Leading with Vision

We’re not just looking for experienced leaders, we’re earnestly praying for servant leaders who aspire to help World Vision bring life in all its fullness to the world’s most vulnerable children. Is your vision our vision?

Regional Audit Director- Latin America & Caribbean

*Preferred position location: San Jose, Costa Rica. Other locations to be determined by home country of successful candidate in the Latin America & Caribbean Region where WVI is registered to operate.


The key roles for the person in this position are to:

  • Lead and direct the implementation of Global Internal Audit (GIA) vision and strategic initiatives at the region and national office level around risk management, governance and internal controls; provide reasonable assurance to key stakeholders regarding the adequacy of internal controls to mitigate risk that threatens the organization's ability to implement its strategy and achieves its objectives, including compliance with government and donors’ requirements; ensure that the regional and national offices audit services are rendered in accordance with the IIA International Auditing Standards, GIA's Charter and WVI’s policies and procedures; ensure the implementation of GIA’s risk assessment template and risk based integrated audit (RBIA) across the region; represent GIA on the region’s Integrity Protection Hotline (IPH) team, and play a key participatory and advisory role at advisory board/council and audit committee meetings as needed.

  • Engage, collaborate, assist and support local boards in executing their fiduciary duties as well as partnership leaders, including the Chief Audit Executive (CAE), and other key stakeholders regarding their responsibilities for strategy, governance, risk and internal controls.

  • Become a trusted strategic partner of key stakeholders (CAE, local ARC, RLs, NDs, etc.) by building and strengthening trust and relationships, and providing reasonable assurance regarding the adequacy of internal controls to mitigate risk that threatens the organization's ability to implement its strategy and achieves its objectives, including compliance with government and donors’ requirements.

The person in this position will ensure that:

  • At least 75% of the annual internal audit plan is initiated each fiscal year, and conducted in accordance with GIA and IIA auditing standards, and audit resources (staff, funds, equipment and tools) are used efficiently and effectively.

  • Audit and periodic stakeholders’ reports, including analysis of internal audit findings and recommendations and implementation status, are reliable, complete, accurate and prepared and delivered in a timely manner to key stakeholders so that they are aware of the risks, trends, effectiveness of internal controls, and risk mitigation to assist in their decision making process around strategy, governance, risk, and control.

  • GIA’s vision and strategy, including , RBIA, RIAT and audit management system (AMS), are implemented, and a sustainable work/life balance and Christ focus working environment are maintained in each office where staff can grow professionally, spiritually and build trust and relationships with key stakeholders within and outside the internal audit department/function.


Represent the CAE in an advisory capacity at local (NO) Audit Committee or advisory Council meetings as needed, including being a contributing member of the Integrity and Protection Hotline and Regional Risk Management committees and meetings.

  • Lead and manage the local internal audit function within the region, including directly leading audit assignments and activities of the intermediate and branch auditors by ensuring that a risk based audit plans are developed and implemented. This includes coordinating reviews, investigations at the regional level.

  • Coordinate the external audit function.

  • Engage in the hiring and management of NO audit staff.

  • Assessing the level of capacity and provide necessary coaching and training where required of NO audit staff.

Act as a strategic partner by championing innovation, implementing /risk based auditing throughout the region including leading and directing the strategic direction of GIA at the regional audit level, and joining the Regional and National Office leadership in identifying potential risk areas through appropriate reporting and quality controls (e.g. financial, operational, reputational) that can impact WV's ability to reach the needs of the children and communities it serves and work together on controls around risk areas.

Oversee and manage monthly and quarterly reporting to GIA and the region by ensuring audit team provides timely, accurate, complete and reliable reports that are reviewed and delivered within the established audit scheduled timeframes.

  • Consult, advise, and partner with regional leadership and ND's (including NO audit teams) around strategy implementation, governance, risk and control.

  • Oversee the regional and local offices resource, allocation, planning execution and quality control over audit.

  • Partner with corporate risk and control functions to ensure activities are aligned.


  • At least a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance or other relevant field.    

