Restaurando a dignidade

Desastres e crises podem atacar em qualquer lugar. Mas nos países em desenvolvimento, o impacto pode ser particularmente devastador. Ajude-nos a proteger vidas, restaurar a dignidade e renovar a esperança nos lugares mais difíceis do mundo, onde as crianças mais precisam de nós. A sua visão é a nossa visão?

Gender, Advocacy & Campaign Coordinator

Purpose of the position:

To coordinate the development of ENRICH project Gender and Advocacy strategy and oversee the implementation of the strategy. The gender specialist will be responsible for facilitating training on gender equality and Advocacy for staff and partners and for monitoring gender equality and advocacy results.

Observe mission and core values of World Vision and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Develop and update roll out of Advocacy Campaign for AP integration

  • Take lead in Advocacy Campaign Project planning, design, monitoring and implementation while in alignment with WV Regional and Support Office.

  • Take lead in developing Campaign Materials and disseminate in all AP and to other stakeholders

  • Work closely with Ministries, Like- minded organization, Religious leaders in planning, monitoring and evaluate Advocacy Campaign

  • Ensure Advocacy Campaign activities are well integrated in all WVT APs for sustainability purpose

  • Monitor integration of Advocacy Campaign activities and ensure its implementation in all programs.

  • Represent WVT at National, Regional and Global events and share impacts stories of Advocacy Campaign in WVT

2. Representing WV at external events; external contacts coalition building and networking

  • Participate in preparing high quality Policy briefings for Gender, Advocacy and for external meetings to deliver campaign messages and advocacy initiatives to both primary and secondary target audiences and institutions

  • Maintain Good/harmonious relations between World Vision Tanzania , WVI region, WV Partnership, donors and all other stakeholders through reporting and sharing of information periodically

3. Conduct/ Coordinate Gender Assessment and advocacy research on negative socio- cultural and traditional beliefs affecting women, girls, boys and men and policy implementation

4. Manage the integration of Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) and Gender into other areas of Ministry

  • Provide technical advice and support to other areas of Ministry to ensure the CVA & Gender are well integrated in all APs

  • Contribute in developing CVA and Gender activities guideline to be integrated into all APs

  • Conduct monitoring visits to provide support in the implementation of CVA and Gender activities planned and budgeted in the APs

  • Provide information on specific CVA and Gender plans, activities and outcomes to other WVI teams and WVT office and share impact stories collected from the communities.

5. Build Capacity of staff on Gender Advocacy especially on Citizen Voice of Action (CVA) on education, health, agriculture policies

  • Organize and facilitate trainings / workshops to WVT and Project staff on Gender, Advocacy/ CVA and CHN issues

  • Lobbing and dialogue with decision makers for policy influencing on issues raised through CVA team.

  • Monitoring the implementation of Government policies mentioned above and identify gaps for Policy influencing

  • Coordinate with ADPs to ensure community empowerment work forms part of our influencing tools ( Strong CVA Team advocating on Health, Education and Livelihood)

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

Minimum Qualification required: Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, with at least 5 years experience in campaigning, advocacy, lobbying and communication, experience of working in an international and cross-cultural environment is an added advantage

Preffered: Masters In in Social Sciences, with at least 5 years experience in campaigning, advocacy, lobbying and communications

Other Technical Skills and Abilities

  • Strategic, creative, and innovative thinking

  • A successful track record in coordinating / managing advocacy campaigns

  • Strong project management experience

  • Experience of working with government

  • Experience engaging decision makers in government

  • Practical advocacy and campaigning experience in the development field

  • Ability / experience of managing a network

  • Experience of working in Christian environment

  • Experience working in advocacy

  • Ability to lead in complex and challenging environments

  • Experience in coalition building and ability to rally coalitions and networks to take positions on specific policy issues

  • Excellent time-management and prioritization

Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Office based environment with some travel to the field;

  • Available to represent WVT at critical functions and moments as needed

Associate Director Advocacy & External Engagement


Associate Director Advocacy&External Engagement

Report to National Office

Grade level 17

Location: Niamey

Purpose of position:

The Position of Associate Director, Advocacy and External Engagement is critical to the realization of World Vision Strategy, Our Promise in Niger. The position will re-enforce World Visions (WV’s) ability to credibly engage with government, partners, donors and decision makers from the local to regional and global levels, helping WV leverage its presence, results, and brand to ensure the following:

  • Influence policy and practice in the humanitarian and development industry

  • Increased funding for child wellbeing including children’s right to quality education, health care and child protection services, Improved access for children to humanitarian assistance

  • Improved coordination and influence towards the accelerated implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2, 4, 5 and 16

  • Empowerment of children as effective advocates and change agents in their communities and at national level fostering peace and enabling their peers access their constitutional and children’s rights

  • Provide leadership in Advocacy and coordinate design and implementation of campaigns at the local and National levels for Word Vision Niger.

  • Facilitate external engagements with different stakeholders and build capacity of key development partners to mainstream campaign interventions and ensure linkages with World Vision strategic Objectives.


Context and Strategic Leadership

  • Develop and monitor National Office Advocacy and External Engagement strategy to determine appropriate inteproactive changes to the context and policy landscape in line with the Country Office Strategy and Global Strategy “Our Promise”.

  • Provide line management for Local Level advocacy staff and CVA Coordinator

  • Provide leadership for advocacy within all humanitarian responses in Niger

  • Develop and maintain a simple tracking tool to show WV Niger progress towards policy change objectives

  • Provide strategic leadership and coordination in situations requiring urgent advocacy action within the NO such as in humanitarian advocacy

  • Provide policy direction to the NO including models and messages for evidence based policy influencing at different levels.

  • Appropriately provide ongoing context analysis of the unfolding situation on the ground based on operational, security, humanitarian and political changes to the National Director, Integrated Programs Director, Response Managers, Regional Offices (RO), Support Offices (SOs) and the ARG

  • Under the leadership of the National Director, Ensure that the Faith and Development component is well integrated in the NO engagement and advocacy plan

  • Lead National Efforts at influencing government at local and national level to implement the relevant SDGs related to CWB outcomes and the IT takes a World to end violence against children campaign

  • 25


Advocacy Co-ordination/Integration-Internal

  • Ensure that advocacy is implemented effectively as a ministry area and is integrated across other ministry areas including, Evaluation and Learning, , Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs (HEA) and Gender and inclusion, Faith and Development.

