National Director, Jerusalem West Bank Gaza


To provide overall strategic and operational leadership for World Vision Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza (JWG). To strategically lead, develop and direct the implementation of all aspects of World Vision’s ministry, aligned with World Vision’s news global Strategy, OurPromise2030, in advocacy, development and relief/emergency- as an effective and responsible member of the World Vision Partnership in line with Twin Citizenship principles: making a commitment to honour both the work of Jerusalem West Bank Gaza by recognizing local/national interest and by building unity for the greater good of the global World Vision organisation (also known as “The World Vision Partnership”).

To ensure high ministry quality and high impact in the field; be accountable for all of aspects of World Vision’s work in Jerusalem West Bank Gaza and ensure proper financial management, risk management, audit compliance, and security. Additionally, to ensure that World Vision’s ministry is directly contributing to the sustained Well-Being of Children and the fulfilment of their rights within families and communities. To represent World Vision to all media, donors, project partners and other World Vision offices and divisions, local government, church representatives and non-governmental organizations serving according to given Power of Attorney.


Strategic and Operational Leadership:

  • Provide overall leadership, encouragement and support to the Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza (JWG) National Office, in line with World Vision’s Vision, Mission, Core Values, strategic priorities and imperatives;

  • Develop and implement National Office strategy (aligned with the World Vision Partnership Strategy, Our Promise 2030) and annual operating plan with clear, realistic and measurable targets;

  • Identify resources needed to implement the National Office Strategy, and coordinate with the rest of the World Vision Partnership to ensure these resources are allocated to the Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza National Office;

  • Promote key World Vision organisational and Partnership policies, operating standards and practices among staff and partners and ensure that these are applied comprehensively as the foundation of National Office operations and work;

  • Work closely with the Chair to convene quarterly meetings and engage the JWG Amuta Board and Advisory Council in accordance with World Vision Partnership policies and practices for good and effective governance of the National Office, and assure effective compliance with statutory reporting requirements, and applicable World Vision International policies in all areas of operations;

  • Lead and manage the Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza National Office team to facilitate a high performance culture, open trustworthy relationships and integrity; Promote a culture of learning and development, employee engagement and good stewardship of human capital in the office; Build sustainability through effective organisational succession planning;

  • Model a high standard of Christian maturity and integrity as an example to staff in leadership, ministry, personal lifestyle and work relationships, and provide overall spiritual leadership and guidance to staff;

  • Promote and model a high level of transparency, integrity and zero tolerance to fraud;

  • Ensure that Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza National Office leadership staff are capable of working in interfaith contexts and are familiar with World Vision’s commitments and policies in such contexts.

Performance Management & Accountabilities:

  • Ensure implementation and compliance to Partnership policies, performance management standards, principles, protocols and best practices, while seeking to implement performance management guidelines on reasonable level;

  • Ensure excellent standards in managing the human, financial, capital and technical resources of the organization, which also includes inspiring and maintaining high standards of work and clear accountability to stakeholders;

  • Ensure business continuity through an integrated risk management approach, including security, financial, operational and reputation risks by developing contingency plans and scenarios, and implementing standards for monitoring, escalating, responding to and managing incidents; and take ownership of the action plans;

  • Ensure effective and efficient organizational practices that result in successful financial and operational audit ratings, and ensure execution of action plans to resolve audit findings in an agreed and timely manner and undertake appropriate reporting of audit results and actions;

  • Ensure high ministry quality in the pursuit of Child Well Being impact, with the National Office achieving planned annual targets at all stages of the LEAP 3 (Learning Through Evaluation with Accountability & Planning) cycle on a sustainable basis;

  • Ensure the continued development of technical approaches and establishment of national level programs; and that adequate resources are acquired and managed to meet and enable quality program implementation; strengthen evidence-based programming and enable staff to use evidence to improve decision-making;

  • Ensure accountability for the implementation of effective ministry to all key stakeholders. Ensure a relevant, timely and accurate flow of management and operational reports according to program objectives and standards and to meet reporting standards of donors and international partners, Regional and Partnership Offices (as specified in the Covenant of Partnership) and local partners;

  • Promote a culture that is consistent with World Vision’s Core Values, encourages adherence to good internal controls practices and ensuring at the same time the highest standards of quality and compliance with World Vision policies and international standards for emergency response, disaster mitigation, rehabilitation and development;

  • Ensure the National Office complies to all local laws, protocols and standards and remains in good standing in the local community; represent World Vision in courts if required; and ensure and oversee proper mechanisms for Child Protection and other World Vision standards and principles implementation;

  • Ensure office profile management and positioning, security function planning and implementation to ensure staff and organizational safety and security.

External Engagement & Advocacy:

  • Represent World Vision and effectively manage the profile of World Vision Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza and relationships with the Government of Israel, Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), the governing authorities in the West Bank and Gaza;

  • Manage relations with AIDA (Association of International Development Agencies) and the international community cooperating on areas of common interests while maintaining operational independence;

  • Build World Vision’s profile with relevant Government Ministries and local Governorates, donor and UN agencies, churches and local media; Position World Vision Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza as a partner of choice with key donor agencies;

  • Actively participate as a member of the UN Humanitarian Country Team and ensure strong representation on the UN Advocacy Sub Committee;

  • Strengthen awareness of World Vision’s s programmes both within and external to the World Vision Partnership;

  • Provide leadership and support to World Vision Partnership international advocacy initiatives and campaigns, including “It takes a world to end violence against children”, World Vision’s global communications campaign.

  • Review and approve all World Vision media statements regarding Israel and Palestine Act as spokesperson of World Vision with the media;

  • Take a leading role in supporting the World Vision Partnership to resolve and manage and media crisis regarding World Vision’s engagement in Israel and Palestine.

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Participate in World Vision Middle East and Eastern European (MEERO) regional leadership meetings and provide monthly reports on a timely basis to Regional Leadership on national office highlights and top issues;

  • Report to World Vision internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis; participate in relevant strategic and operational coordination forums and meetings (both internal and external);

  • Visit Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza field operations locations regularly, to assess the ministry progress and encourage staff, and to provide progress reports to the World Vision Middle East and Eastern European Regional Leadership;

  • Ensure that all Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza National Office operational records are maintained and retained securely;

  • Other responsibilities may be added or removed as the situation requires.



  • University degree or qualification in a relevant subject with a focus on leadership, management, project management or other relevant skills;

  • At least 10 years proven leadership and operational experience with International NGOs / UN;

  • Proven work experience in dynamic conflict zones;

  • Ability to analyse complex political contexts;

  • Proven visionary and strategic thinking, combined with the ability to analyse critical issues and develop discerning conclusions;

  • Ability to work under pressure and make key decisions that impact the safety and wellbeing of WV staff;

  • Good knowledge of finance, financial management and internal controls;

  • A mature Christian with sound values;

  • Experience working as a Christian in a predominantly Muslim context;

  • Understanding and experience of Arabic culture and values;

  • Experience in managing integrated Relief/Development and Advocacy programs;

  • Proven experience in overseeing large Government grants, major private donors and/or complex multi sectorial operations;

  • Strong team building and coaching experience, especially in leading organisational and cultural change;

  • World Vision international experience;

  • Politically astute and well developed diplomatic skills (dealing with host government, state and non-state armed actors, donors and staff and WV Partnership);

  • Proven skills in negotiation and ability to handle multiple demands from many stakeholders (networking);

  • Must be a collaborator and team builder committed to the transfer of knowledge;

  • Strong commitment to WV’s vision, mission and core values;

  • Responsible steward of resources and assets;

  • Innovator and courageous, calculated risk taker;

  • Fluent in English (written and oral) is required, knowledge of Arabic is an added advantage;

  • Experience and/ or clear understanding of National Board governance and development process

  • Previous National Director Experience;

  • Exposure to conflict and post-conflict contexts as well as interfaith dialogue.


  • Strong communication skills (oral and written) with ability to express ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively with senior internal and external stakeholders;

  • Personal integrity and commitment to faithful stewardship and accountability;

  • Understands and values diversity and maximizes diversity to achieve organizational goals;

  • Must have knowledge of basic computer software such as MS Office and Lotus Notes;

  • Experience in the Middle East.

World Vision Peru - National Director


The Global Strategy Our Promise 2030 has established that countries like Peru are described as high developing countries. This means that such offices will have significant reduction on international funds in the coming year. Thus requiring that they develop a transition plan that will show a clear contribution to children in their context and that they reach greater self-sustainability with 30% for funds coming from local multiple funds, besides international sponsorship.

Therefore, World Vision Peru – WVP will start a new organizational cycle marked by major changes in its structural model, operating by processes, to contribute significantly towards the development of children and adolescent.