  • Proven experience in Risk Based Audit.

  • Fluent in English and solid written and verbal communication, and presentation skills.

  • Basic IT Audit and Fraud Investigation.

  • Data mining & analytics, including financial analysis.

  • Strong interpersonal skills, including listening and relationship building.

  • Proficient in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access.

  • Minimum of 7 years working in audit (external aor internal) with three or more years experience managing multi-cultural staff, preferrably in a global organization.

  • Experience in Internal Audit Team Management.

  • Writing and presenting audit findings and reports to key stakeholders, including audit and risk management committees (ARC).

  • Traveling up to 40% of the time to international locations.

  • Cross cultural working experience.

  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or Chartered Accountant (CA).

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience in Risk Based Audit.

  • Basic IT Audit and Fraud Investigation.

  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

  • Solid interpersonal skills, including listening and relationship building.

  • Data mining & analytics, including financial analysis.

  • Proficient Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access skills.

  • Fluency in languages such as French, German, Portuguese is a plus.

  • Internal audit management/leadership.

  • Cross cultural experience.

  • International NGO.

  • Relationship building with Audit Committee.

  • Team Management.

  • Automated Audit System.

  • Building Internal Audit Capacity.

  • Embedded Audit Tools/Techniques.

  • Strategy Implementation Review.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 40% of the time.

Internal Engagement Communications Director

*Preferred location: United Kingdom. Position to be located within a jurisdiction (country or U.S. State) where WVI is registered to operate.


Key to the success of realising World Vision’s strategy Our Promise, the World Vision Internal Engagement Communications Director is responsible for the effective strategic planning, delivery and impact measurement of a range of communications channels and targeted content that inspire and inform staff, increasingly utilising mobile technologies.

Overseeing a team of content and channel leads, the role holder will provide high-level direction and technical expertise to Partnership alignment of internal communications in particular as it serves to build understanding, shape corporate culture and strengthen Our Promise mindsets and behaviours. As a key partner to World Vision IT, People and Culture and Strategy Realisation teams, the role will pursue innovation in internal communications platforms and processes that encourage collaboration, engagement and trust.

This role requires the ability to think creatively and to employ a professional and effective collaboration style that gains respect and facilitates broad, effective engagement in improving World Vision Partnership communications processes.


Direct the development and delivery of Partnership-wide internal engagement communications approach and plan.

  • Oversee the development and adoption of new digital communications channels that engage leaders on the move with dynamic content.

  • Lead a team of dynamic internal communications professionals managing channels and content.

  • Drive alignment of communication strategy and culture through engaging internal communications.

  • Represent the voice of the field to leadership and ensure staff voice is reflected in messaging.

  • Direct and oversee internal communications for key global events.

  • Manage engagement and relationships with external resources such as vendors, consultants, etc.

  • Establish and track metrics on contribution of internal communications programmes to staff and programme productivity and effectiveness.

Serve as strategic and technical consultant to senior leadership and internal communications teams.

  • Provide strategic and technical expertise to the ongoing development of World Vision’s internal communications platforms and strategies.

  • Contribute to ongoing development and adaptation of strategy execution requiring internal engagement communications.

  • Act as consultant to senior leaders and other functions on change management efforts.

  • Identify and implement communications opportunities to connect leadership with employees.

  • Lead relevant Global Marketing and Communications working groups, projects teams as needed.

Direct collaboration of World Vision Communications with Knowledge Management, People and Culture, World Vision IT, and Strategy Realisation and Innovation teams and initiatives.

  • Collaborate with P&C and Governance on fostering a cohesive though diverse culture across the Partnership.

  • Collaborate with KM to ensure alignment of strategy, systems and processes for collection, organisation, and dissemination of communications.

  • Collaborate with WVIT for continual process improvement and development of innovative communications platforms.

  • Collaborate with Strategy Realisation Office to ensure input to and alignment of internal engagement communications.


  • Bachelors degree or equivalent in public relations, communications, journalism, marketing or a related client-services field.