  • Support APs in development and implementation of Local level Advocacy initiatives such as CVA integration.

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive advocacy integration skills development plan for all staff and partners including youths and children

  • 15


Capacity enhancement and advocacy support to Area Programs (APs)

  • Model best advocacy practice in the NO through Advocacy knowledge management and best practice.

  • Promote the effective and meaningful participation of WV in functioning and vibrant national networks in the area of advocacy & campaigning for children in the country including in the UN Cluster system

  • Oversee the replication of emerging advocacy good practices across ADPs and at national level

  • Represent WV Niger in national and international high level events related to global, regional and national advocacy and campaign themes.

Public Co-ordination – External

  • Develop and maintain an external engagement framework to ensure that WV is recognized as a strategic partner for government, UN agencies and civil society organizations

  • Provide support to the ND in directly engaging senior government officials including parliamentarians, policymakers, the UN agencies and Civil Society Organizations on critical issues including the production and monitoring of the implementation of SDG Voluntary National Review Reports (VNR)

  • Support National Director and leadership team in engaging external individuals /institutions towards the development and implementation of child well being strategic relationships

  • Support all APs to generate CVA Data that influences the government’s local and national level policies, strategies and SDG Voluntary National Reports (VNR)

Leading & supporting others

Provide empowering and influential leadership to, CVA Advisors and advocacy point persons in the APs in the following manner:

  • Review and provide valuable feedback in their various strategies, performance objectives ,work plans and key reports (annual program report , child wellbeing report, national advocacy annual report, )

  • Provide hands -on support in the implementation of the advocacy components of the various Technical Programmes (TPs)

  • Resolve team difficulties

  • Promote innovation and organizational learning

  • Facilitate team work

  • Engage and motivate staff

  • Promote reflective practice

  • Facilitate action learning and reflection

Resource mobilization

  • Work collaboratively with the RAM unit to support programs and WV partnership in mobilizing human and financial resources for advocacy and campaign purposes

  • Assemble data for the purposes of resource acquisition, donor engagement

  • Provide technical expertise to facilitate resource mobilization specifically for advocacy programmes around the sectors of health, education, WASH and child protection and inclusion into all grants

  • 15

National advocacy annual report production.

Ensure that an effective and operational national advocacy data collection mechanism is in place

  • Leads periodic review (every six month) of advocacy data from the local and national including CVA Data

  • Produce annual reports related to initiatives such as the ITAW Campaign, iOur Promise 2030 score cards and the Advocacy Strategic Measures (ASM) annual reports and PCPR

  • Ensure CVA Data base is regularly updated and the gaps and improvement in service provision is analyzed and shared with SLT

  • Convert CVA data into policy and advocacy tools to enhance advocacy work

  • Collaborate with Communications to bring visibility to the ITAW campaign at strategic Calendar moments such as the Day of the African Child

  • Raise national champions outside AP areas who will support the ITAW campaign

Provide leadership for the campaign strategy

  • Review NO Strategies and policies and ensuring that campaign issues are embedded and work closely with technical teams to ensure alignment with NO strategy

  • Ensure that WV Niger campaign contribute to the achievement of the National Office\s Strategic Objectives and Our Promise

  • Coordinate and ensure synergy in all campaigns in the national office TPs (WASH, Education, economic development and livelihood and child protection).

  • Identify and build networks of children from the AP to National levels for the purposes of amplifying their voice on issues that affect their wellbeing.

Capacity Building

  • Build capacity of all technical leads to undertake policy analysis and develop policy products for their respective sectors

  • Build capacity of children, other vulnerable groups, Community Based Organizations, local government agencies and other service providers to implement campaign and advocacy interventions


The incumbent is expected to operate with a high degree of independence, under the broad strategic direction and policy guidance of the National Director with technical support from the Regional Advocacy, campaigns and Safeguarding Advisor. In addition the following knowledge, skills and abilities may be acquired through combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on-job training:

Advocacy and Policy Work

The incumbent will have significant experience working in multi-NGO environment and in coalitions on policy issues in relation to child protection, poverty eradication, complex humanitarian emergencies and governance.

-The incumbent will be articulate both verbally and in writing, including the provision of policy analysis.

-The incumbent will have the ability to work with and guide consultants in research and policy analysis.

Team Work

  • Ability to maintain good relations and work effectively with other team members and External Engagement Team to ensure that World Vision presents a professional and efficient point of contact to national institutions.

  • Ability to maintain awareness of the activities of other members of the team to enable mutual support during times of high pressure of activity.

  • Ability to participate in and provide leadership to a virtual cross-functional national team to ensure an integrated ministry approach.

  • Ability and willingness to undertake any other activities designated by the supervisor that might be necessary for the efficient and effective performance by the team.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  • Masters degree in development studies, social sciences, social Sciences, or related field.

  • At least, five (5) years of relevant professional experience including development and implementation of Child protection, advocacy or campaign strategies, within the country

  • Proven experience to facilitate networks and institutional learning

  • Experience of working with local, international and social media for campaigning and advocacy purposes

  • Management of organizational relations to with other organizations through networking and alliances.

  • Representational experience at national and international level.

  • Strong competencies to plan, prioritize, and ability to deliver to tight deadlines and budgets

  • Strong negotiation, facilitating and influencing skills; demonstrated skills to present in public

  • Excellent writing and editing skills – fluent in English, and in French

  • Travel requirements – this position entails a minimum of 30% travel both within and outside the NO

Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Work environment:

  • Travel:

  • On call:

Specialist Design, Monitoring Evaluation & Knowledge Managem

Job Announcement

World Vision Mali recruits for the following positions (2)

Title: Design, Monitoring Evaluation and Knowledge Management Specialist

Location: Kolokani & Didieni Clusters

Contract type: Local

Report to: Cluster Program Manager and DME & KM Manager Technically

World Vision does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process.

