Gender and Advocacy Officer- KFNP Project

Purpose of the position:

To provide overall guidance and coordination to support World Vision Tanzania’s efforts to mainstream safeguarding (Child and Adult protection) within WVT’s program areas aimed at achieving Child Well Being Outcomes (CWBO).

To advance gender equality, women’s and girls’ empowerment through successful coordination and effective implementation of activities related to prevention and response to Gender Based Violence (GBV) in communities thus contribute to children wellbeing outcomes. Support and advocate for Partnership campaigns such as End Violence Against Children (EVAC), It Takes US All (ITUA). Ensure strong partnership with project partners working and engaging directly with field teams, consistency and quality in programming, as well as supporting coordination for advocacy on girl’s and women’s protection and empowerment.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Implementation and technical support

  • Lead in the development of the project design and ensure sustainability is incorporated

  • Responsible for harmonized implementation of Protection and GBV project activities (in align with WVT approaches) across the three current refugee camps i.e. Nyarugusu, Nduta and Mtendeli looking at both the donor requirements and local practices on Protection and GBV prevention and response.

  • Ensure quality GBV interventions by providing technical assistance field staff and consultations with the Area Program Ministry Facilitators (AMPF).Guide planning and implementation of the Protection and Gender/GBV work plans and conduct regular technical monitoring visits to the field sites to ensure quality delivery of the programme;

  • Contextualize/adopt design guidelines and ensure utilization at Project/AP level

  • Provide technical support to the Kigoma Refugee Response (Kigoma Food and Nutrition Project) in developing and implementing a multi-sectoral and coordinated Protection (child and adult) and GBV prevention and response programme to include referral and reporting mechanisms, information sharing, coordination, and monitoring/evaluation.

  • Facilitate establishment of well-coordinated Protection and GBV collaborative network among key Partner Agencies i.e. UNHCR, WFP and government institutions

  1. Monitoring, Reporting and Documentation

  • Maintain mutually beneficial relationship with all implementing partners.

  • Ensure knowledge transfer to government and implementing partners, including documenting best practices and lessons learned.

  • Analyze and report on programme and project progress in terms of achieving results, using existing monitoring and evaluation tools and introducing new mechanisms and systems where necessary and as the context dynamics allow.

  • Liaise with focal point persons when needed and ensure preparation and submission of project reports.

  • Provide oversight for programme monitoring including setting up of protection and accountability mechanisms.

  • Share monitoring data and utilize for decision making

  • Contribute to evaluation planning, support data collection, analysis and interpretation

  • Facilitate dissemination and use of baseline and evaluation findings; and lead implementation of recommendations.

  1. Capacity Building

  • Work with staff and partners to identify capacity building/training needs and maintain a training matrix.

  • Develop and revise training materials according to local context and conduct relevant Protection and GBV training sessions for partners, local authorities, WVT staff and other stakeholders.

  • Facilitate capacity building of project staff and partners in Protection and GBV enable them effectively advocate for and implement effective Protection and GBV interventions.

  • Conduct orientations and refresher trainings to staff, local volunteers and contracted workers who directly interact with adults and children on WVT’s safeguarding management Policy standards and ensure compliance.

  • Lead the capacity building initiatives of communities and partners on monitoring and ensure participatory monthly data collection.

  1. Engagement, Networking and Fundraising

  • Represent the Project in interagency working groups, meetings and coordination forums on Protection and Gender issues within the Kigoma Refugee Response established frameworks.

  • Support the National Gender and Advocacy Manager and National Child Protection Coordinator in representing WVT in Protection and GBV stakeholder meetings at National and Regional levels in collaboration with the Program Team Leader, Regional Manager and National Coordinators.

  • Report on resource mobilization opportunities at National and Regional levels

  • Participation in National/International Protection and GBV/FGM key advocacy days at National and Regional levels in collaboration with the Program Team Leader, Regional Manager, National Coordinators and other Partner Agencies.

  • Work closely with UNHCR Protection Unit and Lead Protection Agencies in Protection and Advocacy, and government affiliated departments within ministries for technical direction and leveraging of resources to support Protection and GBV/FGM interventions in the project area.