  • At least 10 years experience in leading a team focused on strategic organisational communications.

  • Strong understanding of mobile technology and its potential.

  • Demonstrated ability to identify and analyse business and audience needs to deliver messages via the most appropriate mix of channels.

  • Demonstrated success motivating diverse stakeholder groups toward collaborative, win-win engagement.

  • Demonstrated success developing strategic global communications plans.

  • Demonstrated ability to prioritise competing demands and communicate clearly to ensure adequate focus on most critical objectives.

  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills.

  • Strong emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills–able to collaborate with, influence and direct, and appropriately target communications and solutions for people at all levels and across departments and offices.

  • 5+ years experience in a global and multi-cultural environment.

  • Demonstrated success managing both staff and external resources (e.g. contractors and vendors).

  • Good understanding of the development and humanitarian sector.

  • Fluent English speaking/reading/writing ability required.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Understands World Vision, its mission and vision.

  • Field work experience in development projects either within World Vision or with another international development organisation.

  • Strong understanding of the contribution of strategic communications to World Vision's ministry, particularly role in enabling Partnership priorities and goals.

  • Understanding of the functional processes in complex global organisations.

  • Demonstrated success managing or directing change-management processes.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally 20% of the time.

Facilitador de Salud y Nutricion Temporal / Pespire

Oportunidad de Contribuir

a la tierna protección de la niñez en Honduras

Título del puesto:

Facilitador de Salud y Nutrición / Temporal

Fecha límite de aplicación:

15 de Noviembre

Localidad del puesto:


Fecha de inicio vacante:

25 de Noviembre

Cantidad requerida:

1 Plaza

Esquema de trabajo:

Plaza temporal

Propósito del Puesto

El/la facilitador de Salud y Nutrición tiene la responsabilidad de ejecutar el plan detallado de implementación de las acciones de salud, nutrición e higiene del hogar del Proyecto en el sector geográfico asignado y de establecer relaciones colaborativas solidas con el voluntariado local y las familias a fin de impulsar los cambios de comportamiento que ayuden a mejorar la salud y nutrición de la población materno infantil.

Requisitos Técnicos:

  • Profesional de Promoción de la salud y nutrición a nivel medio con formación en áreas de Salud, Educación, Trabajo Social, Desarrollo Comunitario o carreras afines.

  • Experiencia en implementación de proyectos en coordinación con actores locales, organizaciones de base comunitaria, municipalidades y mancomunidades.

  • Mínimo tres años (3) en trabajo como promotor de campo en proyectos de desarrollo rural con énfasis en temas de salud pública.

¿Cuáles serán tus funciones principales?

  • Documentar sistemáticamente las actividades de su plan, así como insumos para el monitoreo y reportaje de las mismas.

  • Llevar a cabo las actividades que aseguren la ejecución técnica del proyecto, conforme las intervenciones y estrategias definidas en la propuesta

  • Supervisar y acompañar al personal voluntario en la ejecución de actividades del componente 2

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¿Por quétrabajar con nosotros?

Somos una organización cristiana de ayuda humanitaria, desarrollo y promoción de la justicia que sirve a todas las personas, sin distinción de raza, religión, grupo étnico o género.

Al trabajar con nosotros te conviertes en un protagonista que influye en favor de los niños, niñas, familias y comunidades más vulnerables alrededor del mundo. En Honduras tocamos la vida de más de 75 mil niñas y niños en Honduras, en 12 Departamentos, 28 Programas de Área y 694 comunidades.

Nuestra Causa

Una niñez tiernamente protegida, promotora de una sociedad más justa y segura.

Nuestra Visión

Para cada niño y niña, vida en toda su plenitud.

Nuestra oración para cada corazón, la voluntad de hacer esto posible.