World Vision does not concern itself with information on bank accounts.

*Women are strongly encouraged to apply for.

Purpose of the position:

To assist ADPs to develop and manage programs effectively through Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation and research for high quality ministry and the achievement of child well-being aspirations.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Assist the cluster management to develop and maintain the capacity to prepare program designs that efficiently bring about Transformational Development.

  • Make recommendations for the log frame development focused on technical programmes, projects models.

  • Facilitate a participatory review of logical flow and consistency within the hierarchy of objectives and assumptions

Identify key indicators, including CWB standard indicators, from within the compendium that relate to programme objectives and activities.

  1. Coordinate assessments, baselines, evaluations, LQAS and other operational research activities according to LEAP/DPA guidelines and provide feedback to improve the quality of documents. Contribute to:

  • planning of baselines, evaluations and research activities

  • development of measurement tools

  • supervision of data collection, data quality improvement and verification

data analysis, interpretation and utilization of findings.

  1. Assist cluster programs/projects managements to develop and maintain effective monitoring and accountability systems.

  • Set up monitoring & accountability systems and develop monitoring tools

  • Support Cluster Programs Managers to capture essential data required for entry into Horizon/GIS, and also to coordinate and provide timely feedback on review work flow processes;

  • Analyze and synthesize information; communicate and utilize monitoring data

Facilitate learning and better practice in monitoring.

  1. Provide technical assistance to cluster programs/projects managements on program transition and phase-out issues.

  • Support programs and projects management to develop, implement and follow up transition plan.

  1. Provide technical support in the production of LEAP documents.

  • Build technical capacity of ADP staff on LEAP tools

Review and submission of semi-annual and annual reports and provide timely feedback to Project staff.

  1. Ensure that learning, innovation and knowledge management integration is effective in programs management (design, monitoring and evaluation)

  • Field visit to make sure that the learning on the data is effective with the local partners

  • Support the implementation of community review

Create and update a documents repository to keep programs documents (Budgets, Logframes, reports, etc.).

  1. Ensure CPA indicators are clearly mainstreamed into projects/programs:

  • Support the child participation and protection integration in WV activities

  • Ensure CPA indicators are mainstreamed into programs’ logframes and reported

Promote organizational values related to child protection (child protection incident reporting).

  1. Support ADPs to develop PoA to monitor the implementation of audit and evaluation recommendations, sponsorship KPIs and provide timely feedback to Project staff.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

  • Educational level required: Master Degree in development planning/research related, Project/Program Management or equivalent graduate.

  • Experience: minimum of 3 years relevant working experience in development planning.

  • Other: Previous working experience in DM&E (World Vision) is preferred.

  • Software Knowledge: SPSS, Epi Info, Access.

  • Technical Skills & Abilities:

  • Computer skills,

  • Working knowledge of programs/projects cycle management,

  • Build relationship with partners and ADP staff,

  • Ability in leadership, management and team building,

  • Working knowledge of proposal writing, writing ADP Design Document, assessment, evaluation and transition plan report, and negotiation skills,

  • Good planning and organizational skills,

  • Knowledge in LEAP, DPA and Design Monitoring and Evaluation

    Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Work environment: Cluster with travel to the field

  • Travel: 10 % international travel is required.

  • Travel: 50% in assisting staff on the field is required including other Bases

  • On call: 5%

World Vision reserves the right to disqualify a candidate who has any record relating to child abuse or opposite behavior to child protection, even after the hiring.

How to apply:

*Deadline for submission of applications: September 2sd, 2019

*Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Livelihood Assistant - West Nile, Uganda

Position: Livelihood Assistant

Report to: Project Manager

Location: West Nile, Uganda

Purpose of the position:

To implement field level livelihood activities within the designated areas in line with targets and partnership standards in a manner that contributes to sustained and targeted beneficiaries diversification of income and wellbeing and act accordingly in line with World Vision policies.

Major Responsibilities:

Project implementation and reporting

  • Provide expertise and technical assistance in animal husbandry, saving for transformation (S4T)(VSLA) groups modalities.

  • Mobilize and facilitate the engagements of stakeholders during planning and development meetings, workshops and other fora.

  • Work with livelihood sector unit and other relevant structures in beneficiary selection.

Community engagement and advocacy

  • Identify project beneficiaries, mobilization, Sensitization and verification in collaboration with Local structures and in accordance with the laid down guidelines/rules and timeframe.

  • Coordinate project activities with UNHCR, OPM, sub-county authorities, government extension agents and other partners at community level.

  • Networking and collaboration with other actors towards effective implementation of the livelihoods components at field levels

  • Mobilize and support trainings of beneficiaries on animal husbandry saving for transformation and vocational trainings.

Documentation, Reporting and knowledge management

  • Prepare and submit accurate reports to the project coordinator.

  • Document and maintain records pertaining to training, production activities forward issues to management for decisions and appropriate action in line with WVU policies.

  • Support in documentation and sharing of Impact/success stories and best practices to promote learning.

  • Data collection, sampling of livestock to check growth and performance of the livestock enterprise.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  1. Minimum of a diploma in animal husbandry. Minimum of 2 years’ experience in community work and engagement in extension services to farmers,

  2. Strong mobilization skills.

  3. Entrepreneurship, micro finance and strong agribusiness skills is an added advantage

  4. Computer literate MS word, excel and power point

  5. Writing/reporting skills

  6. Networking and influencing skills

  7. Ability to communicate in applicable local language(s)

  8. Passion for children.

  9. Track record demonstrating high integrity, reliability and dependable

  10. Ability to work with minimal supervision.

  11. Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts, psychologically stressful environments, and physical hardship conditions with limited resources.

