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Director, Cash Based Programming

Job Description


This position holder, while part of the Global Centre Humanitarian Emergency Affairs (GCHEA) senior management structure will have the overall strategic leadership and oversight, managerial responsibility, coordination and tracking of/for multi-purpose cash programming. The CBP Director is to lead the entire WVI Partnership towards the WVI organizational commitment at the World Humanitarian Summit that by 2020, over 50% WV's humanitarian assistance will be delivered through cash. Therefore, the role will have global responsibility to drive and coordinate the organization towards in cash programming for influence, impact and income, demonstrate strong leadership requirements for the role, particularly in bringing Food Programming Management Group (FPMG) and other sectors (WASH, Health & Nutrition, Education, etc) towards a common multi-cash programming goal. Within GC HEA (iCash team), the role will ensure coordination and collaboration with all other global entities in WV that engage in cash-related programming including recovery programming for improved shock-responsive social protection interventions, respective technology innovation and external partnerships. These entities include WVI’s Global Programmes but are not limited to VisionFund International, Sustainable Health including FPMG, Resilience & Livelihoods and Grant Acquisition Management (GAM). The position will have a dotted line reporting to a global WVI Steering Committee comprising of VFI, SH - including FPMG – R&L, and GC HEA units from G-Tech, HERRD & Humanitarian Capabilities & Effectiveness, GAM.

The position-holder will provide strategic guidance for influencing significant decisions around humanitarian cash programming strategy and implementation within and external to the organization, the pro-active and strategic guidance of icash scale-up and required capacity building of local and regional level icash champions. The role through its leadership will also ensure prioritization of significantly capacity building – creating a global roving-icash/ SP team as well as building a roster of well-trained and "cutting-edge" specialists at RO and NO levels that will be able to trigger NO-level engagement and pro-active pre-positioning for CT opportunities.

The external facing responsibilities include:

  • Brokering a global partnerships with selected partners – including UN and bi-lateral donors, host/ disaster- affected Governments, INGOs, and local civil society, multinational and local private sector, academia (including leading an inter-agency humanitarian identity standards project).

The internal and external humanitarian innovation ecosystem still suffers from duplication of investments, resource constraints, with existence of significant barriers to innovation, such as resistance to supporting innovations from outside of the sector, and the lack of shared priorities with regard to the types of humanitarian challenges that need to be addressed collectively. Thus fostering and strategically creating external alliances to enhance existing engagement is critical part of this role.

The Position Holder will be responsible for providing leadership to comprehensive humanitarian cash transfer strategy that is as appropriate – linked with longer-term social protection facilitation, provide guidance for implementation of the strategy through the iCash team, with an integrated operations approach incorporating the new iCash function and the broader WVI cash and social protection CoP, business intelligence, help identify innovative humanitarian practice, branding and external positioning. S/he will serve as the principal institutional point of contact for HEA and WVI cash and market activities and disaster management related private sector partnerships. The post holder will also be responsible to further develop partnerships especially with private sector entities relevant for CTP, establishing and strengthening WV’s bi- and multilateral engagement e.g. with financial service providers, mobile network operators in various contexts.

This includes significant external representation, co-leadership in CTP relevant mechanisms, inter-agency bodies, Governments, civil society, community representatives, private sector and academia at local, regional and global levels as relevant.

The position is contributing to WVI’s DM FY 15-FY 18 strategy, and linked with other relevant WV Global Programme strategies – e.g. FPMG’s 2016-2020 Strategy with emphasis on Social Protection elements; WVs Global Livelihoods Strategy components of graduation approach and resilience building through safety net interventions after disaster shocks and aims at:

  • building WVI’s reputation and positioning with the industry to grow revenue and policy influence.

  • driving and delivering innovation and private partnerships to diversify WVI’s resource base and improve field effectiveness.

The role also requires strategic planning for HEA public-private partnering, including sector, geographic and industry prioritization. Including leadership targeting of high-value, public-private partnership opportunities, prioritizing for those with high-win probability relevant for key strategic focus areas with private sector to partner in sustainable solutions to multiple humanitarian needs as identified by communities, NOs, promoting viability of commercial and disaster management outcomes of partnerships (including facilitation of economic recovery through micro-entrepreneurs in post-disaster recovery).

The Director shall have a very good understanding of humanitarian aid organization and private sector dynamics related to cash and market based programming (possibly linking with new or existing social protection mechanisms) for effective initiation, stakeholder engagement, including wider humanitarian community, UN, INGOs, academia and local and multinational private sector.