Specifications of WVP’s new organizational model:

  1. Strong focus on vulnerable children’s well being and local fundraising actions through individual donations, funds from companies, governments, foundations, multilateral institutions and social businesses.

  2. Mobilization of churches and Christian organizations, so they can join and promote actions towards the development and protection of children and adolescents in Peru and in other countries.

  3. Positioning of WVP at national, regional (LAC) and international levels as a Christian organization that protects and promotes the rights of children and adolescents.

  4. Operation in digital environments, with intensive use of innovation technology.

  5. Lean organizational structure with low operational costs and high effectiveness in promoting an impact on the lives of children and adolescents.


Set a strategic vision for the office and lead, develop and direct the implementation of all aspects of World Vision Peru Ministry as an effective member of the Partnership in line with ‘Twin Citizenship’ principles to ensure solid ministry quality and high impact in the field; be accountable for all aspects of WV’s work in the country and the implementation of Our Promise 2030 and its imperatives.

Ensure that WV’s ministry directly aligns with LEAP 3 principles and directly contributes to the sustained well-being of children including their rights, protection and participation, within their families and communities and stays relevant to impact.

  • Successfully lead the change process of World Vision Peru to an organization that works under processes that enhance local fund raising as part of the financing portfolio, and creates greater impact through technical programs.

  • Ensure organizational sustainability by providing leadership, strategic direction and support in the development and implementation of an effective National Resource Development Strategy that will lead to Increased and diversified funding portfolio.

  • Maintain a strong growth with quality mentality and lead the office to ensure growth in the area of grants.

  • Establish and maintain collaborative partnerships representing WV Peru with all donors, project partners, WV Partnership Offices and divisions, local government, churches and non- governmental organizations, serving according to the Power of Attorney given by the WV Peru board.

  • Ensure people issues are front and centre, promoting an office that embraces diversity, interfaith collaboration, gender balance and engagement with all Partnership staff.

  • Appropriately develop national governance through identifying and recommending national leaders for membership to the national WVP Board.

  • Observe World Vision core documents (Vision, Mission, Statement of Faith, Core Values and Covenant of Partnership) and WV Peru’s statutes and policies; and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.


Ensure advocacy towards the protection of children and the promotion of their rights:

  • Represent World Vision Peru to engage and build strategic alliances with the government ministries, WV board, major donor agencies, WV Partnership, non-governmental agencies, churches, Faith-Based Organizations, and media.

  • Establish and sign agreements with organizations, to strengthen cooperation.

  • Develop and implement appropriate advocacy strategies to raise awareness of- and advocate for change in- key issues within the specific context.

  • Lead and facilitate strategies for advocating justice issues to address changes in unfair structures that oppress those in need.

  • Strengthen awareness of World Vision’s program both within and outside of the WV Partnership.

  • Provide leadership, strategic direction and support to the team for developing and implementing excellent donor experience and acquisition of Ministry funds.

  • Identify new opportunities and forge alliances that lead to optimization of all resources.

Lead increase and diversifications of the Funding Portfolio and National Resource Development for self-sustainability with emphasis in social marketing, local fund raising through individual donations, funds from private sector, government, foundations and multilateral organizations:

  • Influence donors using creative approaches to motivate them to get involved in support of World Vision Peru Ministry.

  • Implement the National Office Sustainability Plan: Marketing Plan, Ministry Plan and Change Management Plan.

  • Define vision for grants acquisition and management performance within NO, ensure that grants are strategically aligned to NO priorities and consider the competitive landscape.

  • Ensure alignment of marketing and programming for coordinated design and promotion of products and programs.

  • Implement long term and short term programs that create new opportunities for acquisition, retention and transformation of diverse set of donors.

  • Strengthen digital technologies approach for fundraising.

Create and strengthen external relations with Christian leaders, private sector, government, NGOs and civil society to promote children protection and development in Peru and for the fulfilment of WV strategic mandates:

  • Build proactive external relationship with church leaders, local government leaders, donors, private corporations for the following purposes:

  • Advocacy agenda - promote policy change for improved child well-being.

  • Institutional relations for acquisition of resources.

  • Enable and support programs in the country by government agencies at all levels.

  • Media relations; Ensure that WV and Child Well-Being agenda are promoted appropriately.

  • Partners acquisition.

Ensure national operations delivers on Child Well-Being Aspirations/outcomes and targets and program quality:

  • Collaborate and build coalitions to catalyze movements for children’s well-being, locally and globally.

  • Execute national strategic mandates and priorities with global priorities for child wellbeing.

  • Ensure that the NO functions in a contextualized, complementary, sensitive and cohesive manner.

  • Ensure programming implementation and quality in WV Peru prioritized regions.

Maintain a healthy relationship with the WVP Board and ensure Operational Leadership and Stewardship Excellence:

  • Present quarterly reports and participating of board meetings, and participate as a member of VF (Credivisión) Board. Implement Board’s agreements and mandates.

  • Ensure that World Vision Peru operations provide relevant impact in the country and region.

  • Lead the development and execution of the country strategy through program approaches and operating plans with clear, measurable short-term and long-term targets.

  • Ensure country strategy is aligned with WV global strategic priorities and WVP Board mandate.

  • Ensure organizational sustainability by ongoing predictive success planning (funding, Ministry, organizational development, leadership pipeline, leadership development.

  • Ensure implementation and compliance to Partnership Performance Management Standards and Principles, while seeking to implement Performance Management guidelines on reasonable levels.

  • Ensure excellent standards in the management of the human, financial, capital and technical resources of the organization, which includes inspiring and setting high standards of work and clear performance indicators and accountability to stakeholders.

  • Ensure organizational compliance to the local Government standards and laws for WV operations in the country.

Lead the strengthening of organizational Leadership and Culture based on organizational identity and partnership strategy:

  • Promote WV’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and key Partnership Standards and Practices among the staff and partners and ensure these are the core foundation of World Vision Peru strategies and work through WV Family Likeness guidelines.

  • Model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, ministry and integrity through lifestyle and work relationships, and provide spiritual guidance to staff on the WV Vision, Mission and Core Values.

  • Inspire staff to support Christian identity, commitments and witness (including incarnational living).

  • Promote a culture of innovation and agility in order to respond timely to external challenges and expectations and ensure relevance.

  • Promote a culture of learning and development, employee engagement and good stewardship of human capital in the office.

  • Build organizational culture, which leverages respect, value and promotes gender, age and ethnic diversity.

  • Build and promote culture that is sustainable for growth and high performance.

  • Contribute to the global pool of workforce of WV Partnership by sourcing, recruiting or building committed, competent talents from within the country.

Practice Twin Citizenship in negotiations, events and activities of the partnership:

  • Act as a Twin Citizen and global leader ensuring that National Office participates in global processes and decisions and allocates resources and talent where most needed, Partnership wide.

  • Source best practices and strategic services available Partnership wide, be aware of, and apply relevant innovative approaches.

  • Promote social entrepreneurship by pursuing innovative solutions to social problems, acting boldly and proactively sourcing required resources and not constrained by resources currently in hand.

  • Support the Chair of the WV Peru Board in coordinating Board meetings, and in maintaining a pool of Christian contacts from which to draw future Board members.

  • Support Board Chair and Board member in succession plans.

Position and represent WV Peru branding as a Christian organization in Children protection and promotion:

  • Strategically position WV Peru as a credible and trustworthy national and global partner.

  • Ensure WV is positioned as a leading NGO in promoting the well-being and rights of children within the country context to enhance public and stakeholders’ confidence and trust.

  • Ensure that the WV brand is respected within the country and is consistently modeled in staff conduct and throughout office operations.

Lead change management in WV Peru ensuring clarity of vision, disciplined execution, staff commitment, and high performance:

  • Practice an adaptive leadership open to collaborative analysis and addressing challenges and conflicts timely.

  • Ensure timely, effective, and appropriate organizational internal communications strategy in WV Peru, communicating the purpose and vision of change in a timely manner, and constantly to all staff and teams.

  • Ensure change leadership and management capacities formed in the leadership team.

  • Establish an intentional approach to change management through a strategy or plan.

Ensure organizational sustainability by leading and managing WV Peru team facilitating a high-performance culture, open trustworthy relationships and integrity:

  • Establish and ensure a collaborative working environment across areas and teams.

  • Lead and prepare others for taking decisions and lead organizational processes in order to ensure and promote organizational agility.

  • Build sustainability through the growth and development of staff and leadership capability and effective organizational succession planning for all leadership roles including the National Director and Senior Leadership Team

  • Inspire, motivate, accompany and develop the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

  • Conduct performance evaluations to SLT.

