Project Coordinator I


The Project Coordinator primarily provides administrative and project support in the coordination, monitoring, reporting, and documentation of projects and initiatives supported by the Project Coordination and Services Unit (PCSU) enabling the effective and efficient coordination of projects defined in the PCSU work plan; working with key people from the Sponsorship team, Regional Offices, and National offices in order to achieve project objectives.

It will provide centralized coordination to achieve the objectives of multiple projects and initiatives of the team.


  • Contributes to ensuring that the project, product or service is delivered within scope, time and budget.

  • Contributes to the overall success of the portfolio and program objectives of the team.

  • Monitor, track, and report the status and deliverables of simultaneous initiatives and projects against plans and schedules.

  • Coordinate with other staff and teams to obtain information or to accomplish tasks needed to meet project requirements.

  • Coordinate and execute project-related face-to-face or online meetings or forums.

  • Follow-up and track responses and submissions of required project documents.

  • Helps to identify and assess business risks; propose mitigation plans; identify, track and escalate issues as appropriate.

  • Responsible to work with other stakeholders to resolve issues around project budget, resources, conflicting priorities, schedules, etc.

  • Maintain and update project plans and monitoring tools.

  • Maintain project web pages/sites through timely content uploading of online resources, reports and other relevant information.

  • Helps to define project resource requirements and helps to acquire project resources if needed.

  • Provide administrative support to projects as needed.

  • Assist in writing project reports.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Management or related field.

  • Diploma or course in Project Management, Management or related field

  • Minimum 3 years experience in project management or coordination or related role in a multinational or INGO.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • A broad understanding of non profit operations. Commitment to World Vision´s objectives, ethos, core ministries, Mission Statement and Core Values is mandatory.

  • In-depth knowledge and skills in planning and project management. Use of generally accepted project management tools.

  • Strong analytical, organizational, problem solving and time management skills. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as negotiation and administrative abilities.

  • Competent in the use of Microsoft Office computer programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Project Manager, Life-Saving Drought Assistance Project, OFDA


World Vision is an international is a humanitarian aid, development and advocacy organisation focused on improving the lives of vulnerable children and their families through interventions in health, nutrition, WASH, education, child protection, and food security/agriculture/livelihoods. World Vision has been present in Afghanistan since 2001, responding to the development and emergency needs of vulnerable populations in the Western Region of the country.

Afghanistan is currently experiencing one of the most severe droughts in many years, with large populations affected by food and water insecurity, resulting in a range of health, education and protection concerns. WV has recently been awarded a 12 month OFDA grant to provide essential drinking water access to affected populations through water system construction and rehabilitation (including groundwater recharge components), and accompanying hygiene interventions.

The position of Project Manager will be based in Herat, overseeing project interventions in Badghis province. The project Manager will spend time in the Herat Office for project reporting, admin and finance requirements.


The Project Manager will provide overall leadership in the implementation of the OFDA Life-Saving Drought Response Project in the Western Region of Afghanistan. This position will provide leadership and entail planning, support and management of the project so that activities and outputs remain on track and the program contributes to its main goal of saving lives and alleviating suffering for 80,058 severely drought-affected people in Badghis Province in the Western Region of Afghanistan by September 2019 through critical WASH interventions. Water interventions include provision of safe drinking water through water trucking, distribution of Family Water Kits, construction of household snow-melt and rainwater reservoirs, solar-powered water networks, gravity-fed spring catchments, solar-powered reverse osmosis (RO) units, and well rehabilitation. Water source sustainability and disaster risk reduction activities include construction of water macro-catchments and gabions. Hygiene promotion will be provided through community WASH Groups and Sesame Street WASH Up! activities for children. The ideal candidate will have a background in emergency/development WASH engineering and project management, as well as previous experience working on OFDA projects. The total project budget is US$3.4 million.



  • Demonstrate World Vision’s core values, vision and mission in all aspects of the role.

  • Build a team of highly committed and competent staff, ensuring cooperation and coordination among relevant staff within the Project.

  • Provide leadership and direction to the overall project.

  • Create a learning environment in which staff regularly reflect, learn from mistakes and use lessons for personal growth and to revise work plans to improve ministry impact.

  • Ensure that staff and local partners understand and follow the World Vision (WV) child protection policy and that awareness-raising on child protection, response and incident reporting is occurring.

Project Management (Quality Implementation):

  • Coordinate with program, finance and administration staff to ensure operational systems are in place to support field activities.

  • Ensure that the program systems and staff are working to achieve the project goals and objectives and that the project is maintaining World Vision and donor accountability standards.

  • Ensuring appropriate structures, internal and external standards, staffing, resources and policies as well as all grant requirements are adhered to.

  • Ensure clear understanding of project assumptions by all project staff to aim at effective and timely achievement of project goals, outcomes and outputs.

  • Ensure that all terms and conditions agreed in the signed MoUs with donor and government departments are adhered to throughout the life of the project. Ensure that all project activities meet core humanitarian and government standards.