Nuestra Misión

World Vision es una confraternidad internacional de cristianos cuya misión es seguir a Jesucristo, nuestro Señor y Salvador trabajando con los pobres y oprimidos para promover la transformación humana, buscar la justicia y testificar de las buenas nuevas del Reino de Dios

Somos Cristianos

Seguimos a Jesús– en su identificación con los pobres, los que no tienen poder, los afligidos, los oprimidos, los marginados; en su especial preocupación por las niñas y los niños; en su respeto por la dignidad otorgada por Dios a las mujeres de igual manera que a los hombres; en su reto por las actitudes y los sistemas injustos; en su llamado para compartir los recursos con los unos y los otros; en su amor por todas las personas sin discriminación o condiciones; en su oferta de una nueva vida por medio de la fe en Él. A partir de Él nosotros derivamos nuestro entendimiento integral del evangelio del Reino de Dios, el cual forma las bases de nuestra respuesta a la necesidad humana.

Agradecemos tu interés para poner tu talento

a favor de la tierna protección de la niñez!!

Forma parte de nuestra familia ¡Únete a nuestras comunidades!

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Chief of Party / Programme Director, Zimbabwe

*Position dependent upon grant approval.


Chief of Party (CoP)/ Programme Director (PD) will have overall responsibility for coordination of all Zimbabwe USAID/FFP Development Food Security Activity (DFSA) project activities and staff. S/he will be responsible for technical leadership and administrative oversight of the program and will serve as the principal institutional liaison to the donor and local government entities.

The CoP/PD shall have a keen understanding of the unique political dynamics and work carefully and collaboratively to support the various entities in (country of the grant).

S/he will manage a team of senior staff, sub-recipients, and engagement with stakeholders and ensure quality, timeliness, and efficiency of all products and activities generated under the grant. The CoP/PD is expected to have strong leadership qualities and depth and breadth of technical and management expertise.

S/he also provides strategic leadership and supervision of sub-grantees and sub-contractors while ensuring the security, feasibility, and sustainability of the program and contribution to Child wellbeing outcomes.

Country/grant specific content:

USAID/Office of Food for Peace has announced its intention to fund a development food security activity in Zimbabwe. World Vision has successfully led the consortium for the USAID/ENSURE DFSA from 2012-2019 with a goal of improving household and community food security across the target areas of Manicaland (Buhera, Chimanimani, Chipinge districts) and Masvingo (Bakita, Zaka and Chivi districts).


  • Manage proactive and responsive relationship with grant donor in close collaboration with World Vision National Office staff.

  • Direct and oversee grant implementation, ensuring that all strategic objectives are met through proper design, staffing, implementation and quality assurance.

  • Lead development of any planned cost extension.

  • Supervise a team of senior level international and national staff with skills across a diverse set of technical areas including resilience, youth programming, gender integration food security, nutrition, WASH, monitoring and evaluation and social and behavior change.

  • Ensure proper technical capacity of staff to manage complex donor-funded projects.

  • Lead grant staff and short-term consultants.

  • Establish and maintain effective project reporting, evaluation, and communication systems. Submit timely accurate and professional reports that meet donor requirements.

  • Manage grant/project budget within approved spending levels and ensure accurate and timely financial reports to donors and SO staff.

  • Ensure grant/project expenses are reasonable, allocated as per assigned budget, prudent and spent in accordance with donor rules and regulations to ensure low risk audits.

  • Deeply engage and represent the project with USAID/FFP Mission and other relevant staff, national government coordination bodies, development agency knowledge sharing bodies and other stakeholders.

  • Establish clear and frequent communication regarding program progress and oversight management with the donor.

  • Consistently look for more effective and efficient implementation methods and opportunities to increase impact.

  • Participate and conduct on-going lessons learned with key staff and partners/sub-grantees.

  • Champion collaboration, learning and adaptation within project and in partnership with local and national stakeholders.

  • Escalate grant management issues early and openly; resolve grant management issues quickly and fully.

  • Provide spiritual leadership to the DFSA implementation team as appropriate. Attend and participate in weekly staff devotions.

  • Provide vision and strategic technical leadership for the project.

  • Close cooperation with NO GAM lead for implementation of the GAM objectives as well as close collaboration within the NO GAM Unit on donor positioning, lessons learned, grant health and quality improvements.