  12. Agreement with World Vision Christian ethos and commitment to World Vision Core Values and Mission Statement.

  13. Valid motor cycle riding license.

  14. Computer literate especially in Ms. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and use of Internet Explorer

  15. Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

How to apply:

Please submit your application and complete Curriculum Vitae, to Website:

Address your application to the People & Culture Specialist, Recruitment, World Vision Uganda

Deadline for receiving applications is 29th August, 2019. (Qualified natives of West Nile region are particularly encouraged to apply)

Accountability Officer - West Nile, Uganda

Position: Accountability Officer

Report to: Project Manager

Location: West Nile, Uganda

Purpose of the position:

The purpose of this position is to lead in operationalizing Humanitarian accountability within the project. In line with the Programme Accountability Framework (PAF) of World Vision International, the Accountability Officer will ensure the four pillars of the PAF (Information sharing, consultation, participation and CRM) meet international standards and commitments such as; Humanitarian Accountability Partnership, Core Humanitarian Standards, good enough guide, DO NO HARM among others. The Accountability Officer, with support from the MEAL Officer, is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing the regular Monitoring and Evaluation needs of the project.

Major Responsibilities:

Ensuring routine Project Monitoring is conducted focusing on the following results:

  • Ensure staff and other stakeholders at settlement level adhere to information provision guidelines of World Vision.

  • Through Humanitarian Accountability assessment, establish how the community would like to receive and share information, how they (beneficiaries) would like to be consulted and participate in WV programmes and channels in which beneficiaries would like to complaint and provide feedback regarding WVs interventions.

  • Support programme staff to implement information provision guidelines and district level information provision strategy. This includes setting up notice boards, printing documents to include on notice boards, establishing information centers and ensuring relevant, accurate and timely information is shared with beneficiaries

  • Review and improve or develop districts/settlement level information provision strategy. Work together with Food Assistance Officer to ensure all stakeholders are sufficiently informed according to the information provision guidelines.

Ensure implementation of feedback and complaints mechanisms across all programs in the settlement.

  • This includes: Ensure adherence of staff, beneficiaries and stakeholders to Feedback and Complaints Policy and Procedures, Help Desk Guidelines, Suggestion Box Guidelines etc. Including confidentiality, impartiality, timely and appropriate response to issues arising.

  • Review complaints, feedback, inquiries and suggestions received through all mechanisms together with the Food Assistance Officer. Decide a plan of action and ensure the action is carried out in a timely manner and in accordance to the stipulated guidelines.

  • Document all settlement level complaints, feedback, inquiries and suggestions in a central database.

  • Follow up with management to ensure beneficiary feedback is utilized to improve on service delivery at settlement level.

  • Engage the community in an appropriate and respectful manner, never raising false expectations.

  • Intentionally, regularly informally and formally consult with beneficiaries, non-beneficiaries, and Government officials, other agencies to receive feedback on our programs, commitments and staff conduct.

  • Strengthen the capacity of staff to identify the needs and preferences of the communities where WV operates. Work with programme staff to improve the ways in which World Vision engages with the community based on findings from community consultations.

  • Develop and facilitate trainings that help all staff and stakeholders to build understanding on; humanitarian Accountability, DO NO HARM, and Core Humanitarian standards and commitments.

Attend coordination and inter-agency meetings on monthly basis to represent World Vision at settlement level.

  • Raise and address any issues discovered during consultations. Raise sensitive issues/incidents immediately to the Food Assistance Manager.

  • Conduct routine monitoring of the different CRM in place to ensure effectiveness and utilization by beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

  • Compile and submit quality reports to Food Assistance Manager as directed. Ensure that all reports are highly accurate, comprehensive, well documented and will guarantee the credibility of the program;

Child Protection and Wellbeing

  • Monitor the wellbeing and child abuse cases and report any incidents in line with child protection policy and guidelines.

  • Work with local leaders to protect children from child violations and abuses

  • Sensitize children including most vulnerable, guardians/parents and other stakeholders about children’s rights and responsibilities.

  • .

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  1. University Degree in education, sociology, political science, business or international development;

  2. At least 2 years’ experience in working with International NGOs with relevant community focus

  3. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with beneficiary communities, Government and other stakeholders at the district level;

  4. Experience in training and community consultation highly desired

  5. Experience in facilitating focus group discussions with local communities and reporting.

  6. Commitment to and understanding of international humanitarian standards, especially the Red Cross and Red Crescent Code of Conduct, Sphere, and the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) Standard;

  7. Ability to work in a cross-cultural context with people of various backgrounds;

  8. Modeling of accountable practice through personal actions and approaches to program management;

  9. Willingness to participate in chapel and group devotions; and

  10. Commitment to WV Core Values and Mission Statement.

  11. Computer literacy

  12. Perform other duties as required

  13. Practicing accountability and integrity.

  14. Communicating information effectively

  15. Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly.

  16. Understanding the Humanitarian Industry.

  17. Practicing innovation and change

How to apply:

Please submit your application and complete Curriculum Vitae, to Website:

Address your application to the People & Culture Specialist, Recruitment, World Vision Uganda

Deadline for receiving applications is 29th August, 2019. (Qualified natives of West Nile region are particularly encouraged to apply)

Agribusiness Market Linkages Officer - West Nile, Uganda

Position: Agribusiness Market Linkages Officer

Report to: Project Manager

Location: West Nile, Uganda

Purpose of the position:

Provide supervision and capacity building of Market Facilitators, senior-level engagement with private sector businesses including in Kampala and elsewhere in Uganda as needed. The Agribusiness Market Linkages Officer will coordinate and support linkage between farmers and the market. The coordinator will identify right market for the products of the farmers and help them set up their businesses and through mentoring focus on developing commercial capacities of the farmers towards becoming professional business entrepreneurs. He/she will discover opportunities for contract farming or linkage of farmers with BDS providers, processors and exporting companies. The coordinator will work directly and closely with the Senior Project Officer, Technical coordinator Livelihood, Project Manager and project officers, District Local Government, (District Commercial Officer and Community Development Officers), local NGOs and other stakeholders.

