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World Vision Mali recruits for the following position (1)

TITLE: IT Officer

Location: Bla

Contract type: Local

World Vision never asks for payment at any stage of the recruitment.

*Women are strongly encouraged to apply for.


Describe the purpose of this position and how this position contributes to achieving department objectives. (Describe the contribution this position makes to the management and performance of others).

Individuals in the Customer Support Analyst I role are responsible for responding to customer requests by diagnosing and resolving problems and for supporting the ongoing technology needs of all employees by providing Level 1 and 2 help desk support. They work with a broad range of infrastructure products and basic networking components. They provide maintenance and support for moderately to highly complex client products and work on one or more projects concurrently as a team member.

Customer Support members respond to requests for IT support, logging problems, generating trouble tickets, attempting to diagnose and resolve problems, and if necessary, escalating the problem to the appropriate level of expertise. They are responsible for documenting solutions to problems and developing end-user guidelines. On an ongoing basis, they work to improve customer support processes and practices. In addition, they evaluate and recommend client software and hardware and write proposals for purchasing new or upgraded products.

Individuals in the Customer Support job family require an understanding of the foundation architecture, hardware and software used by the organization. They demonstrate skill in various custom or packaged hardware and software. They have the ability to gather information on issues and have diagnostic capabilities to enable them to describe or resolve problems. These individuals ensure that client needs are addressed and resolved in accordance with service level agreements.


List statements describing the final results of this position and method of accomplishments, and how results/performance are reviewed and measured. Begin with the most important accountabilities.

% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


  • Provides input during project planning and requirements phase.

Comprehensive project plan.


  • First point of contact and day-to-day technical support to end users.

  • Responds to Level 1 and 2 support requests via multiple sources such as phone and e-mail.

  • Enters call data into the tracking system.

  • Interacts with clients in a courteous and professional manner.

  • Provides user access service.

  • Diagnoses problems by evaluating multiple options.

  • Develops checklists and scripts for resolving routine problems.

  • Escalates problems when necessary.

  • Documents problem status and resolution in tracking log.

Technical support and documentation of end user requests and problem resolution.


  • Coordinates the deployment of new or upgraded images, software and hardware for multiple clients.

  • Configures and installs desktop PCs, peripheral equipment, laptops and other mobile devices.

  • Follows established procedures for performing configuration changes, updates and upgrades.

  • Performs minor repairs to hardware, software, and peripheral equipment, following design or installation specifications.

  • Provides on-going support of client technology.

End users have required technology.

Technology conforms to IT standards.

End users receive required technical support for hardware and software issues.


  • Provides technical support to meetings that include video conferencing.

  • Monitors and communicates system status.

  • Diagnoses and resolves client workstation and mobile device hardware and software issues.

  • Creates temporary solutions until permanent solutions can be implemented.

  • Assists systems, programming, and vendor professionals, as needed to resolve problems.

Customer satisfaction achieved for video conferencing services.

End users receive required technical support for workstation and mobile device issues.

Use of technical expertise to resolve problems quickly.


  • Maintains passwords and users credentials to assure systems security and data integrity.

  • Adheres to the integrity of controls, regulations and guidelines.

Passwords and user credentials are secure.


  • Maintains IT inventory management for all IT equipment and/or software in accordance with company policy and procedures.

Maintenance of complete and accurate IT asset inventory.


  • Collaborates in the development of service-level objectives and takes steps to meet or exceed targets.

  • Explains service procedures to clients.

  • Follows up in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction.

SLAs are met or exceeded.


  • Keeps performance metrics.

  • Identifies recurring and potential problems and notifies team members.

  • Recommends procedures and controls for service improvements.

  • Recommends ideas for improving queue time, abandoned call rates and first contact resolution.

Problems identified and resolved quickly to maintain or improve customer satisfaction levels.

Improved service levels.


  • Participates in integration and user acceptance testing.

End product meets business needs.


  • Trains co-workers on new or existing functionality or services.

Staff up-to-date on functionality and services being supported.


  • Creates, modifies and reviews documentation of issues resolutions.

  • Documents solutions to common problems and responses to frequently asked questions.

  • Creates and submits documented resolution to Knowledge Base.

Complete and accurate documentation for use within the IT organization.


  • Alerts team members about recurring problems.

  • Communicates updates on issues in a timely manner to ensure client satisfaction and productivity.

High level of customer satisfaction and productivity.


  • Communicate suggestions on backup and recovery procedures.

Improved business continuance procedures.


  • Makes suggestions for the design of a standard set of integrated products (standard image) by recommending hardware and software products to meet client requirements.

  • Recommends products to clients by understanding needs and referring to corporate standards list.

Hardware and software products that meet client requirements.

Product recommendations in compliance with corporate standards.


  • Mentors less experienced staff in a specific area of expertise.

Transfer of knowledge.


List education, knowledge & skills, licenses preferred, and all experiences required to perform this position in a fully competent manner.

