WVV Project Assistant – Youth livelihood empowerment project

Quan Ngo Quyen
International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
1-2 Years


In FY17-20, Ngo Quyen AP has worked intensively on the vocational training and job creation for the vulnerable youth from 15-24 years old. The model has supported 60 youths with various job training such as hair dress, cooking, motorbike maintenance and fixing, nail painting, car care service, bakery, tailor, advertisement design, car driving etc.

As initial study, youth livelihood in urban context is potential for further investment for learning and scaling up. Therefore, WVK has committed additional PNS funding for a special project call Vocational Development for Disadvantaged youth in Haiphong City Project with budget of $250,000 from FY17- 20.

The project require a Project Assistance with specialize skills especially documentation skills, presentation skills, monitoring and reflection and partnering skills with different stakeholders.


To support World Vision Vietnam in documentation promising model as well as ensure effectiveness of life skills training- vocational training and job creation for youth from 15-24 in Ngo Quyen district.

To assist AP Manager in designing, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of project among the target groups.


1. Interventions Design and Planning:

  • Assistant is provided to the AP Manager in the design of appropriate youth Vocational Development project strategies/ intervention for target population in the impact area.

  • The facilitation of accurate inputs for intervention strategy is ensured by assisting in developing research, designing data collection tools, implementing research in the field, analysing data, and presenting finding to relevant audiences;

  • Planning sessions are carried out with government counterparts and community in the development of long-term program strategies to ensure the sustainability of the project;

2. Project Activities Implementation, Monitoring and Reporting

  • Project activities are implemented, monitored and evaluated with project partners as per plan to ensure the project’s progress and note the effect of the project activities in the community;

  • Community project ownership is facilitated by conducting community participation activities to ensure that the resources of the project will create direct benefit to community members, specially towards to the poor;

  • Project’s progress is kept track and information is updated in liaison and collaboration with Women Union. Monthly, quarterly and annual project reports on the progress of the project are prepared and information is shared with the AP manager, North 3– Livelihood technical program officer and District PMB.

  • Work closely with DFs in integrating Youth Vocational Development project with AP activities for greater impacts

3. Documentation

  • Most Significant Change Stories, Lessons Learnt of every step are well written to share with all stakeholders.

  • One project manual and documentary film will be produced for scaling up purpose.

4. Surveys

  • Surveys are carried out, survey reports are prepared including presentation of survey results to government counterparts and the community;


  • Bachelor degree in social science or related fields

  • Bachelor in economic and youth science.

  • Conceptual understanding of and commitment to development work, especially Christian, child-focused, community-based development concepts, approaches and processes;

  • Documentation skills: story collection, meeting minute taking, photography.

  • Demonstrated training and group facilitation skills;

  • Research- DME skills

  • Partnering- cooperation skills with different partners

  • Good time management and organizational skills;

  • Good interpersonal and communications skills

  • Community mobilisation skills, including networking/coordination among different local partners;

  • Fair English, especially report writing and reading skills;

  • Good computer skills in Word, Excel, Power point and email;

  • 1-2 years of work experience in the area of Youth intervention or primary vocational training- life skills training- economic development.

  • Experience in INGO-funded project planning and implementation.