Major Responsibilities:


  • Work with buyers to clarify their specific needs and help farmers to communicate with these buyers to plan concrete and successful completion of transaction

  • Work with quality input suppliers to clarify their specific procedures of procurements and help farmers to communicate with these input suppliers to plan and concrete successful completion of transaction

  • Work with banks and MFIs to clarify specific requirement for loan/financial services and help farmers to communicate with these buyers to plan and concrete successful completion of transactions

Producer’s Associations:

  • Find markets and buyers for commodity produced by POs

  • Facilitate transactions and signing of contracts between PAs and private sector

  • Support the flow of commodities to aggregation centers and develop PAs bulking systems

  • Support farmers to buy and bulk inputs from licensed input suppliers

  • Help PAs develop a sound business system including setting up of financial records, bulking and sales records, warehouse records and sound governance (meeting, election etc) and financial viability (revenue generating systems)

  • Ensure PAs have a viable business plan

  • Conduct value-chain studies for PA’s commodities and work to remove constraints to link PAs to market

  • Work towards ensuring PAs have access to formal loan

  • Develop sustainability plan for PAs

  • Compile reports on bulking and collective sales

  • Increase PAs to meet high quality and quantity products including linkage to contract farming

  • Support PAs to be connected to regional or national networks

  • Develop and maintain a database of key market actors that can be used to further transactions

Competitive support:

  • Find market for products by the farmers including contract farming

  • Increase the capacity of the farmers to adopt high value, export standard and space saving enterprises

  • Provide consistent and regular business support, mentoring and follow up to enterprises including production support to ensure a successful enterprise

  • Support successful business set up including setting up financial records, business plan, dividend policy and profit and loss statement

  • Conduct regular scoping of business, identify gaps and take measures to fill the gaps to reduce business mortality

  • Support enterprises to have access to loan to ensure expansion or diversification

  • Support enterprises to have access to input

  • Identify opportunities for farm based value addition of products and provide instant training to farmers

Work-planning and Reporting:

  • Actively facilitate the translation of intervention strategies into action plans with concrete activities targets and timeframes

  • Work closely with the Livelihood Coordinator; support the project teams to prepare realistic annual and quarterly work plan output

  • Work in liaison with Livelihood Coordinator, compile and submit timely quarterly and annual reports on Local Seed Business development

Child Protection and Wellbeing

  • Monitor the wellbeing and child abuse cases and report any incidents in line with child protection policy and guidelines

  • Work with local leaders to protect children from child violations and abuses

  • Sensitize children including most vulnerable, guardians/parents and other stakeholders about children’s rights and responsibilities.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  1. Minimum 3 years’ professional work experience in livelihood humanitarian/ development work including in displacement setting.

  2. Have a degree in Agribusiness, Business/Agricultural Marketing, Market Research or relevant field.

  3. Have experience in project managing and coordinating people from a variety of backgrounds.

  4. Have excellent research, data collecting, and analytical skills.

  5. Have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Madi local language spoken in the area.

  6. Must have proficiency in computers, email, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  7. Have excellent time management and organizational skills; ability to prioritize and execute.

  8. Possess skills or openness to working with others from different cultures.

  9. Must be self-motivated and have the ability to work and communicate well in a team

  10. Have knowledge of or desire to learn about permaculture and agro ecology

  11. Competence in agro business planning, development and profitability analysis

  12. Ability to work in a harsh working environment

  13. Sensitivity towards emerging conflict in refugee settings

  14. Good communication, writing, negotiation and facilitation skills

  15. Good computer skills: Ms Excel, Ms Word

  16. Self-motivator, having the ability to work with limited supervision

  17. Ability to work in an innovative environment where plans are developed fast and open for change

  18. Ability and skills to support activities where both refugee and host communities are involved

  19. Able to ride a motorcycle with a valid driving/riding license

  20. Preferably knowledge of Madi, Arabic or other relevant local language

  21. Computer literacy

  22. Perform other duties as required

  23. Practicing accountability and integrity.

  24. Communicating information effectively

  25. Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly.

  26. Understanding the Humanitarian Industry.

  27. Practicing innovation and change

How to apply:

Please submit your application and complete Curriculum Vitae, to Website:

Address your application to the People & Culture Specialist, Recruitment, World Vision Uganda

Deadline for receiving applications is 29th August, 2019. (Qualified natives of West Nile region are particularly encouraged to apply)

Program Manager – Pader Agago Cluster

Back ground

World Vision Uganda is a Christian relief, development and advocacy non-government organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We currently work in over 82 districts in Uganda implementing projects in health & nutrition, water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), livelihoods & community resilience, education and child protection. World Vision (WV) is committed to the protection of children and adult beneficiaries from exploitation and abuse and will not employ people whose background is not suitable for working with the beneficiaries above. All employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible.

Due to expansion in scope of our programmes, we are now seeking for qualified and passionate individuals willing to share in our vision and join our team in the position below.

Position:Program Manager – Pader Agago Cluster

Report to:Regional Programme Manager

Location:Pader District

Purpose of the position:

To provide leadership and management of WVU programmes (Area Development Programmes (ADPs) and grant projects) within a designated district/s in the development of programme and project designs and plans, capacity building and facilitate implementation of ADP and grant interventions in a manner that empower communities, children and local institutions in the ADP and Grant Project Area in line with WVU strategic direction, ministry integration and performance standards.

Key Outputs/Responsibilities.

Leadership and supervision of teams and individual staff

Manage, supervise and build the capacity of programme staff (ADPs and grant projects) in quality programme development, management and implementation:

  • Management and coordination of programmes and staffing .

  • Capacity building of staff (trainings and coaching sessions of teams and individual staff in organization programming, performance management and implementation.

  • Team and individual staff performance management.

  • Coaching, mentoring and counseling sessions for all staff.

  • Guidance to program staff in planning and monitoring detailed implementation plans and activities.

  • Setting and managing staffing targets and priorities..

  • Scale up staff spiritual nurture.

  • Plan and effect reflection and learning events.

Operations planning and implementation:

Coordinate, guide and facilitate operational planning and implementation of integrated development programmes and projects in the programme area:

  • Support the roll out of organizational strategic directions, guidelines, tools, models and frameworks

  • Develop ADP and grants designs, annual plans.

