key GC Finance and Innovation stakeholders. This position will serve as liaison between GRD’s GAM team and the Strategic Marketing, Strategic Capabilities and Investment, and the Sponsorship teams. This position will also build networks and partnerships with external peer organizations and critical forums.


Lead and coordinate the design, testing, and roll out of institutional donors’ new grant funding mechanisms:

  • Champion and lead on the implementation of pilot initiatives on new funding mechanisms as well as high level monitoring of its progress. Funding mechanisms includes but are not limited to Contracts/Tenders, Trust Funds, Public-Private Partnerships, Cash Transfers.

  • Coordinate with support offices and Regional Offices in the development of business plans for the implementation of pilot initiatives. Serve as a surge point for sharing of expertise and resources among support offices and field offices. Coordinate the collection of lessons learned, learning events and the formulation of recommendations for the potential scale-up of successful pilots.

  • Oversight and monitor the implementation of pilot initiatives supported by GRD’s Investment Fund. Ensure that the agreed upon standardized MOU, business processes are applied by entities and reports are prepared showing the progress of set performance metrics.

  • Lead Partnership processes to review World Vision’s current policies /procedures towards new funding mechanisms. Be instrumental in the development of new policies, procedures, and accounting guidelines for the scale-up of new funding mechanisms approved by WVI.

  • Liaison with GFO, I&L, HEA and FPMG of WVI on behalf of Global Resource Development Team. Facilitate the development of World Vision’s approach for expanding our collaboration with a range of public and multilateral donors using new funding mechanisms.

  • Facilitate creation of mechanisms, platforms and tools helping the grant acquisition efforts managed by SOs and ROs achieve their goals for increased impact, income, influence and internal efficiency.

Lead the development and implementation of a partnership wide strategy for the planning, roll-out and coordination of business activities aiming to leverage WV’s current income sources for grant match (sponsorship, PNS, grants, GIK):

  • Lead stakeholder engagement around the revision and implementation of the current Grant Match Procedure and Accounting Guidelines. Ensure that the agreed upon standardized procedure and accounting guidelines are applied by all Partnership entities in grants acquisition and management.

  • Liaison with Global Resource Development’ teams to support the development of new products for fundraising for grant match. Ensure that inputs from the different support offices grant teams are taking into consideration for the development of new approaches and products for grant match.

  • Provide strategic leadership for the creation and establishment of a global platform for match needs across the partnership that will facilitate the transparency of match needs and available pools for match that can be access by support and field offices. Work closely with designers and ICT to explore the need of a digital platform for this purpose.

  • Lead and provide oversight of the use of ADP-sponsorship, PNS, and GIK as match for grants. In collaboration with Global Finance and GGCU track and report on performance on the use of other revenue sources as match (track and report performance on the following metrics: Grants Overlap with ADPs, and Return On Match Investment in grants).

  • Partner with peer organizations to learn about other potential modalities for match, such as grant-to-grant match and Service-In-Kind.

  • Lead the continued cross-sector dialogue between WV GRD/GAM and other entities for collaboration and partnering around new funding mechanism and new business opportunities.

Provide leadership in the tracking, monitoring and learning of new funding mechanisms and new approaches to leverage of funding source:

  • Lead-facilitate Grants trend and opportunity analysis for support offices, field offices and regional offices.

  • Engage and position with GRD and the marketing community for grant match trend awareness and systematic update of match needs for the creation of fundraising products for grant match.

  • Lead collaborative engagement between GAM teams and I&Es in RO, SO, GC to ensure that performance metrics to monitor the progress of pilots, investment fund projects, progress on match application is collected, shared and represented (e.g. Grants overlap with ADPs, Return on Match Investment, Revenue:Cost ratio, etc).

  • Broker GAM/GRD engagement and communication with peer organizations to share knowledge around new funding models and match approaches.


  • Represent GRD/GAM, with donors as required by the Regions and Support offices, in events and processes related to the core responsibilities under this position.

  • Support the Global Lead of GAM in any matters related to the advance of Strategic Priority No.3 of the Ministry Funding Imperative.

  • Develop work plans and budgets as needed and participate in the staff meetings as required.

  • Participate in team building functions such as team meetings, devotionals, chapel and other focused events to promote unity.



  • Master’s degree in business development (preferred) and/or social sciences.

  • Minimal of five years of experience in acquiring and managing grants with general knowledge of public and multilateral donors funding requirements and regulations.

  • Experience in understanding trends and management of public and multilateral funding mechanisms.

  • Experience in grant match design and management.

  • Experience in sofware and data base design and management.

  • Contemporary ICT skill.

  • Webinar development and facilitation.

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience or equivalent graduate school education.

  • Competency in leading multi-stakeholder groups, virtual engagement.

  • Competency in coordinating the development of strategies and business approaches to grants.

  • Experience with assessment and survey design, business process analysis, project plan development, group facilitation, and management of staff.

  • Skills in brokering and negotiation.

  • Graduate level education.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.

  • Public and Multilateral Grant design and grant management required.


  • Knowledge and experience in public and multilateral funding requirements and regulations.

  • Proven coordination, collaboration, and communication skills.

  • Ability to lead global external partnerships from end to end (operating and funding models, sustainability, etc.) and into regional and national partnerships to deliver results.

  • Excellent systems thinking abilities with ongoing promotion of innovation, integration and partnering with good understanding of the external environment in which this area of work operates (globally, political dimension, competitors, partners, internal and external stakeholders/constituencies).

  • Proven ability to work and coordinate effectively with multicultural teams, build and maintain positive relationship across various Regions and Support Offices.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with ability to relate to culturally diverse staff. Strong customer service skills, and willing to work with diverse personal styles.    

  • Experience working with multiple and virtual stakeholders.

  • Experience in working in developing countries and in providing advice to regional/national staff and leadership.

  • Competency in high level negotiations and influencing decision. Experience in communicating effectively to high level leadership.

  • Experience in partnership brokering, especially with global public and multilateral donors.

Work Environment:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time.