Lead overall financial integrity with emphasis in financial management and operations, risk management and response to audits and peer reviews:

  • Ensure effective stewardship and accountability of WV and other donor resources, finances and people, consistent with performance standards established by the WV Peru Board of Directors.

  • Ensure efficient and effective organizational practices that result in successful financial and operational audit rating.

  • Promote and model high level of transparency, integrity and zero tolerance to fraud.

  • Ensure the office compliance to local legal requirements and standards.

  • Represent World Vision Peru in courts, if required.

  • Provide direction for integrating private and public funds to maximize results and respond to community needs in most effective and efficient way.

  • Have overall responsibility for assessment of risks and the development of risk management planning to mitigate risks to NO operations, staff, assets and programs.

  • Maintaining complete accountability to the Board and Regional leadership on the management of risks facing the organization.

  • Legal Representative of WVP.

Humanitarian Emergency Affairs (HEA):

  • Develop and maintain capacity to respond to natural and man-made emergencies.

  • Collaborate with HEA Regional Director in determining the appropriate level of emergency response in country.

  • Oversee relief efforts, as and when they arise and work in partnership with HEA response teams. Build in-country relief response capacity to ensure adequate disaster mitigation, management and response.



  • Master’s degree in Management, Social Sciences or equivalent.

  • At least 8 years senior management experience, including sound and proven experience in Business and marketing with ambitious targets, with overall responsibility for growing the fundraising portfolio of a profit or not-for-profit company and 5 years’ experience in Governance. Experience in working with children and children’s programs is highly desirable.


  • A qualification in business management;

  • 5 years’ experience managing a P&L;

  • Experience in working with children and children’s programs is highly desirable.

  • Technical Skills & Abilities:

  • Proven Leadership and Management skills;

  • Good Sales and Marketing skills;

  • Fundraising skills;

  • Proven Decision-making skills;

  • Experience in leading executive teams, or leaders of leaders;

  • Experience in relationships with Boards;

  • Good sales and financial management capabilities;

  • Ability to work under pressure;

  • Effective working relationships with all levels of staff, board and other stakeholders;

  • High level of confidence and confidentiality;

  • Ability to communicate and negotiate with key internal and external stakeholders at a national and international level;

  • High level of emotional intelligence;

  • Familiar with current donor trends, both private and public;

  • Ability to engage with FBOs from different denominations, and different types of organizations;

  • Proficient Spanish and English;

  • Computer literacy.

Working Environment / Conditions:

  • Work environment: Office-based with frequent travel

  • Travel: 40% Domestic/international travel is required.

  • On call: 100%

Project Manager – Tackling Modern Slavery Programme in Vietnam


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, WV’s work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. WVV has a total income of around US$ 18,000,000 (FY18) with funding from 13 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVV consists of sponsorship program funding (70%) and PNS/grants (30%). WVV employs about 420 staff, of which 99% are Vietnamese nationals.

Currently, World Vision Vietnam is implementing 37 Area Programmes (APs) which operate in 5 zones: North: Hoa Binh - Dien Bien, Yen Bai – Tuyen Quang, Thanh Hoa - Hung Yen - Hai Phong, Central: Quang Tri - Quang Nam – Danang) and South (Quang Ngai - Binh Thuan – DakNong - Ho Chi Minh). WVV’s APs work with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVV is also implementing different Special and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both AP and non-AP areas.

TMSV’s Project Goal: This project will tackle Modern Slavery from Vietnam through harnessing the capacities of IOM, World Vision and British Council to implement a coordinated series of interventions that specifically align with existing work in Vietnam, and United Kingdom Official Development Assistance requirements in five target provinces: NghAn (Yên Thành; Din Châu); Hi Phòng (Hi Phòng city; Thy Nguyên); Qung Bình: (Đng Hi, BTrch); Hà Tĩnh (Can Lc; Nghi Xuân); and Qung Ninh (HLong city). This will be achieved by seeking change on the following impacts:

Impact area 1: will be achieved through first establishing the key factors that contribute to vulnerability before engaging the necessary government and non-government actors to raise awareness and change behaviour, including by promoting meaningful livelihood alternatives.

Impact area 2: vulnerable populations will be empowered through improved coordination, delivery and understanding of justice and social support services. Strategies for prosecution and sentencing will also be developed, whilst effective coordination among justice sector institutions will be achieved through promoting provincial level coordination mechanisms, including increased functionality of the national trafficking database.

Impact area 3: addresses this by building the capacity of key stakeholders involved in victim identification in Vietnam and the UK ensuring at-risk individuals are identified early and correctly, and victims are supported adequately, and with dignity. Rehabilitation and reintegration assistance therefore, will contribute significantly to reducing vulnerability to human trafficking, modern slavery and poverty.

WVV will be responsible to implement the activities related to the impact area 3. WVV will recruit one project manager, two Project officers and one Bookkeeper to implement the designated project component.


To be responsible for achieving the goal, outcomes, and outputs of TMSV project design document and its logical framework for IMPACT AREA 3: Supporting the rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of trafficking through the identification, protection, support and successful reintegration of VoTs / PVoTs within the target states.

Specifically, lead the Project Team concerned and work with relevant stakeholders to ensure that:

  • Improved identification of PVoT cases including by liaising with authorities abroad, particularly from the UK, to meet and support returning victims and supporting victims to apply for recognition of victim status from the Vietnamese Government.

  • PVoTs and VoTs, including girls, boys, women and men, supported with a long-term tailored comprehensive package.

  • Identify areas of learning and continuously improve ways to safeguard vulnerable children and adults, including by ensuring VoTs / PVoTs are not re-victimised through processes or services delivered.


  • Leadership/Management

- Leadership and management are provided to the Project Team in planning, implementing, and monitoring TMSV outputs and activities as described in the project design and logframe.

- Semi-annual and year–end performance reviews/management are undertaken.

- Team members are developed into effective anti trafficking professionals to ensure the team is capable of carrying out quality work.

- Work closely with target locations and related stakeholders during the implementation of TMSV.

- Assistance is provided in analyzing and planning for appropriate staffing levels and developing job descriptions for team members and support staff.

- Lessons learned from other anti-trafficking projects are obtained and utilized.

- Serve as a resource for disseminating knowledge and skills to WVV, other WV entities and other agencies.

- Seamless integration of TMSV activities into existing WVV AP where applicable.

Co-ordination and Relationship - Effective working relationships with National and Provincial officials and relevant Government of Vietnam ministries are built and nurtured.

- Represent WVV in external meetings and act as the contact person with relevant government officials.

- Effective working relationships with IOM and British Council are built and nurtured.

- Effective links with the wider target community is built in order to raise awareness of WVV’s philosophy and approach to development in general and to TMSV measures in particular and foster the ownership and participation of the community in TMSV activities.

- Coordination is fostered and duplication of effort is avoided in the TMSV target areas by interacting with other NGO’s, United Nations agencies, and Government/Mass Organizations.

- Serve as a bridge between TMSV staff, project partners, AP staff, and the Operations Director.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

- Monitoring Tools for each TMSV output and outcome are developed.

- Semi-annual narrative progress reports are prepared for submission to donors.

- A mid-term project review and an end-of-project evaluation are planned and implemented.

- Lead the team to document best practices of the programme and share to others

  • Finance and Administration

- Financial policies and procedures are followed and the integrity of financial documents, procedures and reports is ensured by liaising with the Finance Department.

- Financial reports are monitored and used as management tools for evaluating Project progress.

- The Project office is organized and well maintained.


(The following knowledge, skills, and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on-the-job training.)

  • Education

- Bachelor degree

- Bachelor social science or related fields

  • Knowledge & Skills:

- Well-developed representation and negotiation skills.

- Strong influencing and cooperation building skills.

- Demonstrated ability to work with a minimum of supervision, exercise judgment, meet deadlines and work under pressure.

- Demonstrated leadership skills including coaching. Should be a manager with ability to facilitate, empower and enable self direction of teams.

- Project budget and management skills;

- Well-developed writing and oral communications skills in both English and Vietnamese.

- High-level computer skills.

  • Experience:

- At least 3 years relevant work experience including demonstrated capacity in program management.

- Experience in managing and supervising staff, with strong liaison and interpersonal and communication skills.

World Vision Vietnam is a Christian non-government organization. Applicants having working experience in a similar kind of organization will be an advantage.

Our contact details are: People and Culture DepartmentWorld Vision International - VietnamAddress: 4th floor, the HEAC building, 14-16 Ham Long street, Hanoi, Tel: 024. 39439920 (Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong)

We give equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of religion, race and gender.