  • Lead the process of baselines, evaluations and planning.

  • Manage the translation of plans into operations and monitor their implementation.

  • Support and guide staff in developing of work plans.

  • Mentor staff in translating organization expectations into designs, plans and M&E processes.

  • Monitoring and supervise of timely and quality implementation of ADPs and grant project annual plans and targets.

  • Lead in identification and documenting of community needs and fundable ideas.

  • Develop small PNSF proposals for resource mobilization.

Programme monitoring and reporting:

  • Facilitate effective monitoring, evaluation, documentation and reporting in line with agreed organisational targets and standards:

  • Establishment of functioning programme level M&E system and utilization of the information from the M&E database; and contribute M&E data to the National Office integrated M&E database as per agreed schedule.

  • Manage ADP and grant projects information and documentation processes, and ensure effective communication of the program/project results.

  • Provide monthly reports (progress against planned activities, expense against estimated budget, etc) of program and grant project activities to the Regional Operations Manager as per agreed schedule.

  • Prepare semi-annual and annual reports of program and grants activities (progress against delivery of outputs and achievement of outcomes, etc) to the Support Office/donors and to National Office as per agreed schedule.

  • Ensure appropriate filing and availability of documentation required for internal and external communications, accountability, audits, evaluation purposes and reporting

  • Supervise on-going program assessments, evaluation and operational research studies, and take lead in utilizing the recommendations to improve programming.

  • Lead in sharing of M&E findings at district level through district level meetings and forums.

  • Quality and timely delivery of assessments, designs and plans by field programmes.

  • Quality and timely bi-annual and annual reports.

Partnering and Collaborations

  • Build, maintain and effectively manage strategic partnerships and collaborations at the programme level:

  • Effective representation and participation of the WVU programmes in relevant District committees such as District Technical Planning Committee.

  • WVU programme staff are represented and participates actively in the different relevant events organized by partners and stakeholders including district celebrations and events like farmers day, World AIDS day and others.

  • Facilitate staff capacity enhancement on aspects of partnering, collaboration and networking.

  • Facilitate effective management of sub-granting to the different implementing partners.

  • Facilitate periodic mapping and updating of the partners database at the programme level.

  • Ensure partner review and reflection events are held on a periodic basis.

Advocacy, Networking and influencing

  • Guide and spearhead District level advocacy and justice for children in areas of children’s wellbeing, rights and protection.

  • Identify and guide local level advocacy engagements.

  • Build strategic networks, coalitions and alliances on key advocacy issues.

  • Develop a data base of strategic networks and partnerships for advocacy.

  • Advocacy and justice for children integrated in programme and project operations and plans.

  • Link local level advocacy engagements with national policy processes.

  • Develop strategies for collaborations within the district.

  • Document lessons and learning’s from advocacy engagements

Sponsorship Management

  • Effective management of child sponsorship operations and performance

  • Lead in sharing, understanding and adherence to standards.

  • Management of SOIs in line with sponsorship standards.

  • Implementation of child monitoring in line with monitoring standards.

  • Ensure that sponsorship business processes are operational in the programme

  • Oversight support to programmes on use of sponsorship data to inform evidence-based programming.

  • Guide and support the development programme level business processes.

  • Monitor and oversight support in management of sponsorship performance in compliance with partnership standards.

Child Protection

  • Ensure compliance to child protection policy in all programmes (background checks, protocols, audit recommendations, child protection in sponsorship etc)

  • Support and lobby the Local Government to ensure functionality of child protection structures and systems at all levels (formal and informal)

  • Facilitate specialists to support in mainstreaming and integration of child protection into all programmes

  • Facilitate children to participate in all programme processes and interventions

  • Support staff and community structures in ensuring appropriate allegation and case management geared towards justice for children

  • Support staff and specialists to document, publish and share learnings regarding child protection

  • Support staff to conduct research and engage in advocacy against child rights violations

  • Ensure capacity building for staff and stakeholders for effective child protection programming

Financial/ Budgeting and Assets Management

  • Budgeting – Annual planning and budgeting for all programmes and projects in line with planning and budgeting guidelines and timelines

  • Budget management – Programme and project budget expenditure are within the planned time frame and approved budgets.

  • Monitor and manage over or under spending in a timely manner in line with standards.

  • Financial management - Financial management and accountability in line with policy guidelines.

  • Risk management – Monitor and address or report any risks to management.

  • Asset management - manage assets in the programmes in line with assets and other policy and set guidelines.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  • Must have a university degree in development studies or related field.

  • Must have at least 5 years’ experience in community development.

  • Must have good analytical and problem solving skills.

  • Excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken.

  • Knowledge of financial and human resource management.

  • Must be able to communicate in a cross-cultural environment.

Core Capabilities

  • Practicing accountability & integrity.

  • Practicing gender and cultural diversity.

  • Influencing individuals and groups.

  • Learning for growth and development.

  • Communicating information effectively.

Livelihood Officer - Adjumani, Uganda

Position: Livelihood Officer

Report to: Project Coordinator

Location: Adjumani (West Nile), Uganda

Purpose of the position:

To implement field level Resilience and Livelihood programmatic activities in line with targets and partnership standards in a manner that contributes to sustained and improved child wellbeing for both Refugees and host communities within West Nile Region. The Jobholder will oversee Livelihood project implementation process to ensure timely, efficient and transparent delivery of programme activities.

Major Responsibilities:

Project implementation and reporting for Cash for asset project.

  • Provide expertise and technical assistance in agronomy and agribusiness, climate smart agriculture, marketing, IGA, DRR and environment management.

  • Take lead in Resilience and Livelihood planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of progress.

  • Mobilize and facilitate the engagements of stakeholders during planning and development meetings, workshops and other fora.

  • Identify local level partners and support/ facilitate the partners in the implementation of planned activities.

  • Prepare work-norms and allocation of beneficiaries for each activity.

  • Monitor monthly work-norms and prepare payment schedule in coordination with Cash Transfer Officer.

  • Ensure monthly cash distribution plans are developed in time and distributions conducted in time.