  • A Master's degree in related business administration, economic development, international development, public policy field or other relevant technical area.

  • Minimum 15 years of experience in food security programming with at least 5 years serving in senior field program leadership roles on USAID/FFP DFSA projects. Prior USAID grants Chief of Party experience required.

  • Proven ability to manage large, complex development programs in challenging field contexts technical assistance teams.

  • Demonstrated program experience in Zimbabwe and/or in Southern Africa strongly preferred.

  • Keen understanding of the unique political dynamics and economic challenges within Zimbabwe; and ability to work carefully and collaboratively to maintain productive relationships with the various government entities in (country of the grant).

  • Proven ability in the management of large integrated grant-funded projects in developing countries.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of USAID/FFP programs, their history and their development; mastery of USAID/FFP regulations governing such programs.

  • Ability to integrate teams of professionals around common goals.

  • Demonstrated accomplishment in working with host-country professionals, ministries and with donor colleagues in country.

  • Strong presentation and report writing skills.

  • Experience of leading large and diverse teams.

  • Experience in leading and managing large grants in a complex environment.

  • Experience as a CoP/PD or senior expert advisor required.

  • Experience managing sub grants and contracts under grants for complex projects.

  • Fluency in English and the relevant other UN language, if it is officially used in the country.

  • Professional licenses, as required in the field and by the donor.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience in managing inter-agency consortiums is preferred.

  • Prior experience serving as a USAID/FFP DFSA Chief of Party.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Be prepared to travel to implementation sites and regional, global meetings as required.

Regional Operations Director, VisionFund

*Position location to be determined by home country of successful candidate in Asia where VF/WVI is registered to operate.

Context of Position:

World Vision (WV) operates a number of different ministries to empower the poor in nearly 100 countries worldwide, and VisionFund International (VFI) is a subsidiary of WV responsible for running the network of microfinance institutions (MFIs). Microfinance is one of the ministries supporting economic development. It gives the ability to families who would otherwise not have access to financial services, loans to start businesses which in turn generate income to provide for their children’s education and family well being. Micro finance lending to the entrepreneurial poor is performed through over 30 Microfinance Institutions (MFI’s) globally and the VF network has outstanding loans of nearly $500m to over 1,000,000 clients impacting around 4 million children annually. At the heart of VFI’s work is ensuring that children are impacted positively and sustainably through microfinance.


VisionFund is seeking a Regional Operations Director (“ROD”) to support and manage the execution of VisionFund’s strategy in the region. The Regional Head is responsible for ensuring the delivery of the ‘double bottom line’ of financial and social performance / impact in the region and delegates certain aspects to the Regional Operations Director who is more directly involved in supporting individual MFIs with achieving their financial and social impact targets.


Building Capacity in the MFI:

  • Supervise MFI CEOs under the Regional Operations Directors remit and manage performance expectations in support to local MFI and global VFI priorities, ensuring balanced achievement of MFI double bottomlines of social and financial performance.

  • Lead the delivery of business plans of individual MFIs. This includes monitoring, analysis, problem identification and recommendations that will ensure improved quality of delivery of financial services, improved control environment and increased alignment of strategy.

  • Lead the regional roll out of global centre initiatives including how central services and regional banking software can be deployed to improve service to the MFI’s and their clients and to reduce costs and improve sustainability,

  • Provide timely, and responsive but prioritized consulting services for MFI issues and concerns, based upon an agreed terms of reference.

  • Provide clear and thorough analysis and subsequent recommendations for both the MFI management and VFI regional teams.

  • Work with the WV regional teams to ensure integration and alignment of VFI, MFI and WVNO strategies at the regional and national levels.

  • Ensure effective communication with the Regional Head and with relevent CEO’s when undertaking technical reviews and assessments.

  • Ensure that effective controls and the focus on the “double bottom line” are always assessed (even when not part of a particular terms of reference) and that issues are immediately raised.

Governance and Management:

  • As Regional Operations Directorwill require to take on a board role within an MFI.