A competitive salary, benefits and career development opportunity will be offered and commensurate with the experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization which works to improve the quality of life of people, especially children, who are marginalized and living in poverty regardless of religion, race and gender.

Chief of Party, GlobalFund - Central African Republic


The Chief of Party (CoP) for the Global Fund (GF) Malaria program will be responsible for the overall leadership and oversight of the program. The CoP will have a keen understanding of the unique political dynamics and work carefully and collaboratively with the Ministry of Health, Government of Central African Republic, and all stakeholders. The CoP will manage a team of senior staff and ensure quality, timeliness, and efficiency of all products and activities generated under the grant.


  • Ensure the World Vision International (WVI) Central African Republic (CAR), GF Program grant making documentation package is developed to the highest quality; that the Program’s strategic objectives and targets are fully aligned with the highest technical quality standards for malaria control and case management and that the targets are met per the Performance Framework.

  • Develop and review in a timely manner the annual, semi-annual, and quarterly work plans for Program implementation. Sustain regular and quality reporting of grant implementation progress as per the grant Performance Framework and the Program Implementation Work Plan; develop and submit in a timely manner quality and accurate Program Update/Disbursement Requests (PU/DR) to the Global Fund.

  • Oversee that the program’s monitoring and evaluation system is developed and well aligned with the national M&E system, and ongoing data analysis is conducted to measure grant implementation performance. Ensure that lessons learnt and best practices are well documented and disseminated among stakeholders both in CAR and internationally.

  • Direct the timely development of the Global Fund grant program budget and monitor its execution on an ongoing basis so the compliance with WV’s contractual obligations is maintained over the entire period of the Program implementation.

  • Oversee all procurement and supply chain management activities to ensure they are well coordinated with national partners and implemented systematically in compliance with WHO, Global Fund, and national protocols and guidelines.

  • Provide ongoing guidance and technical oversight to members of the Program Management Team, sub-recipients, and other stakeholders, including building and strengthening their capacities while monitoring their performance on an ongoing basis.

  • Closely coordinate and collaborate with the Local Fund Agent (LFA), Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), the Global Fund Country Team, and implementing partners, as appropriate; Confirm that program implementation follows WVI and Global Fund’s latest administrative, regulations, and operational procedures and policies.

  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships and communication with various departments of the WVI CAR Country Office, WVI Regional Office, WV Support Offices, as well as the WV Global Center. Provide regular updates and recommendations related to Program implementation to the Country Director and WVI CAR Senior Leadership Team as appropriate. As per the donor and the WVI CAR Country Director’s determination, any additional tasks are completed effectively and in a timely manner.

  • Ensure a high performing and motivated Program Management Team is sustained with clear objectives, implementation strategies, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Meet staff support and professional development needs for improved staff performance. Periodic individual and team performance reviews are conducted to ensure they meet WVI’s standards, policies and procedures, and technical quality implementation. In collaboration with Human Resources, WVI CAR, and WV Support Offices, ensure optimum quality service delivery through recruitment of competent staff for the Program Management Team. Lead and mentor staff to ensure high levels of motivation, commitment, capacity, and teamwork are in place.

  • Lead the Program Implementation Team in fulfilling WVI’s core policies including Child Protection, gender equality, as well as health and safety.


  • Minimum Qualification required: A minimum of a Master’s degree in Public Health and/or a Degree in Medicine, and/or project management or a post-graduate degree in a similar related field.

  • At least 8 years’ experience in the management of or in the administration of complex health projects (Global Fund experience preferred) at the national level; minimum five years in a management position, supervising senior staff, in an international or multicultural environment at the national level.

  • Knowledge of development issues, especially related to the health sector, trends, challenges, and opportunities and implications to community development.

  • Thorough knowledge of MS Office, knowledge of Lotus Notes is preferred.

  • Good verbal and written skills in French is essential, English is required.

  • Demonstrated ability in child wellbeing development and Child Protection.

  • Good knowledge of disaster management, emergency preparedness, monitoring and evaluation, sphere standards are added advantage

  • Ability to work in cross-cultural and diversity context.

  • In-depth technical knowledge of malaria transmission, prevention and treatment, and strategies for prevention and case management in malaria.

  • Demonstrated experience as development professional in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating programs and managing pool of technical support.

  • Knowledge of gender issues in health programming.

  • Knowledge of effective participatory M&E systems.

  • Knowledge of strategic planning processes

  • Knowledge of financial management systems.

  • Strong planning and organization skills.

  • Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff and donors.

  • Keen understanding of the unique political dynamics of the country and ability to work carefully and collaboratively to maintain productive relationships with the various government entities in (country of the grant).

  • Proven ability in the management of large integrated grant-funded projects in developing countries.

  • Familiarity with Global Fund programs, their history and development; mastery of Global Fund regulations governing such programs.

  • Ability to integrate teams of professionals around common goals.

  • Demonstrated accomplishment in working with host-country professionals, ministries, and with donor colleagues in country.

  • Strong presentation and report writing skills.

  • Experience of leading large and diverse teams.

  • Experience in leading and managing large grants in a complex environment.

  • Experience as a senior expert or advisor required.

  • Experience managing sub grants and contracts under grants for complex projects.


  • At least 5 years’ experience in managing a malaria project /program at the national or international level. Hands on experience and thorough knowledge of implementing LLINs distribution (both through mass campaign and continuous distribution) is required.

Working Environment/Travel:

  • Travel: The position requires ability and willingness to travel throughout CAR and internationally up to 20%.

  • On call: This position requires being on call 10% of the time in an acting role of the Response Director, CAR.

Emergency Response Multi-Project Manager, WV Afghanistan


The Emergency Response Multi-Project will provide leadership and management to the implementation of four emergency response grants World Vision Afghanistan (WVA) has recently been awarded for drought response in Herat and Badghis Provinces; EUR 2.2 million European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) grant and three Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund (AHF) grants worth USD2.2 million. These projects utilize cash programming, food security and livelihoods, WASH, health and nutrition interventions, to alleviate suffering caused by worsening drought conditions and mitigate the ongoing impact of the drought on affected communities.

The Emergency Response Multi-Project Manager will utilize strong project management skills and experience managing multi-million dollar, multi-sector grants to provide leadership and guidance to ECHO and AHF project staff, and will work closely with the wider Operations and Programmes teams to ensure the timely execution of activities according to project plans, while ensuring impact, quality and alignment with donor requirements. The role will also ensure that WVA is accountable to all partners and that all work is of the highest standard, cost effective, and adheres to standards and policies of World Vision International and its donors.


Project Planning and Implementation:

  • Provide leadership and management oversight to project staff and overall project implementation.

  • Develop and implement project supervisor work plans and M&E plans as appropriate.

  • Oversee implementation of project activities and ensure that project targets and grant objectives are met.

  • Coordinate closely with sector leads and procurement to ensure timely sourcing and delivery of budgeted goods/line items.

  • Ensure project activities are in compliance with the Government of Afghanistan’s rules and regulations.

  • Ensure that grant and financial rules and regulations are strictly adhered to.

  • Ensure that proper community development practices and “Do No Harm” practices are incorporated and upheld throughout the planning and implementation of the project.

  • Be aware of and implement policy decisions made by World Vision Afghanistan leadership, and ensure that information is accurately disseminated to all project staff in a timely manner.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting:

  • In coordination with WV Afghanistan’s Programmes Department and M&E unit, develop and implement the project’s performance measurement system that includes collection of periodic data for tracking project progress and performance.

  • Ensure that monitoring and information management tools are up to date and contain all relevant information.

  • Ensure that technical specialists are monitoring and disseminating project data collected by field staff in a timely manner.

  • Introduce, implement, and monitor all internal World Vision policies and initiatives that need to be integrated into the project.

  • Document project activities, and prepare and submit monthly project updates and future plans to the supervisor.

  • As per donor requirements, create and compile project reports to be submitted to the donor by WVNL, as well as reports for WV Afghanistan leadership and regional office.

  • Plan and facilitate annual project review meetings to assess progress, adjust plans, and draw/disseminate lessons learned.

  • In collaboration with WVNL, coordinate the implementation of program mid-term and final evaluations.

  • Facilitate documentation of achievements, lessons learned and best practices.

  • Organize and conduct reflective learning events (meetings, workshops) internally and externally with project initiative stakeholders including government.

Personnel Management:

  • Manage approximately 5 staff; provide oversight management for an additional 50 staff (approx.).

  • Coordinate and oversee the hiring process for ECHO and AHF Project staff.

  • Supervise, lead, train, coach and support project staff, including:

  • Coordination and implementation of new employee project orientations and trainings.