  • Manage and mitigate any risks within the Project that could have financial, Human Resources (HR) or Legal consequences or negatively impact ministry or World Vision reputation.

  • Ensure that proper community development practices and “Do No Harm” practices are incorporated and upheld throughout the planning and implementation of the project.

  • Provide managerial guidance and support to the project engineers in order to construct water systems in accordance with the required quality, within the agreed timeframe and approved budget.

  • Support project engineers to develop accurate and complete Bill of Quantities.

  • Prepare and submit procurement plan in close coordination with the team.

  • In coordination with WV Afghanistan’s Programs Department, regularly monitor and evaluate the progress of the project.

Liaison and Networking:

  • In coordination with the Zonal Manager, establish and maintain liaison with relevant government departments.

  • Represent World Vision in local coordination forums and liaise with government officials and donors, UN-bodies and other partners wherever appropriate and required.

  • Create an enabling environment for dialogue, information sharing, partnerships and, and cooperation between local communities, government structures and local partners when delivering project interventions.

  • Maintain excellent working relations with partners and other contractors.

  • Coordinate closely with other NGOs in the area to ensure complementary programming.

  • Effectively represent WV operations and mission when accompanying visitors, e.g. donor and/or Government representatives, journalists and other delegations to project sites.

Reporting and Administration:

  • Ensure accurate quality narrative and financial reports are submitted in a timely manner and according to donor requirements. Work closely with Program Officer in ensuring that all reports meet donor requirements.

  • Track the performance of the project activities and outputs against expected results and adjust implementation processes to ensure the project is progressing towards the intended outcomes.

  • Analyse the impact of project and promote learning by documentation of best-practices. Use this information to support decision-making processes.

  • Track project progress, project expenditure against approved budgets, anticipate any deviations and recommend and take action on relevant and required adjustments.

  • Track project risk in order to timely adjust and implement the existing contingency plan.

  • Travel regularly to all project sites to ensure proper implementation of project activities.

  • Create and present monthly summaries of project activities and future plans to World Vision Afghanistan leadership.

Personnel Management:

  • Manage 9 project staff.

  • Coordinate and oversee the hiring process for project staff.

  • Coordinate and implement new employee project orientations and trainings.

  • Monitor staff performance and raise any issues with Human Resources if necessary.

  • Initiate and perform, with support from others, staff performance appraisals.

  • In coordination with P&C, maintain accurate employee data files and oversee completion of routine issues such as contract renewals, leave, salary adjustments.

  • Develop the capacity of staff to plan, monitor and coordinate service delivery.

  • Identify staff capacity needs and undertake pro-active on-the-job training to strengthen their capacity to deliver interventions.

Financial Management:

  • With support from WV Afghanistan’s Finance Department, assume primary responsibility for budget reviews and monthly financial reports, highlighting concerns as they arise.

  • Ensure high standards of stewardship and accountability for all resources. Work with the Regional Finance Officers, Administration Officer and other departments to build a strong internal control environment, ensuring compliance with WV and donor financial policies and procedures and promoting a culture of transparency and accountability.

  • Ensure proper coding and budget availability of all project expenses.

  • Oversee the submission of monthly cash requests for project operations.

  • Ensure contractors and creditors are paid in a timely manner.

  • Review and approve expenditures and contract according to assigned levels of authority.


  • Ensure that organizational security measures and directives are integrated into project.

  • Alter project methodologies as necessary to accommodate changing security situations, and ensure the donor is informed/modifications are requested.

  • Monitor the security situation on a daily basis, report as necessary and adjust national staff travel plans as required.


  • WASH Engineer. Relevant master’s degree would be an advantage.

  • 4-6 years’ experience in WASH engineering at a field program level.

  • Demonstrated experience working on OFDA projects in a leadership role.

  • Demonstrated experience in emergency response.

  • 4-6 years of development and/or relief work at the programmatic level.

  • Experience in integrated program/project cycle management.

  • Experience living and working in a fragile context.

  • Mentoring within cross cultural contexts.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Demonstrated sufficient technical and professional aptitude in WASH engineering. Understanding of water conservation and groundwater recharge would be an advantage.

  • Relevant professional experience managing and implementing large emergency/development projects.

  • Thorough knowledge of MS Office and relevant WASH engineering software (e.g. WaterCAD, WaterGEMS).

  • Demonstrated understanding of the humanitarian sector.

  • Demonstrated understanding of the workings of major donor agencies, particularly OFDA.

  • Advanced written and oral English skills. (ability to express ideas clearly and effectively, both in spoken and written English).

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Knowledge of project cycle elements, M&E systems design and management.

  • Understanding of integrated rural community development programming and processes.

  • Strong capacity building and facilitation skills.

  • Cross-cultural sensitivity, flexible world view, emotional maturity and physical stamina.

  • Self-starter who can work independently under pressure and who has ability to manage work tasks without direct supervision.

  • Effective in establishing priorities and to plan, coordinate and monitor activities, juggle competing demands and work to tight deadlines.