The role will ensure WV’s risk mitigation and management through guidance to icash and other relevant teams protection of beneficiary data, contract management, risk assessment and mitigation in collaboration with relevant units at NO/response, RO (and as relevant SO) level-counterparts, audit functions.

The role will develop an integrated operations approach incorporating the new iCash function, working closely with the cash strategy & systems advisor and other HEA personnel on preparedness activities with a specific focus on cash transfer and market based programming, including training and business tool development.


Strategic & Operational Leadership - iCash & Cash-related Social Safety Net Management:

  • Provide strategic and operational leadership for finalisation and implementation of WVI’s icash, social safety net CT interventions’ strategy to achieve WVI’s international commitment of 50% humanitarian cash programming portfolio by 2020.

  • Provide high level engagement and strategic leadership in bringing bringing FPMG and other sectors from other Global Programmes as the Global Sustainable Health team (WASH, Health & Nutrition, Education, etc), VisionFund International, etc. towards a common multi-cash programming goal for the whole organisation.

  • Lead HEA icash team and cross-unit workstream focal points to strategically disseminate and implement the consolidated icash strategy with GC, RO and priority NO entities.

  • Guide icash team to collaborate with RHEADS and with national office teams in focus countries to conduct on-going (pre-crisis) market assessments. Such work may link to early warning / early action information. Guide team to compile data and business intelligence analysis.

  • Ensure that portfolio analysis and metrics developed and effectively used at NO, RO and GC level to help inform the design of unconditional / multi sector cash programming. Build on existing mechanisms (such as through FPMG and GAM) to collect, analyse, report and communicate data on cash projects, distinguishing between vouchers and in-kind aid.

  • Lead strategic operational research that collects and disseminates evidence of good practice in humanitarian cash programming in cooperation with HEA, VFI, the resilience & livelihoods team, academics and other groups.

  • Ensure that implementation models are tested and reviewed; that incentives to generate effective outcomes linked to digital and financial inclusion, data security and privacy are effective, and evidence-based practice is presented to SO fundraisers and donors in order to strengthen HEA’s comparative advantage and position the organisation as a credible leader in CT.

  • Strategically lead the team to pursue revenue-generating opportunities related to mobile money and other financial transactions - with resource development team and GAM to secure scale up-grants to expand iCash work in NOs.

  • Ensure establishment of effective project reporting, evaluation, and communication systems, that enable timely accurate and professional reports meeting donor requirements regarding iCash progress and enhance WV internal strategic shift towards increased WV partnership-wide CT engagement, promotion and portfolio.

  • Ensure that WVI procurement, financial and legal requirements are adhered to – monitoring in particular protection of beneficiary data, contract management, risk assessment and mitigation in collaboration with relevant units at NO/response, RO (and as relevant SO) level-counterparts as relevant.

Cash Preparedness & Capacity Building:

  • Leading internal engagement including appropriate structures, standards (internal and external), policies, staffing and resources for DM related icash/SP.

  • Ensure the establishment of an effective cross-functional WVI internal Steering Committee to promote WV-integrated CT-safety net strategic direction across sectors and WVministries (this Steering Committee will comprise of VFI, SH - including FPMG – R&L, and GC HEA units from GTech, HERRD & Humanitarian Capabilities & Effectiveness, GAM, GOSCI, and 1 representative each from NO, RO & SO)

  • Ensure that required policies, SoPs, workforce structure is in place for effective and pro-active icash prepositioning and preparedness.

  • Provide pro-active and strategic guidance of icash scale-up and required capacity building of local and regional level icash champions. Ensure prioritization of significant capacity building investment– creating a global roving-icash/ SP team as well as building a roster of well-trained and "cutting-edge" specialists at RO and NO levels(including key GAM staff at global and more so, RDU and NO levels trained in basic tools/ operations via CaLP) that will be able to trigger NO-level engagement and pro-active pre-positioning for CT.

  • Ensure that preposition agreements with financial service providers (FSPs) and mobile network operators (MNOs) and other private sector entities, Government stakeholders are in place to enable cash programming, at large scale, during emergency response and recovery operations. Ensure alignment with global treasury to leverage the latest banking relationships for last mile delivery of cash.