  • The person is expected in their duties as a board member of an MFI to reflect the best interests of VFI and to make, where needed, decisions that support such a position.

  • Responsible for ensuring MFIs have well-operating boards and are in compliance with local laws, regulatory requirements and WV/VFI policies, procedures and directives.

Acting in a Management capacity within an MFI during staffing gaps:

  • If gaps are identified in the CEO, COO or CFO position that are likely to significantly impact the performance of the MFI and in particular put the MFI at risk then the Regional Operations Director will be required under the direction of the Regional Head to take on a management role in the MFI.

  • This can be up to 3 or 6 months while a suitable replacement is being recruited. During this period the ROD will take on the roles of the required position and will continue to report to the Regional Head, but may have an added reporting line into the MFI depending on the position.

Personal and Staff Development:

  • As a Christian VisionFund leader, facilitate the spiritual and professional development of MFI CEOs and direct reports.

  • Develop clear individual goals, manageable and measurable targets and ongoing feedback and support to achieve them.

  • Provide timely and regular staff performance coaching & feedback as well as an annual review of performance and individual development plans.

  • Attend weekly virtual operations meetings and other meetings as required by the regional director.

  • Participation in chapel and devotions.

  • In some cases, the ROD may have responsibility for Security as Focal Point for the region.

  • ROD will carry out additional responsibilities and projects as assigned, including administrative and planning functions both within and outside the region.


The key ability VisionFund is seeking is leadership. In addition to experience with microfinance and banking operations (lending, deposit taking), the successful candidate will have experience developing and nurturing a talented team, and spotting improvement opportunities and making those happen in a complex and dynamic environment. In addition, the following specific knowledge, skills and abilities are required, and may have been acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self education, prior experience or on the job training.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business or Economics, or equivalent level of knowledge gained through work experience.

  • Thorough knowledge and extensive experience in governance and compliance, microfinance and banking operations.

  • Although central treasury expertise will be provided by VisionFund Global Centre this person should have an understanding of balance sheet risk management including interest rate risk, liquidity risk and foreign exchange risk as well as bank funding processes and contracting,

  • Solid understanding of financial reporting and performance measurements and planning/forecasting,

  • Marketing and Financial Services development experience

  • Strong Operational Skills in microfinance ideally gained in the relevant region through managing MFIs

  • Experience working in a multinational and multicultural environment with proven cross-cultural effectiveness. Must be cross culturally sensitive and flexible as the jobholder will work with associates from different cultural contexts and timezones. Flexibility on hours to contact people within wide time zone differences is required.

  • Extensive leadership experience, largely in a financial services, banking or microfinance environment. Experienced leader of people, committed to developing and encouraging staff. Effective coach and able to train people in VisionFund policies and procedures.

  • Given the need to control financial risk within the MFI’s, it is imperative that the jobholder will have good financial analysis, risk management and accounting skills, and strong internal control and project management skills including familiarity with internal audit processes

  • Communication skills, problem solving, diplomacy skills, negotiation and conflict management skills are all required in this senior management role working with multiple MFIs. Excellence in communication and influencing skills in both oral and written forms, with a variety of stakeholders.

  • Ability to balance Christian values with sound commercial practices and commitment to the core values, mission and vision of VisionFund.

  • Good organizational skills, and highly developed consulting skills, with ability to analyze, recommend solutions, mentor and direct people. Must be able to simultaneously manage multiple priorities and projects.

  • Balanced and respectful approach to groups’ differing responsibilities and priorities. Sensitive to complexity of World Vision direction, MFI board independence and shareholder requirements.

  • Must be experienced in managing effective support of accounting and loan tracking systems.

  • Ability and willingness to travel extensively and to be based in a MFI for periods of up to six months.

  • Fluency in written and spoken English is essential.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Training skills desirable.

  • Credit Risk Management desirable.

  • Board member experience is preferred.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 40% of the time. Most travel will be within the specific region, with periods of up to six months in a leadership role in an MFI. Occasional travel to other regions / global conferences or meetings.