  • Coordination of internal and external training opportunities for project staff.

  • Active capacity-building, both formal and informal, of project staff throughout the duration of the project.

  • Effective communication with project staff to ensure staff understand their roles and responsibilities, and are able to successfully perform their duties.

Complete all performance management activities, including:

  • Monitor staff performance and raise any issues with Human Resources if necessary.

  • In coordination with HR, maintain accurate employee data files and oversee completion of routine issues such as contract renewals, leave, salary adjustments.

  • Initiate and perform, with support from others, staff performance appraisals.

Financial Management:

  • Manage project’s funds and ensure efficient utilization of funds for maximum impact.

  • Ensure proper coding and budget availability of all project expenses.

  • Oversee the submission of monthly cash requests for project operations.

  • Ensure contractors and creditors are paid in a timely manner.

  • Review financial projections, monitor monthly burn rates and make adjustments in implementation or budget re-alignments when needed.

  • As requested provide detailed variance explanations for any under/overspend.

  • With support from WV Afghanistan’s Finance Department, assume primary responsibility for budget reviews and monthly financial reports, highlighting concerns as they arise and providing feedback to partner budget submissions as required.

  • Collaborate with finance personnel and other relevant staff to produce quality, accurate and timely financial reports per donor requirements.

  • Create enabling environment for smooth internal and external audit(s) and monitor and facilitate responsiveness to audit findings and recommendations.

  • In collaboration with finance staff, prepare annual budgets and regular cash flows.

  • Ensure adherence to ECHO and AHF requirements, policies and procedures.

  • Ensure adherence to WV’s financial and administration policies and procedures.

  • Create understanding among his/her staff on the financial and procurement procedures, regulations and the respective donor requirements, and monitor compliance.

Network, Liaison and Representation:

  • Establish and maintain communication mechanisms with government, donor, partners, communities and other stakeholders, and more specifically:

  • Make formal presentations to the counterparts about project’s progress, challenges, lessons learned and needed adjustments.

  • Build capacity of other staff members as representatives of the project and WV Afghanistan.

  • Maintain excellent working relations with partners and other contractors.

  • When required, coordinate and host donor and WVNL and WV Australia field trips.

  • Coordinate closely with other NGOs in the area to ensure complementary programming.

Security Risk Management:

  • Ensure security risk management is applied to project implementation.

  • Alter project activities as necessary to accommodate changing security situations, and ensure the donor is informed/modifications are requested.

  • Monitor the security environment on a daily basis in coordination with the Senior Zonal Managers and National Security Manager; report as necessary and adjust national staff travel plans as required.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to humanitarian leadership, political science, international development etc.

  • Experience managing multiple, multi sector projects essential.

  • Experience with ECHO or UN grant programming desirable.

  • Master’s degree preferred.

  • 5 + years proven experience with International NGOs in emergency relief, rehabilitation and transition programming including fragile contexts.

  • Proven track record to deliver designated tasks on time and on budget.

  • Proven track record of leading teams in fragile contexts.

  • Proven track record of managing multi-million dollar budgets.

  • Proven experience in programme management and implementation of multi-sectoral emergency response projects.

  • Sound decision-making skills and risk management.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication and relational skills, especially in a cross-cultural environment, and ability to analyze and solve problems, persuade, network and negotiate.

  • Excellent proven track record of donor relations with multiple donors.

  • Strong planning and organizational skills and ability to prioritize.

  • Outstanding team leadership personality and skills.

  • Computer literacy.

  • Fluency in written and spoken English language is mandatory.

  • Excellent analytical skills.

  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills.

  • Clear understanding of the workings of major donor perspectives, requirements and standards; specifically ECHO.

  • Must be able to represent World Vision to major programme donors in a highly professional manner, in person and in writing.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Post-graduate university degree (Master’s/Ph.D.) in international development or relevant field.

  • Supervision within cross cultural contexts.

  • Minimum five (5) years of development and/or relief field experience –– or the equivalent in the headquarters/support office of a major NGO if experience is with ECHO grants.

  • Experience in integrated program delivery and monitoring and evaluation.

  • Experience in a fragile context.

  • Experience in an Islamic context.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • 50% travel required within the country (field and Kabul visits).

WVV AP Manager - Lang Chanh AP


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, WV’s work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. WVV has a total income of around US$ 18,000,000 (FY17) with funding from 14 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVV consists of sponsorship program funding (70%) and PNS/grants (30%). WVV employs about 440 staff, of which 99% are Vietnamese nationals.

In alignment with the three ministry strategic objectives World Vision Vietnam implements three Technical Programs (TPs): Child Protection, Nutrition and Livelihoods. TPs are national level programmes implemented by World Vision in multiple geographic locations within a country, which are designed to ensure that WVV will achieve the highest impact for the well-being of children, in accordance with relevant Technical Approach and NO strategic objectives.

Currently, World Vision Vietnam is implementing 37 Area Development Programmes (ADPs) which operate in 5 zones: North (Hung Yen, Hoa Binh, Hai Phong and Dien Bien), Yen Bai – Tuyen Quang, Thanh Hoa, Central (Quang Tri, Quang Nam – Danang) and South (Quang Ngai, Binh Thuan, Ho Chi Minh, DakNong). From FY18, WVV adopts and implements the new operating model, therefore, the name of ADP will be changed to AP (Area Programme).

WVV’s APs usually focus within one administrative district of a province which populated by ethnic minority people with high rates of poverty. A uniqueness of WVV’s Development Program Approach (DPA) is that AP team members are based at district level where the AP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVV is also implementing different Special and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both AP and non-AP areas.

Under each AP, there will be 6-8 staff, including one AP manager, one Sponsorship Facilitator, one Finance Officer/Bookkeeper, one AP Coordinator and 2-4 Development Facilitators (DFs) who are in charge of the management of all projects (assessment & planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and transition), and community engagement for the assigned communes/wards in their AP. For each zone (6-8 APs), there are 4 Zonal technical staff, including three Technical Program Officers (Nutrition, Child Protection, Livelihoods) and one Program Effectiveness Officer. DFs will be coached by the AP manager programmatically and the Zonal Officers technically. One of the strengths of this structure is to allow better integration of the program toward Child Well Being Outcomes.


To provide overall leadership and management to the area program in accordance with WVV’s strategic directions (e.g. National strategy, Technical Approaches, Technical Programs), policies (e.g. HR Manual,

Finance and Child Protection policies, ect.), standards (e.g. technical project models, Program Effectiveness, child sponsorship, child protection and child safe organization, Program Accountability Framework, etc.).

Leadership and People Management

  • Provide overall leadership to the AP team, including spiritual leadership

  • Work with PnC department to recruit and provide orientation for new staff

  • Supervise, coach, mentor, provide adequate feedback to AP staff to ensure their high performance toward the shared goals

  • Identify and address development needs of AP staff to ensure that they are well equipped with core and job-specific competencies to carry out quality work

  • Identify and address staffing issues in a timely and professional manner in working with PnC department

  • Promote ongoing reflection and learning culture among AP staff

  • Organize the AP office and facilitate a working environment of trust, mutual respect, and care among all staff

  • Build effective relationships with support office/donors; provide support office/donors with vital program information, documentation, stories and reports on a timely manner and get them involved in key events/milestones of the program

Community Engagement and Sponsorship

  • Build effective working relationship with various development partners including PMB and technical departments at district and commune level

  • Network with external stakeholders (NGOs, CSO, local businesses, etc.) and create space for collaboration and partnership toward improved well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable

  • Raise awareness of local partners and community on WV’s Christian identity and values, child focused and community based development

  • Promote program accountability in accordance with PAF

  • Lead the AP planning process as well as the annual community review & planning process

  • Promote shared monitoring and integrated reflection with local partners and community to review the progress and identify areas for improvements

  • Support communities and partners to develop and implement the community development plan/ initiatives (micro projects) including advocacy initiatives

  • Support communities and partners to develop and implement community-based disaster preparedness plans

  • Identify and mobilize community resources for joint advocacy activities at district level

  • Lead the documentation of best practices, lessons learnt, MSC stories and share with external and internal stakeholders for learning and advocacy purpose

  • Lead the process of MVC mapping and inclusion in the project activities

  • Lead child projection and inclusion as per Sponsorship standards and monitor participation and benefits of RC/MVC and their families

  • Lead the child monitoring as per sponsorship standards

  • Be accountable for the implementation of Sponsorship 2.0

  • Reinforce Sponsorship In Programming (SIP) Essentials

  • Facilitate the process of program approach towards sustainability

Program Management

  • Lead the adaptation of TPs following the standard guidelines/ tools and complete all AP level documents (log-frame, ITT, MnE plan, narrative AP Plan)

  • Provide coaching and support to AP staff to implement TPs according to the approved AP plan and budget

  • Mobilize technical, human, financial resources to support the program

  • Lead the monitoring and reporting of indicators to ensure data accuracy

  • Implement the recommendations of CWB reports, evaluation reports, technical model review reports

  • Coordinate the participation of local partners and community in baseline survey and evaluation at AP level

  • Document evidences and disseminate WVV’s project models to external partner for replication and advocacy purpose

  • Prepare monitoring reports for the AP (monthly, semi-annual, annually)

  • Support AP staff to mainstream CCT into program activities

  • Lead the implementation of Horizon 3.0

  • Manage resources with integrity and stewardship, in compliance with WVV’s financial policies and procedures.

