Church Engagement Specialist

Federal Way
International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
2+ Years

*Position locations: Seattle, WA; Washington D.C. or Monrovia, California where WVI is registered to operate.

*Please submit your CV in English.


This position is responsible for leading and directing the development, implementation and management of church engagement programmes, products and capabilities to enhance World Vision’s ability to build church partnerships globally.

This includes working with leadership across the World Vision Partnership, including the top Support Offices, to prioritise and implement the necessary processes and systems, partnering with vendors and partners to design products, and leading ongoing implementation and scaling of best practices.

With its emphasis on engaging and activating new donors through church partnerships, this position also supports our commitment to live out our Christian faith and calling with boldness and humility.

The role holder will support the Global Director of Christian & Church Engagement in growing church engagement to be a leading acquisition channel through the following responsibilities:

  • Manage the creation and maintenance of marketing offers, experiences, toolkits and resources to build new opportunities and scale Church Engagement marketing offers and experiences.

  • Lead implementation, monitoring and adaptation of Church Engagement opportunities, collaborating with Support Offices, Accelerator Offices, and other teams within Global Marketing & Communications.

  • Coordinate engagement with vendors, partners and teams across World Vision for opportunities to build awareness, familiarity and trust with church leaders and donors.

  • Oversee the development and ongoing implementation of a shared framework to build core capabilities across Church Engagement teams.

  • Support the development of a cohesive marketing funnel that widens awareness, deepens trust and grows engagement through stronger top-of and bottom-of-funnel activations & communications.

  • Track progress against Church Engagement strategy, priorities and value proposition and support each office to overcome challenges in implementation.


Lead and manage the building, optimisation and scaling of Church Engagement marketing offers and experiences in order to turn Church Engagement into a leading channel and accelerate the maturity of Church Engagement functions through shared trainings and resources.

  • Lead and manage the development, dissemination and optimisation of tools, resources and best practices to build and scale Church Engagement marketing offers, including the Matthew 25 Challenge and Chosen.

  • Innovate on marketing offers including the Matthew 25 Challenge, Chosen and Childhood Rescue/GFP product.

  • Manage projects, create toolkits and maintain library of resources.

  • Collaborate with SOs and other Marketing & Communications teams to advise on best practices and ensure synergy, efficiency and consistency.

  • Manage online community and regular communication with Church Engagement SO teams.

Lead and manage the ongoing implementation of a shared framework to build core capabilities across Church Engagement teams, identifying opportunities to collaborate, minimise duplication and share capacity and best practices.

  • Develop, manage and implement a virtual training programme for building church capabilities - trainings, assignments, tools and resources to overcome key challenges to building church partnerships and raising funds.

  • Lead monthly trainings in collaboration with World Vision US, scaling their LMS system, sales strategies and best practices for Church Advisers and Event Engineers.

  • Manage contextualisation for different SO contexts, considering their unique gaps and opportunities.

Lead and manage the development of a cohesive marketing funnel, including top of funnel activities that build awareness and deepen trust, as well as cultivation journeys and conversion strategies to activate new partners and donors.

  • Manage projects and collaborate with partners to develop top-of and bottom-of funnel activations (including thought leadership and discipleship tools, lead gen resources and other experiences)

  • Manage the implementation of activities across Support Offices and other support teams across World Vision.

Manage support capacity and collaborate across teams and offices in order to build and implement Church Engagement strategies globally and at the country level.

  • Manage support capacity, including with venders, external partners and support functions within World Vision

  • Manage projects and collaborate with F&D, Comms teams, advocacy, marketing teams, and interns

  • Collaborate with other SO support teams outside of Church Engagement to help build and execute projects and campaigns

  • Coordinate and collaborate across teams on global campaigns, cross-functional podcasts, and other brand awareness or fundraising activities.

  • Lead and manage project implementation across teams ensuring successful execution and shared resources and best practices.


  • Bachelor’s degree.

  • Talent for working across departments and in cross-functional teams with a wide range of staff.

  • Able to adapt communication and management style to a variety of organisational cultures.

  • Strong communication skills, with ability to write and edit for a variety of different audiences and mediums.

  • Proven ability to manage work and expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

  • Demonstrated organisational, interpersonal, communication and analytical skills.

  • Excellent organisational and prioritisation skills.

  • 5+ years managing projects.

  • 5+ years managing large-scale, complex projects, in complex and/or international organisations.

  • Certification in Project Management, or equivalent experience.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Certification in Project Management.

  • Experience in or knowledge of marketing / fundraising.

  • Knowledge and experience of church and parachurch ministry landscape.

  • Experience leading projects from start-to-finish with variety of dependencies and stakeholders.

  • Experience managing large, complex projects in cross-cultural positions.

  • Additional experience in marketing or fundraising with churches is ideal.

  • Experience in World Vision is helpful, though capacities listed in this JDPDQ are most critical.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 25% of the time.