Senior Operations Manager, Global Philanthropy

International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.

*Position locations: Seattle, WA; Washington D.C. or Monrovia, California.


This position is responsible for leading and directing the development, implementation and management of a suite of technical and business process solutions to enhance World Vision’s ability to engage effectively with High Net Worth and Middle income donors globally. This includes working with leadership across the World Vision Partnership, including the top Support Offices, to prioritise and implement the necessary processes and systems, partnering with peer organisations and vendors to design products, and leading ongoing implementation and testing processes to ensure effectiveness.

The role holder is accountable for achieving these key outcomes during FY19-20:

  • Lead and manage the development and ongoing implementation of the World Vision Strategic Initiative 4.5 Global Hub, a virtual service centre and clearing house to share capacity, products and best practice capabilities for engagement with High Net Worth Donors.

  • Lead development, implementation, and ongoing operation of a global intranet Dashboard (or “Repweb”) for Donor Representatives to quickly locate, access and disseminate information.

  • Lead necessary regulatory and fiduciary solution work between SOs for the SI4.5 system to function effectively and lead documentation of core protocols.

  • Lead, in collaboration with internal stakeholders, implementation, monitoring, and adaptation of Middle Donor blueprints.

  • Manage engagement with vendors and other partners for necessary components and systems related to mid-level.

  • Track progress against middle donor blueprints and support each office to troubleshoot problems in implementation.


Lead development, implementation and operation of the World Vision Strategic Initiative 4.5 (SI4.5) Global Hub/Clearing House:

  • Collaborate with and direct engagement of World Vision US, World Vision Australia (and in time World Vision Canada) with the smaller support offices to ensure content flow.

  • Manage translation and product packaging processes for different SO contexts (includes developing and manging partnerships with service providers).

  • Lead development, implementation, and ongoing operation of global intranet (based on ‘Rep-Web’ platform) for Donor Representatives to disseminate offers, reports and other critical information in a timely manner.

  • Lead regulatory and fiduciary solution work between SOs and help SOs to manage Global Inventory financial transactions as per protocol.

Lead and manage development and implementation of Partnership-wide Middle Donors portfolio of projects, from blueprinting through full implementation according to the Middle Donor Roadmap (MDR):

  • Lead engagement and manage relationships with BlueNorth (and other vendors as relevant) to ensure successful, efficient blueprinting.

  • Lead and coordinate shared campaigns, middle donor roadmap, middle donor dashboard rollout and updating.

  • Collaborate with Supports Offices (SOs) to ensure middle donor programme progress and investment are meeting targets as per blueprints, or identify necessary resolution / adaptation to practices and targets.

  • Track Partnership-wide implementation of blueprints and MDR, in collaboration with SOs and Philanthropy Team.

  • Manage updates and information through standard World Vision communications platforms to keep relevant stakeholders apprised of progress.

  • Lead multi-office shared marketing campaigns as appropriate.


  • Bachelor’s degree.

  • Project management of large-scale projects, specifically involving resolving negotiations between a number of large scale and complicated organisations/functions. Will need to demonstrate the ability to lead and communicate clearly, driving a group of high-level staff (CFOs, SVP and their nominees) to a common view/agreement, and effect the arising solution.

  • Able to adapt communication and management style to a variety of organisational cultures.

  • 5-10 years managing projects.

  • 5+ years managing large-scale, complex projects, in complex and/or international organisations.

  • Certification in Project Management, or equivalent experience.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Certification in Project Management.

  • Master’s Degree in field related to job duties.

  • Experience in or knowledge of marketing / fundraising.

  • Experience managing large, complex projects in cross-cultural positions.

  • Experience managing project across complex, multinational organisation and/or in an international development context.

  • Change management experience.

  • Additional experience in marketing or fundraising with high-level donors is ideal.

  • Experience in World Vision is helpful, though capacities listed in this Jobdescription are most critical.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 25% of the time.