  • Lead the collaboration and provide strategic guidance with and to SO IPG teams, RO and target NO to develop and conduct training in cash programming methodologies and concepts, including programme D, M&E, and LMMS entities. Ensure proper technical capacity of staff to manage complex donor-funded projects. Lead grant staff and short-term consultants.

  • Guide cooperation with relevant units WV internally and regarding beneficiary data management and digital ID (i.e. using LMMS team) and external players such as CaLP, Visa, MasterCard etc.

  • Lead on organisational learning to help build World Vision’s credibility and influence in the area of CT, market based programming, private sector networks and social safety net/ social protection systems – in collaboration with other WV entities (e.g. WV Social Protection Working Group) and external partners.

Networking, Partnering, External Representation & Research:

  • Initiate and build partnerships internally and externally to increase and promote integrated disaster management and resource development, and be an authoritative voice for policy change and learning.

  • Ensure systematic information management and timely compilation and dissemination of documentation, research and marketing material as entry point in donor, Government, private sector and community relations promoting WV's capacity, scope and best practise stories with key partners –including academia (jointly with GC HEA Research, SO)

  • Network internally and externally in order to remain abreast of the latest cash and market programming trends. Participate and actively contribute in partnership forums, working groups, cluster meetings and inter agency networks / cash coordination groups related to strategic planning, policy influence, technology, supply / value chains to position WV as a key player (including UN HLP,WB, IASC coordination mechanisms).

  • Actively lead and foster WV’s role in private sector collaboration/ co-creation initiatives and local, regional and global networks (like Connecting Business.

  • Initiative, HPPP, Global Compact, GAHI, etc.) – esp. related to multistakeholder CT/ SP work.

Emergency Response & Recovery Operations:

  • Ensure that there is pro-active, timely advise to response management on the feasibility of using CT or in-kind assistance, or a combination of both.

  • Ensure that icash and relevant grant implementation teams, meet all strategic objectives through proper design, staffing, implementation and quality assurance.

  • Provide strategic guidance on engagement of icash team with local government officials, local communities, donor representatives and other stakeholders as appropriate.


  • University Degree or Post graduate qualification and / or professional background in strategy development, operational implementation, international development/ humanitarian or other relevant field.

  • Minimum of 15 years of international humanitarian resource development, operations experience

  • Demonstrated leadership and innovative strategic thinking experience as well as operational management expertise in complex, insecure and fluid contexts with multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and often partly remote teams and internal as well as external stakeholders across continents.

  • High level influence and representation and collaboration skills as part of the global humanitarian system with international and national donors, public audience, media, Government(s), academia, private sector on topics regarding humanitarian context-market based solutions with local and multi-national business, social enterprise to cash transfer programming & innovation, social protection.

  • Knowledge of, and expertise in, cash transfer technologies and methodologies, including understanding of payment systems, procedures, compliance requirements.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills plus strong presentation and report writing skills.

  • Proficiency in computer & online tools including Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes (or similar software), email, internet.

  • Demonstrated excellent inter-personal and negotiation skills.

  • Demonstrated problem-solving and analytical skills relevant.

  • 5 years senior management experience, preferably in international humanitarian assistance operations.

  • Strong knowledge of the humanitarian sector including humanitarian priniciples, standards and sectors.

  • Experience in an strategy development, international cross-sector collaboration and multi-sector portfolio management.

  • Good understanding of aid organization and private sector dynamics related to cash and market based programming and social protection interventions.

  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English. Proficiency in other languages such as French and Spanish would be desirable.


  • Ability to influence, coordinate and build strategies, tools and a cohesive team with clear deliverables and outputs that can be replicated and scaled up in the future.

  • Extensive experience in external engagement and networking with institutional donors, Government, private sector, inter-agency bodies, academia.

  • Extensive experience in resource acquisition / funding.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and great communicator.

  • Demonstrated experience with implementing cash and market based strategies for humanitarian and/or development programming.

  • Understanding of the benefits of and organizational barriers to using mobile and other approaches for the successful implementation of cash based assistance.

  • Experience researching, designing and implementing mobile strategies that connect the economic base of the pyramid with formal and/or semi-formal economic activity (i.e. financial inclusion models).

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Frequent international travel (30-40 %) including field visits in humanitarian responses, external engagement/ representation at international conferences, fora.

  • This role involves contributing to the facilitation and coordination of a virtual, geographically-dispersed multi-sector, multi-ministry teams (guided by the Global Steering Committee) and icash programming and humanitarian operations network.