  • Coordinate procurement and strategic sourcing at AP level

  • Prepare concept notes and proposals for PNS calls


  • Bachelor degree in education, public health, community development, social work and/or business administration.

  • Master degree in similar fields

  • At least 4 years work experience in community development.

  • Experience in program implementation, community mobilization and participatory approach would be an advantage.

  • Knowledge and experience in capacity building for local stakeholders/partners.

  • Experience in managing and supervising staff.

  • Experience of working with ethnic minorities.

Associate Director - CESP

Back ground

World Vision Uganda is a Christian relief, development and advocacy non-government organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We currently work in over 82 districts in Uganda implementing projects in health & nutrition, water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), livelihoods & community resilience, education and child protection. World Vision (WV) is committed to the protection of children and adult beneficiaries from exploitation and abuse and will not employ people whose background is not suitable for working with the beneficiaries above. All employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible

Due to expansion in scope of our programmes, we are now seeking for qualified and passionate individuals willing to share in our vision and join our team in the position below.

Position: Associate Director- Community Engagement and Sponsorship Programming

Report to: Operations Director

Location: Kampala – National Office

Purpose of the position:

The Associate Director- Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan (CESP) leads the overall management and implementation of WVU’s Development Program Approach (DPA), sponsorship and child protection programming, ensuring these are managed effectively and contribute to Child Well-Being Outcomes in line with the World Vision Uganda Strategic priorities, community and donor accountability requirements.

Key Outputs/Responsibilities.

Sponsorship Management

  • Provide technical leadership and oversight to WV Uganda’s sponsorship team and resources.

  • Provide leadership in ensuring effective integration of sponsorship in critical Design, Monitoring and Evaluation processes from assessment, re/design, M&E and transition in accordance with established standards.

  • Continuously plan and implement a national office Annual sponsorship Operating plan (ASOP) that enables WVU to meet and exceed established partnership standards.

  • Ensure integration of Child monitoring into programme monitoring; generate trend analysis of emerging Child Wellbeing issues from Sponsorship Information System and draw recommendations to address these emerging Child Wellbeing issues.

  • Provides leadership in rolling out Sponsorship Field Operating Model ensuring;

  1. Community-level sponsorship activities are integrated with programming activities. This includes planning for inclusion and monitoring of Registered Children along with programme planning and monitoring.

  2. Approach to working with community volunteers and partners needs are clarified and streamlined to ensure community ownership and sustainability.

  3. Seek opportunities to identify approaches, models and best practices in current program that can be scaled up to strengthen and sustain child monitoring processes and systems to maximize participation of community based partners in recruitment and monitoring of children.

  • Develop and maintain organizational sponsorship performance quality metrics, and quality dashboards integrating statistical analysis and leading specific actions to achieve optimal outcomes in sponsorship management and programming.

Child Protection Technical Program Management

Under the overall supervision and coordination of the Operations Director

  • Lead the Child Protection (CP) strategic planning and be responsible for the CP technical program implementation. Provide leadership and management (planning, implementation, supervision, monitoring and evaluation) of all Child protection and projects across WVU programming area.

  • Lead reflection on Child Protection Technical Program performance with aim of ensuring that all child protection projects and activities are implemented on time, target and budget.

  • Ensure Child Protection high impact, quality implementation and strict compliance with World Vision standards and requirements;

  • Support the operational planning and development of Child Protection programs in collaboration with Program Managers Finance and other key stakeholder;

  • Support Child Safeguarding work and ensures World Vision Uganda comply with child safe organization standards.

  • Provide support and capacity building in the management, design, and implementation and monitoring of Child Protection Programs.

  • Ensure Child Protection risk management/safeguarding strategies are implemented throughout all existing and new programs.

  • In collaboration with Advocacy take lead on the design and development of a Child Protection local advocacy strategies.

Development Program Approach (DPA) Management

  • In collaboration with Technical Program Managers and Regional Program Managers ensures that WV’s Development Programme Approach links well with technical programs and are jointly being implemented with communities and partners within area programmes.

  • Contextualize and is responsible for rolling out principles, standards and guidance on how World Vision Ugandans works with communities and partners to improve and sustain the well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable.

  • Ensures that WVU programs are implemented in a way that builds local ownership and sustainability through community and partner engagement, joint planning and implementation, and local advocacy.

  • Responsible for contextualisation of the Development Programme Approach and ongoing refinement based on learning in applying LEAP 3 and refining Sponsorship Field Operating Model, as all of these are interrelated and need to be mutually reinforcing.

  • Provides guidance on equipping local level staff in Development Programming Approach to reinforce their technical depth in engagement with communities and local partners in achieving Child Wellbeing (CWB).

  • In close working with Senior Programs Manager-Household Engagement and accountability approach accelerate the implementation of the Development Program Approach initiative called Household Engagement and Accountability Approach (HEAA) in WV Uganda Area Programs and grants in a manner that meets set standards as well as empowering the wellbeing of children, households and communities;

  • In collaboration with Technical Program Managers, develops and roles out HEAA curriculum that integrates all technical program implementation at the household level

  • Review and roles out the tools for measuring the impact of HEAA at the program level.

  • In collaboration with M&E, track the documentation of evidence and learning that support the effectiveness of HEAA and ensures that all required standards and quality assurance standards are met by APs.

  • Popularize HEAA in WV international as a promising innovation for community engagement and facilitation

  • Profile HEAA as WVU strategic initiative and measure how it accelerates the realization of the strategy

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies, Social Work and Social Administration or related field

  • Post graduate degree in relevant field (International development/international relations).

  • 5 years’ experience in blending development in aspects of sponsorship and child protection in project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in a complex program environment

  • Extensive knowledge of development issues and understanding of the community engagement and facilitation best practices

  • Excellent application knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Lotus notes and internet applications.

  • Experience in project documentation, reporting, program information for donors and the World Vision partnership.

  • Capacity to provide solid leadership and decision-making skills for efficient and effective day to day project implementation.

  • Ability to work with different partners, local authorities, local organizations and NGOs, to develop and maintain positive relationships.

  • Demonstrate well – developed interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills, both verbal, written (in English) as well as negotiation skills.

  • Strong understanding of systems design and implementation protocols.

  • Strong inter-personal skills, and proven team-player.

  • Proven ability to manage competing priorities.

  • Able to solve complex problems and to exercise independent judgment.

  • Perform other duties as required.

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically upto 40% of the time and occasionally internationally.

Associate Director- Grants Management

Back ground

World Vision Uganda is a Christian relief, development and advocacy non-government organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We currently work in over 82 districts in Uganda implementing projects in health & nutrition, water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), livelihoods & community resilience, education and child protection. World Vision (WV) is committed to the protection of children and adult beneficiaries from exploitation and abuse and will not employ people whose background is not suitable for working with the beneficiaries above. All employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible

Due to expansion in scope of our programmes, we are now seeking for qualified and passionate individuals willing to share in our vision and join our team in the position below.

Position: Associate Director- Grants Management

Report to: Operations Director

Location: Kampala – National Office

Purpose of the position:

The Associate Director- Grants Management has overall responsibility for the leadership and management of all WVU major grants funded by various Donors and Private Non Sponsorship funding. He/she provides supervision and support to Grants Project managers/Coordinators to ensure all Grants projects are implemented in time, target and budget and; in full compliance with donor requirements.

Key Outputs/Responsibilities.

Strategic Leadership and Management of Grants.

  • Responsible for the overall planning, implementation and management of the WVU Grants as well as the achievement of the goals and objectives of relevant grants in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Ensures World Vision Uganda grants portfolio is implemented according to the project management cycle while ensuring all activities are implemented on time target and budget

  • Ensure strong communication and coordination with all team members as a means to effectively achieve grants specific objectives

  • In working with relevant Grants Project Managers lead the planning of relevant activities and set high quality performance targets ensuring adherence to technical standards, best practices and donor guidelines.