Community engagement and advocacy

  • Take overall lead in the coordination of field level activities.

  • Participate and take lead beneficiary targeting and selection process.

  • Ensure beneficiaries are mobilized, and organized groups to complete work norms.

  • Engage DLG technical specialists for support in asset creation including sub-county leaders for allocation of additional land where required.

  • Establish project steering committees for each site for project management.

  • Ensure allocation of tasks takes gender & protection considerations.

Coordinate partners in implementation of agreed action plans.

  • Ensure Integration of Resilience and Livelihood activities with other ongoing programme initiatives including that of World Vision and governments.

  • Build the capacity of farmer’s business groups/cooperatives to collectively engage local leaders on identified issues.

  • Coordinate with DLG to allocate more land where necessary for asset creation.

  • Coordinate with schools management committee and beneficiaries to identify and create assets.

Documentation, Reporting and knowledge management

  • Prepare high quality reports, both narrative and quantitative information and reporting on relevant indicators and outcomes. Ensure that all reports are delivered according to high quality standards and are always submitted on time as per WVU standards.

  • Ensure Care givers/Foster parents of unaccompanied Refugee children are members of farmer business groups/cooperatives and are accessing business developments services.

  • Participate in monthly / quarterly reflection meetings with Child Monitors and guardians/parents and child protection committees to address findings from monitoring.

  • Take lead in documentation and sharing of Impact/success stories and best practices to promote learning.

  • Organize quarterly review meetings for partners and communities at the project sites to reflect on programmes/projects approaches, tools, impact of interventions, best practices, exit and sustainability strategies as well as create spaces and opportunities for action-learning and debate.

People management and supervision

  • Supervise livelihood assistants to perform tasks assigned to them including weekly visit at work sites.

  • Plan and review weekly work plans and work-norm completion.

  • Ensure casuals/volunteers are hired in line with WV standards and are paid on time.

  • In charge of ensuring project steering committees are formed, are active and there is ownership of assets created.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  1. Minimum of a degree in agriculture or agribusiness or forestry or any other relevant discipline.

  2. Minimum of 2 years’ experience in community work and engagement in Agricultural, Environment, Economic Development and Livelihood

  3. Passion for children.

  4. Track record demonstrating high integrity, reliability and dependable

  5. Ability to work with minimal supervision.

  6. Effective in written and verbal communication in English

  7. Ability to communicate in applicable local language(s) is and added advantage.

  8. Entrepreneurship, micro finance and strong agribusiness skills

  9. Computer literate

  10. Writing and reporting skills

  11. Networking and influencing skills.

How to apply:

Please submit your application and complete Curriculum Vitae, to Website:

Address your application to the People & Culture Specialist, Recruitment, World Vision Uganda

Deadline for receiving applications is 28th August, 2019. (Qualified natives of West Nile region are particularly encouraged to apply)

Project Officer-Livelihoods & Resil.-Wajir,Tana River, Kilifi

Purpose of the position:

Provide technical leadership and guide the implementation of livelihoods and resiliency interventions in the OFDA funded Emergency Response project being implemented in Wajir, Tana River and Kilifi Counties. The L&R Officer will ensure the effective and efficient implementation activities directly related cash and voucher-based programs, Crop and livestock production and marketing and Savings for Transformation,

Major Responsibilities:

L&R Programming and Project management 30%

  • Facilitate adoption of best practice/approaches/models in the course of the implementation of the project

  • Ensure that business processes, standards and guidelines related to Livelihood & resilience initiatives are effectively applied in project implementation.

  • Coordinates L&R value chain for economic empowerment & sustainable interventions.

  • Coordinate as applicable sector integration interventions for ensuring integrated L&R implementation

  • Develop activity plans and budgets for technical support activities related to L&R.

  • Participate in the preparation of overall work plan and budget for L&R activities for specific Counties

  • Collaborate with relevant ministries and other relevant partners at the County and community levels to ensure integration and high level implementation of all L&R activities.

  • Participate in developing different levels of progress report and supporting Project Quality Assurance (PQA) on L&R interventions.

  • Effective and timely implementation of all interventions outlined under L&R and any other related and cross cutting programme activities in the project.

  • Make technical input into the planning and design of project specific operational researches, including baseline and end line evaluation related to L&R.

  • Work closely with relevant authorities to ensure all L&R interventions deployed in the communities are in alignment with L&R in emergency Standards.

  • Work together with other staff/ to ensure that key trainings meets the standard required to facilitate, provide knowledge and reinforcement of desired L&R behaviour and practices.

  • Be able to systemically review DIP/budget and other key implementation tools and initiate innovative approaches that will open new frontiers for L&R in emergency learning.

  • Spearhead rapid/field needs assessment including Baseline surveys in L&R activities and determining most technically appropriate water supply and sanitation options.

Technical support 25%

  • Provide technical support and timely feedback to the Project Manager on L&R interventions outlined in the emergency response project.

  • Support M&E of L&R activities in coordination with relevant stakeholders.

  • Build capacity of field staff and partners (CBOs and Farmer groups) on L&R interventions, Crop & Livestock production and management, Climate Smart Agriculture, Credit and Savings.

  • Identify other opportunities in an ongoing manner that will add value to the overarching goal of the project.

  • Track and prepare monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual progress reports of activities relates to L&R KPIs/indicators; including documentation of key lessons learnt and successes stories.

  • Lead and contribute to the development of publications for peer-reviewed journals.

  • Support preparation and conducting training for water Users Associations to empower them to run their own water supply systems on a sustainable way

  • Support preparation and conducting hygiene and sanitation promotion training sessions.

  • Provide overall L&R site management in strict adherence to the approved designs, standards and guidelines.

  • Supervise the Development and rehabilitation of appropriate L&R infrastructure in the emergency program

  • In consultation with the County Government, conducting feasibility studies, designing and preparing tender documents (includes bills of quantities) and technical guidance to the program during tendering process

  • Facilitate field visit for all respective line ministries to inspect progress of works and validate all the inspection reports (this includes quantified work done)

  • Supervision of contractors during implementation to ensure quality workmanship, safety and value for money is achieved within schedule.

