World Vision International

Health Assessment, Passports and Visas

Global Health Risk Assessment:

The Global Health Risk Assessment Programme is designed to evaluate your overall health by responding to a 35 question online questionnaire and then having our 3rd party, International SOS, evaluate your health with the specific location of the assignment and identify any areas of concerns or risks that might arise for your physical well being while on assignment.

You will receive (or have already received) a separate email from your Staffing Administrator with instructions on how to complete the Global Health Risk Assessment.

Passports and Visas:

As a new WVI employee, it is your personal responsibility to make certain that you have a valid passport. A valid passport is one that will not expire in the next 6 months. You will not be allowed to board an international flight with a passport that expires within 6 months. Moreover, if your passport is set to expire during your new assignment, please make the necessary arrangements to renew your passport while in your country of assignment.

In order to travel to your country of assignment, you may need to obtain a transit visa. A transit visa will allow you to travel through one country while on your way to another. Although your Staffing Administrator will assist you when he/she is able, you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visas that will allow you to travel to your country of assignment. Please make sure that you book visa appointments immediately, as it may take a week or two for your appointments to be scheduled. You are also responsible for making certain that you have enough blank visa pages in your passport to obtain a visa. 

Please use the official name printed on your passport for all travel documents. This will ensure smooth travels and avoid identity confusion at the airport.

Background Clearance:

World Vision International is committed to the welfare of children around the world and has agreed to  abide by all World Vision policies concerning protection of children. In pursuit of this excellence, WVI requires your authorization for the verification of your background.

  • Non-US Citizens: You will be required to provide us with a Police Clearance certificate of good conduct from your country of residence. Please note this is a condition of your employment. In order to obtain your Police Clearance Report, please check with your local police department regarding their procedures. Please make these arrangements as soon as possible. This will assist in avoiding any delays in your travel arrangements.
  • US (and Canadian) Citizens: The Background Check form allows WVI to perform a mandatory background check for all US and Canadian citizens. Please fill out this form and email it back to your Staffing Administrator as soon as possible. This will assist in avoiding any delays in your travel arrangements.

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