  • Ensure grant management compliance in alignment with donor and WV regulations.

  • Primary point of contact and collaboration for the team and in-country stakeholders, including donor in-country assigned contact personnel, implementation partners, government partners and other key stakeholders.

  • Supervise a team of senior level international and national staff with skills across a diverse set of technical areas

  • Develop and maintain and adequate human resource plan to ensure proper technical capacity to manage project work.

  • Ensure low risk audits for the projects.

  • Working under the guidance of the Operations Director, work closely with Technical Program Managers and Regional Program Managers, project managers and the operations (Finance and Supply Chain) teams on all grants related tasks, specifically focused on compliance and grants administration/implementation.

  • Lead the organization and follow-up of grant opening meetings, grant review meetings, and grant close out meetings.

  • Ensure appropriate monitoring of program activities, work plans, program quality in collaboration with Project Managers by helping to develop tools and organizing review meetings and ensuring follow-up actions are identified and circulated as part of documentation.

  • Offer technical guidance on WVU and donor regulations to ensure compliance within program implementation and reporting. Manage compliance issues with program staff, finance staff and Operations Director as necessary, seeking support from all stakeholders including but limited to relevant support offices.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Establish and maintain effective grants project reporting, evaluation, and communication systems in alignment to specific donor requirement and WVU standards.

  • In collaboration with M&E. ensure that the Grant Recipient(s) develops results, indicators and targets as well as an annual work plan, which reflect the objectives of the grants program.

  • Ensure proper operational opening and closing of the assigned grants as well as monitoring and evaluation of programmatic progress. Disseminate project follow- up reports to guide timely action.

  • Work closely with the M&E Manager to develop and maintain program monitoring and evaluation tracking tools to ensure all project indicators report clear linkage of activities to intended outputs and outcomes and that the level of change is clearly tracked.

  • Coordinate the Grants M&E and Finance Manager to ensure that donor reports (both financial and narrative) are generated and sent out to the relevant donor in time.

  • Document and disseminate project best practices, lessons learnt and success stories

Training and Capacity Building:

  • Mentors, supports and develops the capacities of staff, partners and grantees on financial monitoring, record keeping and grants management using relevant donor data report formats and validation methods.

  • Provides technical assistance to Grants Project managers, partners and grantees as required on budget development with a focus on maximizing cost recovery and aligning budgets to donor guidelines.

  • Leads in development of project managers and partners capacity development plan and ensures its full implementation and tracks the success its.

  • Builds capacity of project manager and grants staff in WV grants management certification such as Gate Way to Grants etc

Grants reporting

  • Coordinate Project Managers and Finance managers to prepare narrative program reports in accordance with donor designated formats as required. Ensure that draft reports disseminated for review and feedback by senior management team, relevant technical advisors, and Support Office staff prior to submitting the final report to donor.

  • Submit timely accurate and quality reports that meet donor requirements

  • Prepare and update grants country program and specific sectoral information sheets. Provide relevant communications information as necessary for dissemination to donors, support office and media.

  • In collaboration with Compliance and reporting officer, maintain grants and report tracking system to ensure all grant files are organized and well managed for planning and preparation of donor reports and project monitoring.

  • Share lessons learned with WVU leadership, staff and donors from different projects to enhance local planning and implementation, and suggest modifications that might be necessary at the local level based on evidence and lessons learnt.

  • Work closely with Grants and acquisition department to appraise them on grants implementation information that can be useful for prepositioning of new grants as well as follow on grants.

Budget Management

  • Ensure that all WVU grants manage grant/project budgets within approved spending levels and ensure accurate and timely financial reports to donors and World Vision.

  • In working with Grants Project Managers ensure grant/project expenses are reasonable, allocated as per assigned budget, prudent and spent in accordance with donor rules and regulations to ensure low risk audits

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  • Post graduate qualification in international relations, NGO management, international development or other relevant field;

  • At least five years of INGO field experience in a similar position: grant management, proposal development (program narratives and budgets) and donor reporting.

  • Extensive knowledge of UN, US, EU (ECHO/ EC) and UK (DFID) donor regulations, procedures and requirements

  • Demonstrated experience in project management cycle is desired.

  • Excellent written and spoken English essential

  • Excellent organizational skills, ability to determine priorities and attention to detail a must

  • Ability to work in a multicultural context as a flexible and respectful team player

  • Willingness to travel to the field as and when needed

  • High-level of knowledge and practice with Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. required

  • Work in a multisectoral/ multicultural team- patience, cultural sensitivity and application of contextual understanding in day to day work

  • Ability to work with tight deadlines for information needs

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically upto 40% of the time and occasionally internationally.

WVV Zonal Programs Manager (Hoa Binh and Dien Bien Province)


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, WV’s work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. World Vision Vietnam (WVV) has a total income of around US$ 19,000,000 (FY17) with funding from 13 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVV consists of sponsorship program funding (70%) and PNS/grants (30%). WVV employs about 440 staff, of which 99% are Vietnamese nationals.

In FY18, WVV is implementing 37 Area Programmes which operate in 5 zones: North 1 (Dien Bien, Hoa Binh), North 2 (Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang), North 3 (Thanh Hoa, Hung Yen, Hai Phong), Centre (Quang Tri, Quang Nam, Danang,) and South (Quang Ngai, Binh Thuan, Ho Chi Minh, DakNong). Each Zonal Manager is in charge of one zone and reports directly to the Operations Director.

WVV’s APs focus within one administrative district of a province which is usually populated by ethnic minority people with high rates of poverty. A uniqueness of WVV’s Development Program Approach (DPA) is that AP team members are based at district level where the AP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVV is also implementing different Special and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both AP and non-AP areas.

In alignment with the three ministry strategic objectives, WVV is implementing three Technical Programs (TPs): Child Protection, Nutrition and Livelihoods. Technical Programmes are national level programmes implemented by World Vision in multiple geographic locations within a country. They employ evidence-based practices and models previously identified, defined and prioritised through a strategic process and documented in a Technical Approach (TA). TPs are designed to ensure National Offices (NOs) achieve World Vision’s mission, which includes the highest impact for the well-being of children, in accordance with relevant TA and NO strategic objectives.


The role assists the Operations Director in providing the overall leadership and management of the programs and projects in the assigned zone toto successfully deliver child well-being objectives and Technical Programmes in accordance with WV strategy, policies, systems, procedures and donor requirements. The role is also responsible for ensuring effective managerial, programmatic support, strategic partnerships and quality assurance to the respective Area Programmes.

The role is part of the Senior Management Team, which will advise the National Director on strategic issues and policies, and will set standards and targets for the smooth functioning of the Field Office; also help in formulating strategic direction as well as ensuring proper policies and procedures are in place; further work towards a common vision and direction with focus on our Core values, and Mission in an environment of fairness, flexibility, and with an intention of motivation/counselling; follow through the decisions that were resolved and agreed in the SMT meetings.


1.Strategic Guidance and Leadership

  • Provide strategic inputs for the formulation and revision of National Strategy, Technical Approaches, key policies and procedures.

  • Provide leadership in annual planning and budgeting

  • Provide leadership support to the Area program managers in implementation of programs.

  • Provide leadership to the zonal technical teams.

  • Review AP/ project level reports and prepare zonal reports.

  • Ensure that internal controls are instituted and adhered to.

  • Provide support to the management of NO grants which are implemented across zones

  • Conduct project monitoring visits and lead project monitoring and reflection processes by staff and partners to ensure alignment to National Office Strategy and achievement of planned objectives.

  • Coordinate all functions at the zone for effective technical program delivery.

  • Provide strategic leadership to integrate Disaster Risk Reduction in APs.

  • Coordinate and support Humanitarian Emergency Affairs (HEA) activities in case of emergency

2.Programming Support and Quality Assurance

  • With the technical support from CESP Lead, ensure that all programmes are implemented according to Development Programme Approach principles including multi-stakeholder partnering.

  • With TP Managers, participate in Technical Programme Development and Adaptation

  • Ensure quality implementation of Technical Programmes within their zone

  • Ensure that program quality assurance mechanisms are effectively adhered to within their zone.

  • Coordinate and ensure quality zonal reflection/ review meetings and implementation of recommendations

  • Enhance better targeting on MVC and track impacts of MVC in all programmes/projects

3.People Leadership, Management and Development

  • Develop and implement annual workforce plan for the zone with support from PnC department.

  • Participate in the hiring process of key roles in the zones (e.g. AP/ Project Managers, TPO) and give inputs for other positions.