Minimum Education, Training and Experience Requirements to Qualify for the Position:

List academic, technical skills or other knowledge required as a minimum qualification for this position.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field. Or equivalent work experience.

  1. Demonstrated working knowledge of basic to moderately complex hardware and software products and problem solving / diagnostic skills.

List additional work experience required as a minimum qualification for this position.

  1. Typically has 3 to 5 years of IT work experience.

2. Willingness and ability to travel domestically and internationally, as necessary.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

List academic, technical skills or other knowledge preferred for this position.


List additional work experience preferred for this position.


License, registration, or certification required to perform this position:



Achieving Capabilities: Achieving quality results & service. Practicing accountability & integrity.

  1. Communications for Results: Converses with and writes to peers in ways that support transactional and administrative activities. Seeks and shares information and opinions. Explains the immediate context of the situation, asks questions with follow-ups, and solicits advice prior to taking action. (B*)

  1. Customer Service Orientation: Asks questions and conducts investigations in response to clients' requests for assistance on day-to-day needs. Responds promptly and courteously. Updates clients on progress. Instructs clients on products and services and how to apply them to their business processes. Escalates to appropriate parties as needed. Makes customers and their needs a primary focus of one's actions. (B*)

  1. Thoroughness: Performs tasks according to quality and output standards. Takes initiative to ensure that outcomes meet internal and external customer requirements. Solicits feedback on performance in new tasks. Measures accuracy using performance metrics. Sets improvement standards to reduce errors, omissions and oversights. (B*)

Thinking Capabilities: Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly. Understanding the Humanitarian Industry. Understanding World Vision’s mission and operations. Practicing innovation and change.

  1. Information Seeking: Seeks information on both formal and informal processes. Uses appropriate tools, techniques and sources to gather, update and monitor information. Checks for accuracy of interpretation. Seeks out the appropriate people for guidance when needed depending on the type of issue. (B*)

  1. Service Provider Assessment & Evaluation: Assesses and compares service providers and their products in meeting defined requirements. Documents findings in a report that articulates the challenges and opportunities of each option. (B*)

  1. Understanding World Vision’s core “business” ministries and how WV works worldwide

Self Managing Capabilities: Demonstrating Christ-centered life and work. Learning for growth and development. Maintaining work/life balance and effectiveness.

  1. Adaptability: Listens to others' opinions and acknowledges the value of difference. Maintains flexibility and attempts new approaches as needed to accomplish objectives. Able to multi-task effectively. Adjusts to changing priorities. Readily adopts new procedures and technology. (B*)

  1. Openness to Learning: Identifies knowledge gaps. Asks questions of subject matter experts and seeks help when needed. Uses information resources and learning tools. Keeps abreast of information, developments and best practices within a field of expertise (e.g., by reading, interacting with others, or by attending learning events). (B*)

  1. Planning and Organizing: Ensures quality of own work by double checking or proofing the accuracy and quality of the work. Ensures that own work is “done right the first time”. Defines agenda, key issues and key players for meetings and develops and distributes minutes for proper follow-up action. Monitors progress of work against project plan as required to meet objectives. Develops tactical plan for own direct responsibility. (B*)

  1. Demonstrating Christ-centered life and work: Modeling a lifestyle of Christ-centered witness and service in word, deed, life, and sign

Relational Capabilities: Building collaborative relationships. Practicing gender and cultural diversity. Influencing individuals and groups.

  1. Teamwork: Actively solicits ideas and opinions from others to quickly accomplish specific objectives targeted at defined business outcomes. Openly encourages other team members to voice their ideas and concerns. Shows respect for differences and diversity, and disagrees without personalizing issues. Utilizes strengths of team members to achieve optimal performance. (I*)

  1. Practicing gender and cultural diversity: Respecting and valuing the uniqueness of each gender and multicultural individuals and groups

*Explanation of Proficiency Level Definitions

Proficiency scale definitions are provided to help determine an individual’s proficiency level in a specific competency. The rating scale below was created as a foundation for the development of proficiency level definitions used for assessments.

Being Developed: (BD)

Demonstrates minimal use of this competency; limited knowledge of subject matter area; needs frequent assistance and close supervision for direction. Currently developing competency.

Basic: (B)

Demonstrates limited use of this competency; basic familiarity of subject matter area; needs additional training to apply without assistance or with frequent supervision.

Intermediate: (I)

Demonstrates working or functional proficiency level sufficient to apply this competency effectively without assistance and with minimal supervision; working/functional knowledge of subject matter area.

Advanced: (A)

Demonstrates in-depth proficiency level sufficient to assist, consult to, or lead others in the application of this competency; in-depth knowledge in subject matter area.

Expert: (E)

Demonstrates broad, in-depth proficiency sufficient to be recognized as an authority or master performer in the applications of this competency; recognized authority/expert in subject matter area.

World Vision reserves the right to disqualify a candidate who has any record relating to child abuse or opposite behavior to child protection, even after the hiring.

How to apply:

*Deadline for submission of applications: December 16th 2018

*Only short listed candidates will be contacted.