  • Strong ability to work with and relate to diverse personality types, to practice relational and ideological tolerance, and to contribute to a positive organizational culture.

  • Ability to maintain performance expectations and healthy social interactions in psychologically stressful environments and physical hardship conditions with limited resources.

  • Willing to travel as required.

  • Able to live and work within a fragile context and restricted environment.

  • Commitment to World Vision Core Values, Vision and Mission Statement.

  • Knowledge of and adherence to the Red Cross and NGO Code of Conduct and capability of incorporating standards in implementation and evaluation of relevant projects.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • Position is based in Herat, Afghanistan, with local travel up to 75% of the time.

  • Expatriates in Afghanistan work intensely together in close quarters office space and also live together in a team house. It is critical that each of them has the ability to both find “personal space” for themselves and honor the personal space of others, and to practice a high level of relational and personality tolerance.

Food & Cash Manager, WV Jordan


The purpose of the Food and Cash Manager is to oversee the management of several commodities-focused projects, including:

  • WFP Healthy Kitchens Phase 3

  • Taiwan Rice Phase 3

  • Winterization activities (WV Korea, etc.)

  • Cash-focused programme support

  • Future food assistance, cash, and winterization project management

All with the objective to ensure high quality programme management of commodities interventions. He/she will be responsible for the overall management of the Commodities team, including set-up and implementation of the all projects.

She/he will ensure that quality activities are created to meet beneficiary needs, monitored to capture impact, and delivered to a high quality. The post holder will also ensure that all programme interventions are highly valued by the community and acknowledged as addressing the needs of beneficiaries.


Programme Management:

Team Management:

  • Supervise project staff, organize training and provide operational leadership.

  • Manage the operations of the assigned projects.

  • Prepare detailed planning and reporting of project activities.

  • Evaluate and mentor the staff.

  • Assess staff training needs.

  • Coordinate with the WV Jordan team.


  • Ensure coordination with all other local and international actors.

  • Coordinate and supervise local partner activities.

  • Represent WV activities regarding the project as requested, and delegate as required.

  • Network with other projects, NGOs and key agencies in the project area to prevent duplication and to enhance project quality, innovation and sustainability.

  • Attend periodic operational, staff and other meetings at district and national level, representing the organization.

Programme Quality:

  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation.

  • Ensure that all project goals and activities are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget.

  • Create and enforce a commodity strategy which positions WV Jordan as an industry lead for food and cash programming.

  • Monitor/evaluate ongoing activities and report on unmet needs and gaps.

  • Perform regular monitoring site visits.

  • articipate in the evaluation of the impact of project interventions.

  • Ensure quality communications planning is in place to capture project quality and impact.

Activities Implementation:

  • Coordinate/supervise all project activities in close collaboration with the Operations Manager and Commodities Team.

  • Conduct monthly coordination meetings with staff.

  • Evaluate and propose new activities.

  • Promoting good practices and incorporate lessons learnt in to project implementation.

  • Prepare / update activity timetable and work plan under the project.

  • Actively participate to coordination meetings as needed.


  • Organize administrative and financial matters related to the project activities.

  • Assess procurement needs, coordinate and supervise the correctness of WV finance/admin procedures in line with the donor and in close collaboration with Finance and Logistic/Procurement Manager.

  • Ensure that soft and hard records are kept for all procurement contracts (services, goods, works).

  • Ensure timely and supervise project payments.

  • Monitor expenditure, budgets and expenses tracking activities for the project, address under/over expenditure as necessary.

  • Coordinate for payment of regular expenses, payment schedule and installments to contractors related to the project.

  • Prepare monthly financial planning related to the project.


  • Lead team to produce timely and quality written weekly and monthly reporting.

  • Prepare and/or oversee project narrative and financial reports.

  • Propose new activities according to identified needs and suggest solutions for problems encountered with activities, budget/work plan/human resources, discuss them with Jordan team and participate to the decision making process.


  • Any other duties relating to the nature of the job as directed by the Operations Manager.


  • 2-3 years’ experience in the sector of relief or development, education, with some expertise in logistics / procurement.

  • Experience in field work and working with communities to achieve development initiatives.

  • Experience in registering beneficiaries and commodities distribution.

  • Experience in leading project implementation, monitoring, evaluation and report writing useful.

  • Experienced in the development of community awareness campaigns and the ability to manage meetings with community leaders, spiritual leaders, government officials, NGOs and other stakeholders (ensuring gender balance in participation).

  • Good in communication, interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity.

  • Effective in written and oral communication; able to speak and write with a high standard of English and Local Language (preferable).

  • Experience working in an office environment and able to use a computer (word for windows, excel software) and email is essential.

  • Bachelor's degree in logistics or educational field such as teaching, business skills or public health or a development-related field with experience in community development.

  • Experience in cash-based programming.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • One year exposure to secretarial work and child protection issues

Work Environment/Travel:

  • 30% field work

  • 70% office based

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