  • Support fundraising initiatives in collaboration with Grants Acquisition and Management and Quality Assurance Teams.

  • In collaboration with working group members, support the development of advocacy activities to raise awareness on Protection and Gender Based Violence including through events such as the 16 Days of Activism, etc

  • In collaboration with other actors, assist in developing initiatives to ensure regular and consistent advocacy on GBV concerns.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in social sciences such as Social Work, Gender Studies, Development Studies, Community Development, Sociology or their equivalent

  • A minimum of 3 years working experience in implementing Protection and/or GBV projects at community level with proven leadership experience with evidence of successful implementation

  • A good understanding of the international gender mainstreaming approaches and the international protection framework for refugees and asylum-seekers.

  • Proven track record in engaging with government ministries and other stakeholders

  • Proven track record as a staff and community trainer and capacity builder in Gender and Development, prevention and response to GBV and other harmful cultural practices.

  • Proven ability in integrating Gender in sector specific project cycle

  • Good understanding and working experience of development, advocacy and emergency affairs approaches.

Key Competencies/Attributes:

  • Experience and understanding of Protection and Gender/ GBV programming on the ground the understanding of the role and importance of addressing gender justice and GBV in the development or humanitarian field.

  • Experience in training development, delivery of staff training, adults learning and development.

  • Familiarity and understanding of Protection and Gender/GBV in the community setting and gender/GBV industry progress in related fields and the contribution of Civil Society Organizations’s and faith-based agencies.

  • Understanding of gender norms and the contribution of cultural and religious social teachings towards gender justice, protection, safety and elimination of violence, in particular against women and girls.

  • Must have good oral and written communications and relationship skills

  • Ability to take initiatives, team player who is able to work with minimum supervision

  • Good computer skills in MS office (Excel, word, PowerPoint), Skype, WebEx etc

  • Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Work environment: Project-based with frequent travel in project intervention areas

  • Travel: 30% Domestic travel is required.

  • On call: Available as required.

Coordinador(a) Nacional de Incidencia & Campaña Global

Oportunidad de Contribuir

a la tierna protección de la niñez en Honduras

Título del puesto:

Coordinador(a) Nacional de Incidencia & Campaña Global

Fecha límite de aplicación:

30 de Noviembre

Localidad del puesto:


Fecha de inicio vacante:

15 de Diciembre

Cantidad requerida:

1 Plaza

Esquema de trabajo:

Plaza Permanente

Propósito del Puesto

Liderar y asesorar en World Vision Honduras la incidencia para influir sobre la inversión pública en niñez y adolescencia, con énfasis en los más vulnerables, potenciando el relacionamiento estratégico con socios para implementar acciones conjuntas hacia la protección y bienestar de la niñez.


  • Estudios universitarios o especializados en humanidades o carreras afines

  • Mínimo 3 años en puestos similares: Incidencia en Políticas Publica y en temas relacionados con protección de la niñez a nivel nacional y/o internacional.

  • Alto nivel de influencia mediática, política y empresarial

  • Bilingüe (español – Inglés)

  • Manejar vehículo (4x4)

¿Cuáles serán tus funciones principales?

  1. Diseñar y liderar, en WV Honduras, la implementación de la estrategia de Incidencia para la promoción y contribución a la generación de políticas pública y dar el seguimiento a su implementación.

  2. Liderar y asesorar, en WV Honduras, para el fortalecimiento de vínculos con otras instituciones socias para el trabajo conjunto en los temas de niñez y juventud.

  3. Desarrollar capacidad organizacional en incidencia política a través de la implementación de métodos y técnicas de alto nivel y desempeño.

  4. Ser vocero de VM HND en los temas de incidencia en políticas públicas garantizando el cuidado de la imagen institucional en leyes, políticas, etc. que estén vinculadas a los derechos de la niñez y adolescencia

  5. Sensibilización de actores del sector privado para alinear sus inversiones de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial y valor compartido con la protección de la Niñez

  6. Validar la estrategia y liderar la implementación de la Campaña Global – NATM en World Vision Honduras y ante la sub región. Promover la coordinación de WV Honduras con sus pares del TN+Mex para ampliar el alcance de su incidencia a nivel sub regional

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