  • Facilitate Site-possession, handing over and commissioning of projects

  • Carry out Technical Design of L&R project interventions as need arises

  • Preparation of the tender documents (Technical Specifications, Bills of quantities and Terms of Reference).

  • Participate in the ADP tender committee to offer all the technical advice.

  • Facilitates Topographical Surveys, Environmental Impact Assessment and GIS activities

  • Maintain an updated Site Book for all construction works

  • Facilitate communities to identify viable L&R project activities and negotiate for way leaves and easement and ensure their participation in the implementation of the same

  • Ensure cross cutting themes are integrated into the L&R project interventions

  • Ensure integration of Child Sponsorship Management in L&R interventions where relevant.

Quality Assurance-Monitoring, reporting, Evaluation and Documentation 20%

  • Supervise and Monitor L&R interventions in strict adherence to WV Kenya, Kenya government regulations, WHO and the SPHERE standards.

  • Development of Project Designs and Annual Operation Plans. (4D matrices, DIPs, Annual Budgets).

  • Facilitate project surveys (Assessments & Baselines) and evaluations.

  • Develop quality monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and end of projects reports in accordance with donors and WV Kenya requirements.

  • Document and disseminate best practices on L&R Sector in the project.

  • Ensure budgetary utilization is within acceptable limits/range.

  • Facilitate regular L&R review meetings

  • Ensures participatory monthly data collection are conducted (involving communities and partners) using the standardized tools

  • Contextualization and utilization of reporting guidelines

  • Prepare and submit situational/monthly/quarterly progress reports to the Project Manager.

  • Ensure successful completion of L&R construction works with submission of completion certificates to the Contractors.

  • Supervision of the construction processes of different L&R infrastructures to their completion like.

  • Document and disseminate best practices on L&R Interventions and other meetings in field level as may be required.

Advocacy, Capacity Development, Engagement with strategic partners, Linkages and networks & partnership development 15%

  • Ensure representation of WV Kenya in key L&R stakeholder forum/meetings at the Ward, Sub-County and County levels.

  • Actively participate in County level technical working groups on L&R relevant to policy forums.

  • Facilitate community education on Laws, Policies and Standards on L&R Service delivery

  • Provide support to community led processes of monitoring public service delivery.

  • Ensure communities are mobilized and participate in their L&R interventions

  • Actively contribute to County level policies/strategies on L&R.

  • Support advocacy and Technical lead colleagues with technical messaging on L&R, external reports and publications.

  • Mobilize and sensitize community for empowerment & sustainability

  • Build capacity of communities and partners on integration for synergy & Community based monitoring for sustainability.

  • Establish specific capacity building for effective delivery & sustainability of project interventions

  • Build the capacity of partners (FBOs, CBOs, Farmers Groups) to enable them effectively intervene in food security & economic empowerment appropriately

  • Take a lead in building Project staff and community capacities in food security & economic empowerment sector interventions through trainings and other information sharing avenues to handle project activities effectively

  • Together with partners, conduct regular reflection and learning events

  • Mobilise, equip and empower the Church, other faith groups and Community based organization to integrate empowered World development in Livelihood interventions

  • Mobilise and empower faith groups and Community based organization to integrate empowered World development in livelihood interventions

Resource Mobilization 5%

  • Develop timely and accurate funding proposals in line with donor requirements and WVK standards in collaboration with Project Manager, other sector specialists

  • Mobilize the community for community contribution for project interventionsSupport development of technically sound funding proposals through provision of information & data and review in collaboration with AP Managers, other sector specialists.

Others 5%

  • Any other duties as assigned by Supervisor or designee

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Agriculture/Agricultural Economics/Forestry/ Environmental Education/Agricultural engineering or a closely related field from a recognized university. Food Security/ED /Environment

  • Minimum two years of work experience in food security, emergency response and related sectors including cash transfers

  • Good understanding of SPHERE and other international standards.

  • Ability to conduct community L&R needs assessment, program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of L&R interventions

IInvestigador Junior para Estudio de Violencia contra la Niñez

Oportunidad de Contribuir

a la tierna protección de la niñez en Honduras

Título del puesto:

Investigador Junior para estudio de violencia contra la niñez a nivel comunitario

Fecha límite de aplicación:

31 de agosto

Localidad del puesto:


Fecha de inicio vacante:

Lunes 9 de septiembre

Cantidad requerida:

1 Plaza

Esquema de trabajo:

Plaza temporal (3 meses)

Propósito del Puesto

Asegurar el desarrollo de los componentes del proyecto de investigación social, mediante la elaboración e implementación de un plan de recolección de datos.

Requisitos Técnicos:

  • Diplomado en Sociología / Trabajo Social, Psicología, Desarrollo o cualquier campo relacionado.

  • Deseable 4 Años de experiencia en proyectos sociales o 2 en proyectos de investigación cualitativa

  • Al menos 2 años de experiencia en la recopilación de información, específicamente experiencia en la facilitación de entrevistas y grupos focales, incluso con adolescentes.

  • Experiencia en la adecuada contextualización de herramientas cualitativas.

¿Cuáles serán tus funciones principales?

  • Coordinar el levantamiento de información en campo.

  • Realizar la recopilación de datos cualitativos y cuantitativos.

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Somos una organización cristiana de ayuda humanitaria, desarrollo y promoción de la justicia que sirve a todas las personas, sin distinción de raza, religión, grupo étnico o género.

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Nuestra Causa

Una niñez tiernamente protegida, promotora de una sociedad más justa y segura.

Nuestra Visión

Para cada niño y niña, vida en toda su plenitud.

Nuestra oración para cada corazón, la voluntad de hacer esto posible.

Nuestra Misión

World Vision es una confraternidad internacional de cristianos cuya misión es seguir a Jesucristo, nuestro Señor y Salvador trabajando con los pobres y oprimidos para promover la transformación humana, buscar la justicia y testificar de las buenas nuevas del Reino de Dios

Somos Cristianos

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