  • Conduct the Performance Management process for direct reports and provide support for line managers in the assigned zones to conduct the PM process for their staff.

  • Provide support to staff to develop and implement their individual/ career development plans, including coordinating the Zonal learning events.

  • Identify and develop potential successors for key roles, including Zonal and AP/project Managers.

  • Liaison with PnC department to sign/ renew/ terminate employment contracts for direct reports as appropriate in accordance with the labour law and timely resolve employee relations matters in the zone in line with relevant policies and practices.

  • Have different Staff Care/ Staff Engagement/ Spiritual Formation activities implemented for staff in the zone.

  • Implement different mechanisms to collect feedback from staff, including Our Voice surveys.

4.Coordination with Partners and Resource Development

  • Network and collaborate with Commune, District and Provincial Authorities, major donor agencies, non-state actors, businesses and other organisations working in their zone.

  • Support Area Program Managers in PNS/ resource mobilization to ensure optimal budget for Area Program at all times.

  • Support GAM in the development and management of grants

  • Under the support of GAM team, ensure PNS concept notes are submitted to donors with quality

5.Risk Management and Accountability

  • Conduct regular Field Financial and Sponsorship performance reviews and make the necessary follow ups.

  • Provide leadership in the implementation of audit recommendation at Area Programme and zonal levels.

  • Provide orientation and other supports to ensure that staff in the Area Programmes are well informed on World Vision policies, guidelines and standards in programme delivery.

  • Lead in the identification and mitigation of risks.

6. Sponsorship Management

  • Lead the review of Sponsorship Operations Indicators and provide sponsorship management support to Area Programs.

  • Manage and ensure that the Minimum Sponsorship Programming Standards are the basis for Sponsorship in Programming.

  • Implement different measures to ensure that child protection policies and protocols are adhered to by all staff, partners, service providers and volunteers.


Education: Master’s degree in International Development, Business Administration, Strategic Management, Rural Development or equivalent qualifications

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Ability to engage at a strategic level with senior government, UN and INGO officials.

  • Ability to lead a multi-cultural team with an empowering and outcome oriented approach

  • Strong budgetary and financial management skills.

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English.

  • Good interpersonal, organizational and time management skills to influence direct reports to achieve quality results.

  • Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts, challenging conditions.

  • Good negotiation skills for funding opportunities

  • Able to work on a cross-cultural environment with a multi-national staff.

  • Ability to solve complex problems and to exercise independent judgment.

  • Ability to travel within country, regional and internationally


  • Minimum of 5 years managerial experience in Program Management with a thorough understanding of the project management cycles in a complex, international development organization.

  • Sound experience in leading a multi-million dollar and multi-national humanitarian organization

World Vision Vietnam is a Christian non-government organization. Applicants having working experience in a similar kind of organization will be an advantage.

Our contact details are:

People and Culture Department – Ms. Nguyen Dieu Trang

World Vision International - Vietnam

Address: No. 14-16 Ham Long street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi.

Tel: 84.24.39439920 (Ext 114)

We give equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of religion, race and gender.

A competitive salary, benefits and career development opportunity will be offered and commensurate with the experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

Grants Manager

Back ground

World Vision Uganda is a Christian relief, development and advocacy non-government organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We currently work in over 82 districts in Uganda implementing projects in health & nutrition, water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), livelihoods & community resilience, education and child protection. World Vision (WV) is committed to the protection of children and adult beneficiaries from exploitation and abuse and will not employ people whose background is not suitable for working with the beneficiaries above. All employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible.

Due to expansion in scope of our programmes, we are now seeking for qualified and passionate individuals willing to share in our vision and join our team in the position below.

Position: Grants Manager

Report to: Associate Director Grants

Location: Kampala – National Office

Purpose of the position:

The Grants Manager provides support to the Associate Director-Grants Management in ensuring effective grants implementation across WVU grants portfolio. The incumbent will supervise assigned grants projects, participate in developing concept notes for new funding opportunities and provide periodic reports for all grants to advise management decisions in a timely manner.

Key Outputs/Responsibilities.

Coordination of implementation of grants

  • Ensure the planning and budgeting process for all the grants is aligned to World Vision (WV) and donor guidelines. Ensure all project plans and budgets are shared with Support Offices (SO) and donor for approval.

  • In consultation with the Grants Acquisition Department and Operations Team, ensure timely start and end of all programmes and projects and within donor expectations

  • Under the guidance of Associate Director-Grants Management coordinate the provision of timely technical support / supervision to grants programs and projects in consultation with the program managers Technical Program Managers and the Regional Offices staff to meet and or exceed donor performance and compliance expectations

  • In consultation with the program quality division, facilitate the successful roll out and implementation of all grants Design, Monitoring and Evaluation related initiatives at the Area Program and Regional levels as per donor guidelines and policies eg. DFID, EU, USAID, DFAT, FINAID etc)

  • On a monthly basis, monitor grant project implementation to ascertain that project implementation is timely and that the budgeted resources are utilized appropriately as per project design document and donor standards;

  • Ensure regular review of implementation and expenditure levels, track and manage work plans and budgets with the Finance and the grants implementing teams to be able to identify areas of follow up in implementation. This will include early identification of issues that need to be escalated to the Leadership and make recommendations for their consideration.

  • In liaison with the National Office, Field Finance team monitor grant expenditure to ensure WVU’s compliance to donor standards and financial guidelines on a monthly basis, and that project funds are disbursed and accounted for in a timely manner.

  • Provide support to projects’ teams to apply standardized monitoring tools that enable the organization collect an evidence base of grants and projects impact on CWB targets

  • Coordinate grants external audit

  • Coordinate the timely implementation of audit recommendations of all grants projects;

  • Establish effective cross-functional linkages between all sectors in the grant implementation processes.

Projects Monitoring, Reporting, documentation and learning

  • Develop and maintain an appropriate grants monitoring system/ matrix for all grants to aid in effective management of project data and the National Office level, ensure timely monitoring of all grants activities implementation and to advise the supervisor on issues for key decision making;

  • Support monitoring of implementation of established guidelines and policies for critical milestones in the life cycle of all projects during surveys, reviews, evaluations and reports.

  • Ensure timely notification to management, donors and SOs of any significant milestone changes in grants projects.

  • In conjunction with the Area Program Managers and Regional Offices, ensure timely and quality reporting of all grant projects (quarterly, semi- annual milestone and annual reports) according to the donor expectations and standards in collaboration with M&E teams

  • Contribute in the review of the completed grants projects reports to ensure that they are consistent with National Office strategic objectives and WV standards and donor requirements

  • Ensure that appropriate controls, sector monitoring and evaluation tools are being utilized in a timely manner in every grant project for consistency

  • Provide status periodical reports for all grants while identifying issues that warrant management action

  • In working with Associate Director-Grants Management provide constructive feedback to Area Programme Managers and grant Project Managers on the monitoring data they generate to ensure that information produced is relevant and useful to the difference stakeholders.

  • Coordinate joint planning, regular field monitoring visits to projects and programmes to ensure timely and quality implementation that meet donor standards.

Capacity building for Quality Programming

  • Work closely with the grants project manager to identify capacity gaps of the projects staff;

  • Support capacity building of staff on specific grants programming guidelines as per donor specifications.

  • Support P&C to conduct timely recruitment of grants’ staff

  • Coordinate induction of new Grants / project officers on specific programming processes and products ( Orientation/ start up workshops)

  • Coordinate grants transition and closure

Networking and engagement

  • Ensure Support Offices and donor queries and requests are effectively, timely and effective way.

  • Contribute to the processes of creating linkages with other partners and where appropriate represent the project and WVU

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Social Work, Community Development studies and related studies from a recognized university. Post graduate training in project management or any of the related fields will be an added advantage

  • Must have at least 5years’ experience working in a Not for Profit organizations or related agencies.

  • Must possess at least 3 years’ experience in management of donor programmes and projects in either Education and Child Protection; Livelihoods and Resilience; Emergency Response, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene or Health generally

  • Proficiency in Computer especially in Microsoft Office Suite and data analysis programs such as SPSS, Stata, EPI Info.

  • Possess excellent communication, facilitation, networking and relationship building skills

  • Possess at least 3 years’ experience in fundraising / donor resource mobilization processes

  • Ability to maintain donor relations through timely and appropriate communications.

  • Must be a self-starter who is able to work under stress and with minimum supervision.

  • Must be a committed Christian who is able to stand above denominational diversities.

  • Ability to influence multi-sectoral teams towards a given goal.

  • Possess excellent knowledge of the Humanitarian Development Field

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically up to 40% of the time and occasionally internationally.

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