WVV Cluster Sponsorship Officer

Thu Do Ha Noi
Quan Hoan Kiem
International Role - No - Only National applicants will be considered.
2+ Years


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, WVs work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. WVV has been funded from 12 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVV consists of sponsorship program funding (70%) and PNS/grants (30%). WVV employs about 430 staff, of which 99% are Vietnamese nationals.

Currently, World Vision Vietnam is operating in 5 zones: North 1 (Hoa Binh and Dien Bien), North 2 (Yen Bai Tuyen Quang), North 3 (Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong), Centre (Quang Tri, Quang Nam Danang) and South (Quang Ngai, Binh Thuan, Ho Chi Minh, DakNong). WVVs AP usually focuses within one administrative district of a province which populated by ethnic minority people with high rates of poverty. A uniqueness of WVVs Development Program Approach (DPA) is that AP team members are based at district level where the AP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVV is also implementing different Special and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both AP and non-AP areas.

WV Vietnam Sponsorship service Operations (SSO) deliberately focuses on improving the well-being of vulnerable children through one-to-one connection between sponsor and child. This relationship enables long-term engagement and financial commitment, partnering with communities and local structures, and authentic participation of children as agents of changes.

WV Vietnam is a national office and does not directly raise funds for local sponsorship, however, SSO is responsible for 1) defining Child Sponsorship experience for both sponsors and registered children by creating effective communication via correspondence and Sponsorship 2.0; 2) implementing HOPE system in monitoring the well-being of Registered Children (RC) and utilizing those data for WV Technical Programs and community’s intervention toward the most vulnerable children.

WV Vietnam’s Sponsorship program is implemented across all Area Programs (APs) with more than 74,000 RC up to FY20.


  • To support WVV in enhancing sponsorship integration in program for better engagement, effectiveness and efficiency.

  • To assist Sponsorship Manager in ensuring the quality of Sponsorship Service in compliance with Standards and the effectiveness of sponsorship program.



  • Ensure that correspondences, including Gift Notification (GN) and special mailings (Annual Progress Report, Christmas Card, Birthday Bounce back, Christmas Bounceback) are processed in compliance with the Sponsorship standards and Child Protection policies.

  • Coordinate with Support Offices (SOs) and Operations team to arrange sponsor visit including both individual and group visit in alignment with Sponsorship Visit procedure and Child Protection policies.

  • Ensure Register Children (RC) number provision as-per agreement with SOs.

  • Support Area Programs (AP) to implement sponsorship 2.0 products (such as child update photos, child update videos, community update photos & video etc).

  • Perform regular monitoring and provide on-going support to ensure child data is timely and accurately recorded, updated and managed properly in Horizon HOPE.


  • Contribute in developing technical documents and guidelines for implementation at AP and National Office levels.

  • Conduct orientation (Horizon HOPE Mobile device, SIP – Sponsorship in Program, CESP – Community Engagement & Sponsorship Plan, etc..) at AP level.

  • Provide ongoing technical support and enhance capacity building for AP staff to mainstream new sponsorship initiatives at AP level.

  • Take part in program assessment, monitoring and evaluation to ensure the effectiveness of sponsorship operations in program.

  • Follow up with APs and technical programs to ensure the RC’s participation/RC inclusion standards.

  • Conduct annual visit, spot check and new initiative review.

  • Review Plan of action (POA), (Semi) Annual Report from AP to ensure Sponsorship Minimum Programming Standards are fulfilled.


  • Develop Sponsorship Orientation Communication package.

  • Support APs to conduct Sponsorship Basic Training (SBT) and Communication events at AP level

  • Prepare and conduct Sponsorship Annual Meeting, Zonal Meetings in a regular basic.

  • Provide orientation/training for new sponsorship staff at both AP and NO level.

  • Provide on-going coaching to AP staff to ensure overall performance.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:


  • Bachelor degree

Knowledge & Skills

  • Conceptual understanding of and commitment to development work, especially Christian, child-focused, community-based development concepts, approaches and processes;

  • Demonstrated training and facilitation skills;

  • Demonstrated strong time management and organizational skills;

  • Good interpersonal and communications skills;

  • Good spoken and written English skills;

  • Good computer skills in Word, Excel, Powerpoint


  • Experience in community development or with NGO.

Experience in capacity building for local stakeholders/partners.